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Resourceful. Get all the help you need curating a list of journalists to reach out to.

Directory Submission. We manually submit your information to startup directories, review sites, and communities.

Support. Get help curating a list of journalists who are interested in your startup

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  • Oscar Cabot

    Chief Marketng Officer at Shop.co

    The tool has really increased our velocity reaching out to the right press contacts. You really don’t want
    to waste tme reinventng the wheel online trying to find that journalist that you need – Their custom
    services are absolutely a must if you are looking for a special query.

  • Milton A Jackson

    SEO at PicSpotr

    It was very difficult to find the right journalists when our start-up needed to get the word out about our app. Thanks to Pressfarm, now we can find journalists specific to our industry, know what they write about and contact them with our best pitch. We’re no longer wasting time trying to find them. We LOVE Pressfarm at PicSpotr.

  • Brendan Ciecko

    Brendan Ciecko – Founder & CEO at Cuseum (Techstars ‘15) – ‎Cuseum

    “I’m always looking for ways to help share my company’s story with the least amount of time and effort. With Pressfarm, I didn’t need to schedule a series of calls – the whole process was very easy! If I can fill out a form to provide some foundation and direction, and get back a campaign and target list of journalists, it’s a win. And, if I can get that after investing no more than 15 minutes… count me in!

  • Allie Freeland

    PR maven at ClearVoice

    Tools (including) Pressfarm were invaluable for us as we had a) a small team and b) limited resources.

  • Ionut Danifeld

    Co-Founder at Point Shout

    This is one of my favorite tool to find journalists to write about your startup.

  • Chris Gadek,

    Head of Marketing and Growth at Doorman

    Pressfarm has been such a time saver. I no longer have to scrape web pages for email addresses to find journalists who might be interested in covering our app and then waste time looking up what topics they cover afterwards to see if there’s a good fit. Using Pressfarm’s filter functionality, I can quickly search for journalists by the beat they cover and focus on optimizing my email pitches instead. Pressfarm is a no brainer.

  • Stefan Lewinger,

    CEO at Sock Fancy

    Pressfarm has been such a time saver since we began to use it to find journalists who might be interested in our concept. Through filters, I can search journalists from a certain niche and I get their contacts. They even have some great suggestions to write the perfect pitch and get the journalist’s interest.

  • Jaxson Khan

    Influence and Media Strategist at Influitive

    Pressfarm is a dead-simple, radically affordable way to get the media contacts that you need. We use it regularly at our company.

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