Traffic-building campaigns are a common issue during an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) launch. It’s no secret that every founder wants to generate more traffic for better conversion. With more traffic flowing in, the chances of reaching the targeted funding during an ICO launch are higher.

Building traffic is also an opportunity to build a community that will back your projects all the way. However, with so many strategies available, deciding which one will work for your project can be overwhelming. To make your life easier, we’ve looked at a few successful ICOs over the last two years. Using the data we’ve collected, we’ve put together a collection of strategies that have proven successful at increasing traffic to many ICO websites before yours:

Tips and strategies to increase ICO traffic in 2023

1) Engage in community building

Community building is the first and most effective step in improving engagement and traffic flow to your site. You need to start by making sure the communities you assemble are blockchain enthusiasts. You can employ third-party solutions for providing a robust engagement system through platforms like Facebook comments.  Alternatively, you can work with Disqus or any other solution that enhances community engagement.

Consider creating exclusive forums on channels like Telegram that allow your visitors to seek answers directly. By answering their inquiries, you’ll be engaging with your audience one-on-one while establishing yourself as an authority.

Furthermore, make sure you maintain control over your community by fostering healthy discussions on both the blockchain industry in general and your project. This will guarantee positive feedback through engagement, especially when you’re ready to launch your ICO.

2) Create and publish ICO-related content

If your ICO content remains invisible, it will have no impact it will have on the traffic to your site. Therefore, once you’ve designed and published fresh ICO content; ensure you share it across multiple channels. Also, remember to target various crypto communities that you may have access to.

Offering valuable content is not an option but a requirement. After all, it’s the major driving force behind the traffic that’s pouring into your project site. With that said, here are several ways through which you can attract traffic with ICO content:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Graphs

How good are you at graphic design? You’ll need to engage these skills if you want to create all of the above content with quality results. A great infographic must be strikingly appealing and informative as well. When you combine it with your SEO content, the result is staggering. Since you’re chasing after traffic, prepare for a constant flow of visitors when you utilize this strategy effectively.

To maximize content marketing and improve traffic, you can start by posting articles/blog posts on your site. Thereafter, do market research, and focus on your audience. Take time to identify the kind of crypto-related content they’re searching for online, and the pressing questions they need answers to. This will be a guide to the type of content you can create.

3) Develop case studies

Conducting a case study requires significant time and effort. Even so, a good case study is a powerful tool with potential returns. Case studies are a useful tool to use when convincing potential investors to invest is a priority. That’s because they’re based on facts. Therefore, you can maximize case studies as marketing content for ICO and enhance your traffic.

Whichever way you decide to develop your case studies, incorporating them into other marketing techniques will yield more results. For instance, you can use your case studies on YouTube or other social media sites, and even in articles/blog posts. Combining data analysis and insightful case studies will compel visitors to adopt your project.

4) Optimize your landing page

Your landing page is the main page where visitors interested in your products can get more details. Therefore, you need to ensure it is appealing and has accurate details and insightful information that will enhance the conversion of prospective clients.

5) Develop whitepapers

To create hype for an ICO while proving your credibility, you’ll need an all-inclusive and competent whitepaper. This document is a blueprint of your project that enables the investors to find a valid reason to invest in it. That said, without a good whitepaper, you’ll not attract serious investors. A well-developed whitepaper contains the following pieces of information:

  • Eye-catching design with visual elements
  • Project idea
  • Safety features (for example, how will you deter cyber threats?)
  • Social responsibilities
  • Distribution plan for the tokens
  • Your credentials, as well as the credentials of everyone else on your team
  • The budget
  • The Return on Investment (ROI) potential

Developing a whitepaper is a special opportunity to maximize on the curiosity of potential investors and sell your project to them. Therefore, do not undermine this PR tool or take it lightly. It’s through reading this document that your traffic will decide whether to convert or not.

6) Write educational articles or blog posts

Content marketing is still one of the top ways to boost traffic for websites. It allows you to have a direct connection with your audience. If your content is valuable, it will generate a conversation between you and your audience.

When you choose this approach, make sure you’ve taken time to educate yourself on all things crypto because your audience will have lots of questions and will soon start to rely on you for information. In order to establish a reputation as a trusted authority, you need to develop informative articles or blog posts. When you use the right combination of keywords, users will discover you easily. This has a positive impact on your web traffic. If you’re wondering what you should write in your articles/blog posts, consider developing how-to guides or commenting on trending news stories in the industry.

7) Design an impressive website

Building an appealing website for your project is crucial before the ICO rollout. This is because a website is an essential component when it comes to a productive token sale. The same website will be resourceful when it comes to crypto marketing. It provides a solid foundation on which you can establish your campaign strategies.

A professional website with an impressive layout also creates a good first impression that will boost token sales. On the other hand, if you decide to be lazy with the website design, then expect a negative outcome during the ICO rollout.

Just as with any other business website, the home page has a lot of significance. It’s the first part of your site that the audience interacts with. As such, it plays an important function in determining whether your audience members will stay or move on.

For this reason, choosing an inspiring image to serve as a background is a good idea. After all, the right image can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your site and inspire website visitors, giving them reason to linger. You should choose an image that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also informative. This will make it easier to engage and retain the attention of your website visitors.

