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Pressfarm is the first step towards telling your story to the world.

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A few companies are head over heels for us.

Startups and businesses have said a whole lot about us. Don’t take our word for it. Read what their founders had to say..

Brendan Ciecko

Founder & CEO at Cuseum (Techstars 15)

“I’m always looking for ways to help share my company’s story with the least amount of time and effort. If I can fill out a form to provide some foundation and direction, and get back a campaign and target list of journalists, it’s a win. And, if I can get that after investing no more than 15 minutes… count me in!”

Santiago Stacey

CEO at Sock Fancy

“Pressfarm has been such a time saver since we began to use it to find journalists who might be interested in our concept. Through filters, I can search journalists from a certain niche and I get their contacts. They even have some great suggestions to write the perfect pitch and get the journalist’s interest.”

Oscar Cabot

Chief Marketing Officer at Shop.co

“The tool has really increased our velocity reaching out to the right press contacts. You really don’t want to waste time reinventing the wheel online trying to find that journalist that you need. Their custom services are an absolute must if you are looking for a special query.”


PR Software and Digital Marketing Services. All in one place.

PR Software

We have the largest database for journalists and reporters catering towards startups and young companies. Our database has journalists from the USA, UK, and Australia. You can easily get the journalist you are searching for by using publication, keywords, names, or subjects to search for them. Your subscription buys you a set of credits which are used every time you unlock journalist information. We work hard to keep our database up-to-date on a daily basis.

  • Start building your target media list in minutes
  • Search by publications, outlets, journalist names, industry keywords, and subjects
  • Up-to-date contacts for journalists
  • New journalists added to the database daily
  • Affordable monthly or yearly plans
  • Filter based search ensures you narrow down your search to pinpoint accuracy

PR Agency

Get high quality PR agency services without the huge dent on your budget. Conventional PR Agencies cost an arm and a leg to provide services for startups. While a few unicorn startups get to afford it thanks to massive venture capital money, a lot of startups can barely cope with the costs.

  • Engaging outreach email pitches personalized towards each and every journalist contacted.
  • Extensive and high quality journalist media list
  • Outreach Follow-ups
  • Get your story told and featured by us
  • High-end directory submissions to generate online visibility and improve SEO
  • Cut the time it would take to generate media coverage on your own

Digital Marketing Services

Are you stuck in your marketing efforts? Are you spending more than you are making using paid advertising? Let us be the brains behind your solutions.

  • Facebook and Google Advertising Pay-per-click costs can overwhelm your budget if you do not know what to focus on. We will beef up your strategy by employing keyword research, A/B tests, improving marketing copy, etc. to ensure that you focus on other important parts of your business.
  • SEO Services Why have an online business that doesn’t rank for any keywords? How about a poor user experience for your users? Give us the opportunity to dictate that user experience while garnering higher rankings for your most precious keywords on search engines.

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Get started with our flexible pricing plans.

Cancel whenever you want. No contracts or binding terms restricting you to your subscription.

Starter Package



For businesses that need to generate press coverage on a small budget.

  • Unlimited Search Results.
  • Unlock up-to 100 journalist contacts per month from our database of over 50,000 journalists
  • One-time Submission to 10 Startup Directories and Review Websites
  • Priority Email Support




Launch Package


/ year

For companies heading into a campaign and looking for an affordable media list on demand:

  • A custom ready-to-go targeted media list of 15 contacts in CSV format with accurate names, contacts and outlets delivered to you in 72 hours
  • One-time submission to 25 startup directories and review websites
  • Unlock up-to 200 journalist contacts every month
  • Full access to the media database for a full year
  • Exclusive access to PR + Digital Marketing Mastermind Bundle Pack
  • Priority Email Support






Campaign Package



For companies going into a launch or crowdfunding campaign and needing to push harder:

  • A custom media list of 30 contacts in CSV format with accurate names, contacts and outlets researched delivered to your email in 72 hours
  • Guaranteed feature story about your startup shared with our audience of over 155k+ social media followers, 12k fans on Medium, 5,000+ newsletter subscribers and 1,000 daily blog visitors
  • One-time submission to 50 startup directories and review websites
  • Unlock up-to 500 journalist contacts every month
  • Full access to the media database for a full year
  • Exclusive access to PR + Digital Marketing Mastermind Bundle Pack
  • Priority Email Support

Didn’t see a plan that goes well with your PR strategy? Talk to us, am sure we shall come with something to make your PR campaign successful.





You've got questions, we have answers
These questions are asked a lot of times by our users, and we hope that they can give you some clarity into our work. However, if you have more questions and would like to reach out, contact us.

Are you an agency or a media contact database?

In a way we are both. Primarily, Pressfarm began as a tool to help startups search and find journalists from every niche in tech. With over 6,000 companies (and growing) that love Pressfarm, we have evolved out of the need by our clients to not only be a contact database but an agency as well that helps startups out with their PR at very startup-level costs.

Do you offer more services?

Yes, we are a full fledged PR agency that caters to startups. We now focus on startups from tech and other industries like fashion, media, health, entertainment, etc. Our services include press release creation and distribution, media kit creation, email pitching journalists on behalf of our clients, following up and ensuring they receive press coverage, Search engine optimisation (SEO) and Conversion rate optimization (CRO).

Why should I do my own PR?

The biggest reason why we advocate for Do-It-Yourself PR for startups is to ensure that the startup founder is the face of the company in the press. It is only the founder that can tell the story of the company better. It also saves a lot on agency costs. However, conducting the whole PR process is not a cup of tea for some founders and a lot of startup teams. Therefore, we also offer supplemental agency services for startups to ensure that the process of looking for media coverage is properly handled while they focus on building the product to be better.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes. Once you sign up, you are not tied to any binding agreements or contracts, you can cancel whenever you want to.

Will pressfarm write an article about my startup?

Yes, but only in the Campaign plan shall we write and post to our blog which receives thousands of visitors per month. The plan goes for $279 per year. We write a feature length article of upto 1500 words, publish it on our blog, our popular Medium channel, and share it across our social media networks to over 155,000 followers. We ensure that your feature article is shared in our newsletter too. And we have a lot of subscribers, over 20,000 to be precise.

Didn’t find an answer to your question? Check out our FAQ

Join 6,000+ startups who are now more famous.

When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it. Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience.

Kevin Long

CEO and Co-Founder at The Dyrt

“When launching a new business or product you need to tell the world about it. Pressfarm takes care of the How: by creating content worth communicating; and to Who: by targeting to the right audience.”

Milton Jackson

Founder and Director Of User Experience (UX) at PicSpotr

“It was difficult to find he right journalists for our startup when we needed to get the word out. Thanks to Pressfarm, we can now find journalists specific to our goals and needs. We are no longer wasting time and energy.”

Larissa Murillo

Marketing Manager at MarketGoo

“The folks over at Pressfarm understand the needs of a small company wanting to expand their PR reach. They are proactive and provide a personalized experience. I recommend pressfarm to a startup or SMB that needs some PR muscle without a bank-breaking investment.”

Chris Gadek

Head of Marketing at Ad Quick

“Pressfarm has been such a time saver, I no longer have to scrape webpages for email addresses to find journalists. I can now quickly search for the right people and optimize my pitches. Pressfarm is a no brainer.”