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Step 1: Pick a PR package & get the most out of your budget 

Why should you hire Pressfarm as your PR agency?

Most agencies charge high fees for little results – we aim to be different. 
Pressfarm wastes no time creating a PR strategy, creating newsworthy content, and building a media relations plan. 
We are not held back by corporate bureaucracy or over-complicated processes. 
We have networks, experience, and an understanding of the media industry – all of which are required to help you raise awareness for your company. 


Which PR package should you choose?

Every client is unique. For this reason, we’ve perfectly curated each package to meet the needs and wants of different clients.

However, we do have a couple of recommendations: 
For small startups looking for the basics to take their media communications to the next level, the Starter package is the most cost-effective option. 

For larger companies with an extensive product launch or multiple storylines to pitch to different media professionals, the Launch package is better-suited to increase press coverage, improve reach and boost personalized communication with the media. 


Get the media coverage you need to accelerate your business growth with Pressfarm’s easy-to-use and affordable PR packages.

Our flexible packages are tailored specifically to help growing businesses – from startups beginning their journey all the way up to established companies looking to amplify their presence.

Pick Your Package.

Get started on your custom PR campaign. In order to deliver an effective PR campaign, the team at Pressfarm needs to get to know your brand.

Our team of PR professionals and expert writers will take the time to get acquainted with all aspects of your brand, so they can create content that is sure to grab the right media attention. Fill out our questionnaire and attach any extra information you’d like included so that we can craft an individualized campaign just for you!


Fill Questionnaire.

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, the Pressfarm team examines it thoroughly and offers suggestions for any further improvements. This team of PR specialists, expert writers, and certified designers then develops quality PR content that reflects the best aspects of your brand. This includes email pitches, press releases, guest posts, or even full-fledged media kits; depending on your chosen package. Pressfarm is committed to ensuring that these items capture the attention of media outlets and journalists alike. To this end, they either modify your existing content to emphasize newsworthy aspects of stories you’ve already told or create new content worthy of being noticed!

If you have any questions or concerns, you can chat with a member of our knowledgeable team.

Contact Our Team
At Pressfarm, we understand that creating a successful newsworthy campaign involves more than just writing press releases – which is why our PR packages all include the design of custom-crafted press kits. Already have ideas for your own press kit? Our helpful guide can walk you through how to design one from scratch!
What is a press kit?

A press kit is used as a pre-packaged promotional set of materials that provides additional information about a company, a team, organization. By packaging your brand story in a press kit, we aim to make it visually appealing and more engaging for your target audience as well as the media. It is a set of documents, photographs, and other relevant materials designed to help you tell your story.

They can be used for:

● Product launches
● New company launches
● Mergers and acquisitions
● News conferences
● Announcements of special events
● To accompany a press release or media release

Why do you need one?

The main goal of a press kit is to help any media outlet that would like to feature your brand to learn more about your company; the main aim of a press kit is to give journalists, influencers and bloggers all the information they would need without them having to dig for it. An effective press kit is a document or webpage that contains contact information, details about your business, your mission statement, vision statement, your team, and your products. Once this document is done, it should be provided to media outlets in your email pitches, along with your press release. 

How long does it take to create a press kit?

Making a basic press kit should not take too long if you know what you are doing. However, many times, startups need to set aside time for collecting the required material and compiling all the data. If you combine this with other aspects of running a business, it ends up taking too long. If you plan to DIY an elaborate media kit with custom graphics or photography, you should plan to spend several days on the project. 

Does Pressfarm help with all aspects of design and distribution?

Yes. Pressfarm will help with the design and distribution of media/press kits and advise on the best strategies to use. Our PR packages include creating a professionally designed press/media kit. However, how long your press kit will take will depend on which package you chose.

What is the best way to distribute a media/press kit?

Digital press kits are a great way to distribute business information because they’re convenient and cost-effective. We recommend adding a “Press Kit” footer link to your website that directs users to an online or PDF version of this document. Rather than attaching a large PDF file to your email pitches, you should link to this electronic press kit on your website. Alternatively, you can distribute your media kit to reporters and journalists on USB drives.

Can contact information be downloaded as a CSV file?

Our database has been built to be used on-the-go. Even so, downloading mass email addresses is not wise because it encourages mass emailing. This might seem convenient to you, but in the media world, mass emailing is regarded as spam. Our PR experts have enough experience working with the media to know that personalized email pitches are always more effective than mass pitches. There is no world in which spamming will help you achieve effective media coverage. Trust us on that one. 

For journalists & media professionals: How do you request to be added to Pressfarm's media database?

We are constantly looking for new journalists and media professionals to add to our platform. To be added to the database, send us a request through our contact page and include the following required information. 

1) Full Name 
2) Email Address 
3) Social media handles 
4) Short Bio 
5) The niche/industry you cover 
6) Industry keywords where our clients can search for you 

We will review your profile, and if all required information is provided, you will be added to the database within a few days.

How are contacts filtered?

As previously mentioned, these contacts are filtered by niche/industry. Given that some sectors, like technology, are a broad niche, Pressfarm recommends that some startups consider a sub-niche that will generate better results. 

For example, let’s look at the gaming industry. While gaming is technically in the technology niche, a tech journalist who usually creates content about mobile phones or other devices will probably not be interested in the new game your company has built. In this case, we would advise you to search for journalists who are specifically focused on gaming. To this end, our account executive would also create a customized media list to fit your new game. 