Given that this is a site dedicated to ICO traffic, you should ensure that the layout is specifically designed for coin trading, ICO, or crypto. You can also incorporate financial transaction capabilities to suit visitors who are ready to convert.

Before your ICO roll-out, you need to ensure you’ve got a well-forged website suited for this function. It should be easy for both starters and pros to navigate. Both the design and the features you include must be responsive. Lastly, it should support both PC and mobile users for a wider reach.

NOTE: In addition to the above strategic ways to increase traffic to your ICO website, it’s important to work on a compelling headline. The headline is responsible for capturing the visitors’ attention. Without it, even the best website or blog will result in visitors wandering off to the next distraction.

ICO PR solutions

Frankly, prospective buyers like it when they feel like they’ve decided to buy a product on their own. It should therefore come as no surprise that any sponsored item will reduce their interest. Luckily, by engaging ICO PR strategies, you can promote your crypto project without being regarded with suspicion by people who feel like you’re just trying to sell to them.

If you need help with this, the experts at Pressfarm will help you connect with the right influencers and websites for ICO content marketing. Additionally, they have the best tools to identify your target audience and help you reach them for more brand exposure.

Furthermore, the PR specialists, expert writers and certified designers at Pressfarm can develop relevant content for your ICO campaigns, and distribute this content to target media outlets, sites, and influencers. With a professional press release, some engaging guest posts, and a branded media kit. You can earn credibility in your niche and excite potential investors.

When you’re pitching to various journalists or media outlets, the agency will ensure your pitches come out naturally. The team at Pressfarm knows that getting organic mentions in publications is useful in engaging the crypto community and target investors, and they can help you with this.

Once you sign up, the account executive at Pressfarm also builds custom media lists containing the best media professionals in your niche. You can combine the use of these media lists use of with Pressfarm’s media database of 1 million+ journalists, bloggers, and influencers. With all these media contacts, you’ll be able to continue doing extended media outreach for your brand long after Pressfarm has wrapped your PR campaign up.

When you’re trying to engage with your audience in an organic way, you need to avoid focusing so much on promoting your brand.

Instead, craft content that resolves a particular issue your audience might be facing. This content should also include comprehensive research to back your content to add some aspect of authority to your content.

Lackluster content not only demonstrates laziness but also has a blunt edge. This kind of content won’t evoke any response when using it for PR. However, you can trust that content from PR agencies has a cutting edge and will fulfill its purpose. It will not only generate traffic but induce a sense of trust and credibility among your audiences.

Furthermore, it doesn’t hurt to share backlinks to valuable industry insights from the experts on your team on platforms where your audience can be found. This includes the likes of Bitcointalk and Reddit. However, don’t exhaust all your links on these sites hoping to generate massive traffic, because that won’t work. Instead, you should focus on crypto-related subreddits.

How to engage crypto influencers

There’s no doubt that crypto influencers are valuable, especially in building ICO traffic. However, to appreciate their worth and impact on your brand, you need to engage them wisely. Remember, anyone can choose and hire an influencer for their product. However, picking the right partner whose audience aligns with your target audience is a lot more tricky.

Crypto influencers are masters in this field, and they’re equipped with knowledge of blockchain technology. Through their influence on various media, your project will reach the right audience. For the best outcome, it’s important to work with crypto-influencers on specific channels like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Don’t focus so much on the number of followers each influencer has, but rather the type of audience. Remember, your objective is to generate ICO traffic. Therefore, your target audience is crypto enthusiasts. Some of these influencers have channels on a platform like YouTube with engagement in the thousands, and even millions. By collaborating with these influencers to share your content on their sites, generating ICO traffic is guaranteed.

Keep in mind that social media platforms also can influence ICO traffic. By sharing your ICO content via Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you will also generate brand traction. With a platform like Twitter, you can share links to draw the attention of prospective investors. If you have striking and compelling images, you can share these on Instagram and Pinterest. Facebook is well-suited for both images and links.

Try B2B email marketing for ICO

Many ICO projects have centered their attention on content marketing as a way to generate ICO traffic. However, they’re leaving out an important marketing technique – email marketing. This is a powerful marketing tool. So much so that, even with a moderate approach, it will have a significant impact on your traffic.

However, do not overdo your email marketing since it can also evoke a negative response from the prospects, who may complain that you’re spamming them. Instead of sending emails for every little development, limit your emails to important info on your project progress and ICO rollout. With the right email marketing strategy, you can also leverage the power of mouth or referrals. Friendly reminders from time to time about project updates and ICO dates will enhance your traffic.

The effectiveness of banner ads

The use of ICO banner advertisements is an obvious approach and a great choice for boosting traffic. Since you need to boost traffic to your ICO, your banner ads need to enhance your click-through rate. (CTR). Therefore, you must ensure the banner ad you choose is impactful. Well-constructed banner ads not only drive traffic but also help with conversion. In this way, they will have a double impact on your audiences.

Once the ad is ready, ensure you spread it across several platforms to reach more clients. For instance, you can target popular crypto spaces like CoinMarketCap and with the highest crypto traffic.


When you’re launching an ICO, generating web traffic is absolutely crucial for success. With the tips above, you can boost awareness about your ICO, create curiosity among prospective investors and drive traffic to your ICO website.