5 projects you should support on Kickstarter this week

Qmote: The Water-Resistant Internet Remote for Smartphones


Qmote is a small remote for your smartphone with several features that further enhance the importance of having one. You can press on the Qmote button to locate your phone, activate a function like Siri, or even better, hit the Qmote button to trigger snooze on your alarm when you wake up. The water -resistant device can also switch the lights on in your home thanks to the Smart home control system. Such features have made the device a trending story on Kickstarter with around one month to go before the campaign ends.

Women In Tech: The Book!


Never has a book been written before on the women who were brave enough to immerse themselves into the tech field that was a stronghold for men only. Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack wants to change this . There are now hundreds of thousands of women who have decided to follow the path that seemed unusual and joined the men in technology to build better products for the world. From the big names like Sheryl Sandberg who is the Chief Operating Officer at Facebook and Marissa Mayer who is CEO of Yahoo, to smaller names like Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack herself who is the CEO of a tech company in Seattle known as Fizzmint, the book aims to provide advice to fellow women who want to join the field, as well as enhance the growth of diversity in the technology world.

 Exploding Kittens


If there is a really impressive game you should fund on Kickstarter this week then it has to be this one. Remember the game of cards as we know it?Well, it just got better. Three entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the cards game and they have called it Exploding Kittens because that’s what it is all about. When playing the game, if the next card you place on the table is an exploding kitten, you will be out of the game unless you have the card that can neutralize that effect on your batch on cards. The more you play the tenser it gets, the more cards you put away, the easier it becomes that you could land an exploding kitten and leave the game. The project has been funded by more than 5000 percent which should tell you how much impressive it is. There are 16 more days to go so you can get yourself the batch as well. And don’t underestimate the internet’s love for cats. This is the most backed Kickstarter project ever.

 Glow: The First Smart Headphones with Laser Light


Call them smart headphones. Glow is the first laser headphone that has dual audio drivers plus a heart sensor and a possibility to integrate with Android wear. The headphones glow to the beat of the music or the pulse of your heartbeat. One of the most interesting features about this headphones is the ability to control your mobile apps using it’s inbuilt buttons. Using Android wear, you can access applications like Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, Google Now, Instagram, and more.

Glow, the small startup working with Google, Knowles, Android and Corning, are developing something that will make you look cool- to say it in a layman’s language. Ideally, you’ll look more than cool and if you’re tech savvy, you’ll love this headphones that glow to the pulse of your heartbeat and allow you to access your smartphone by a simple touch to do functions like quick texts, phone calls, start voice assistants, etc.

Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android


Prynt is an interesting idea and here is how it goes. Want to take a picture? Just plug in your smartphone into Prynt, a smartphone case, then take the picture and it will be printed instantly. We’ve seen cameras that print photos instantly before, but Prynt is a smartphone case and a printer at the same time. Inspired by the fact that most people take a lot of photos and never look at them, this small group of entrepreneurs thought that an instant printer would do the trick and boy don’t people on Kickstarter love the idea!

The case holds ten sheets of paper that are ready to be printed on. In fact, you can print already taken photos that are within your gallery. You just plug in the case, choose a photo, snap and the print is finished in seconds. The case is compatible with iOS and Android phones including all the flagships in this regard. The Prynt app on your phone will also take videos as you shoot the photos and you can hover your phone over the printed photo, the photo is then scanned to show you the video as a movie in augmented reality.


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