After Pressfarm’s PR experts have created quality content for you, our account executive will create your custom media list. These contacts are pulled from different sources and networks, including our comprehensive database of over 1 million contacts across different industries. Your personalized media list will help boost your media outreach by connecting you with the best journalists in your niche. The number of media contacts you receive will depend on the package you have chosen.

These media lists are designed to help you reach skilled storytellers and thought leaders including journalists, bloggers, and influencers. By connecting with the best media professionals in your niche, you can share your brand story widely and attract new customers.


Is the database up to date?

Pressfarm works around the clock to ensure that journalists’ contacts are up-to-date. We are always welcoming new media professionals to our database. While we strive to only work with updated contact information, we sometimes miss one or two contacts that may need updating; if you think a contact is out of date, you can let us know by sending us feedback through our live chat or emailing info (at) 

Why should use Pressfarm’s media database in addition to getting a custom media list?

Pressfarm’s database helps make it easy for startups to capture media attention and generate coverage in media outlets and popular blogs. Any of our packages allows you access to the database for an entire year. With this database, you can search for journalists in different industries and unlock contact information using credits. Moreover, our on-demand media lists contain contact information for the best people to help you tell your story.

Having newsworthy content is not quite enough anymore, especially if you can’t get it in front of the right eyes. With a custom media list, you will have a higher chance of getting press coverage and media attention from journalists and bloggers in your niche. 

Can contacts be filtered by country, interests, and job title?

Currently, clients can only filter contacts by job interests and publications. But, as our services continue to evolve, we are working on a country filter. At the moment, our contacts are primarily based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Since we work with clients all over the world, the upcoming country filter will help people like you to the perfect media match in your region and beyond. 

Pressfarm’s PR outreach process culminates with distributing all your newsworthy content to media professionals. As a Pressfarm client, you can enjoy the benefits of either standard or premium distribution for your press releases, press kits, and guest posts. This boosts your brand’s visibility by featuring it in relevant search results across major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing! Additionally, we promote your content on startup directories to boost brand awareness.
Discover Package Features +

Depending on the PR package you’ve chosen, you can enjoy the following features:

• With the Launch package, you get press release distribution, one feature article, a media kit, and custom media lists. We also submit you to 50+ directories and professional networks.

• With the Campaign package, Pressfarm’s PR experts will personally craft and distribute content for you. This includes a press release, guest posts, and a media kit. The Pressfarm team will then pitch your company to at least 100+ journalists, bloggers, and media influencers on your behalf to ensure guaranteed press coverage. This package also gets you premium submission to 75+ directories and professional networks, and access to premium media contacts.

• With the Enterprise package, you can enjoy wider targeted pitching and media coverage with multiple story angles customized to announce major business developments. These include mergers, acquisitions, crowdfunding campaigns, and large-scale business launches. The Pressfarm team also creates and distributes a wide variety of quality content that is guaranteed to help your brand turn heads. This includes press releases and guest posts customized for each story angle, and a branded media kit highlighting the most newsworthy aspects of your brand. You can also enjoy wider access to media contacts with a custom media list and media database access.

Membership Benefits

Online press release distribution Increase release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines – Google, Yahoo, Bing! etc.

Press kit creation
Have our team create everything including a professional press release, a media kit and some guest posts.

Results without the agency cost
Enjoy PR services, without the agency cost. Our team of skilled account managers and PR Experts writers always go the extra mile to help you get great results.

PR database
Get contact details for over 1 million journalists. Use our powerful, filter-based search engine and the ideal match for your startup and target audience.

Expert advice
Discover top tips for PR, online visibility and more.

No hidden fees
No hourly cost. No surprise fees. Just one flat rate for all your PR needs.


Still have questions? Check out our FAQs or reach out to our team directly and we’ll be sure to help you out.
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How do you achieve media placement?

We go into the PR outreach process with the understanding that nothing in PR is guaranteed. However, we will do everything we can to position your business in a positive light and highlight the newsworthy aspects of your story. Rather than sending mass emails as some PR agencies do, our PR professionals craft personalized pitches to each media contact to ensure a higher success rate. 

What are startup directories?

Companies use startup directories to try and get initial promotion and achieve visibility online. These are the best places to post your product/startup/app and get feedback, early adopters, and press coverage. Submitting to a startup directory is essential for proving a business concept and gaining traction with early users.

Where do we submit your startup/company?

There are hundreds of directories available for submitting startups. However, we’ve curated a list of high-quality directories. Additionally, we exclusively submit your company to directories that match the profile we generate for it, based on the questionnaire you fill after signup. 

How long does the directory submission process take?

After submission, directories usually take between a day and a few weeks, usually a maximum of 14 business days, for review and acceptance.

In some cases, acceptance to a directory requires the creation of a login account. In this case, Pressfarm will send you the login details for each account we create. These accounts are created using a company’s email address.

Once your submission is accepted into a directory, you will receive an approval email.

Pressfarm will find the best communities for every company, including: 

• Niche, startup directories (with an editorial review process).
• Startup review and ranking sites.
• Startup focused blogs and communities.

Each site is curated for essential metrics, including
• Quality Backlinks.
• Established review process.
• Startup Relevance.
• Freshness.

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