Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to learn more about our PR services like the media database, PR outreach, PR for startups, PR for established companies,  press release writing and distribution or directory submissions? We have answers for your questions.

Below are the answers to questions we encounter most from our leads and customers. If you do not find the answer to your questions feel free to start a chat by clicking on the “Chat with us!” button on the bottom right of your screen.

Pressfarm database

Why should I use the Pressfarm database?

Managing a startup isn’t easy.

You’re juggling ten things at a time. Let us make it easy by helping your startup gain press coverage and media attention in media outlets and popular blogs.

If you need to get contacts for journalists, we can help fetch an on-demand media list for you using our filter based platform that has over 50,000+ contacts.

You also get access to the platform for a full year in all our packages. You can search, find and unlock contact information using your credits.

Once you have their contact information, you’re ready to craft a pitch. We help you craft an interesting email pitch that will push your response rates higher.

We offer additional support, services and guidance in our higher tiers.

How can I be added to your media database?

We welcome new journalists and reporters to our platform.

Send a request to us through our contact page (Contact Us). Include the following required information:

1. Full Name

2. Email Address

3. Twitter handle

4. LinkedIn profile link

5. Short bio

6. The Niche(s) you cover

7. Industry keywords by which our users can search for you – usually related to your niche(s) (e.g Apple news, health, education technology, etc)

We will review your profile. If all the required information is provided you will be added to the media database in a few days. If any information is wrong or missing, your request will be ignored.

Can I download the email addresses as a CSV file?

No. Our platform is built to be used on-the-go.

Downloading mass email addresses is not an option we are considering adding on our platform, because it encourages mass emailing – which is also known as spamming.

How many technology reporters do you have?

We have thousands of reporters, writers and journalists in the technology niche.

However, because technology is a wide niche, you might want to consider a sub-niche.

For example, gaming is in the technology niche, but a tech journalist who is interested in mobile phones won’t be interested in the fantastic game you have built. Therefore you should ideally search for journalists in gaming, not technology in general.

Can I filter contacts by country, interests and job title?

You can filter contacts by job interests and publications for now.

We are working on a country filter, as our service continues to evolve. For now, the reporters and journalists on our platform are mostly based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. As we look towards adding contacts from other countries, we will be adding a country filter.

Why are some journalist’s contact details not up-to-date?

We work around the clock to make sure that the journalists’ contacts are up-to-date. However, sometimes we may miss one or two.

If you think a contact hasn’t been updated, please let us know by sending us feedback through our live chat or emailing

Can I unlock all the profiles?

No. Please contact us at for custom packaging if you need a media list on demand that is ready to go.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, as long as work has not started on your package. If our team has already stated working on your package, we will deduct the equivalent value of what has been completed and give you the balance in refund.

How long does the directory submission process take?

The directory submission takes a maximum of 14 business days.

After submission, directories usually take between a day and a few weeks for review and acceptance.

In some cases, directories may require creating login accounts. In this case, we send you the login details for each account we create. Accounts are created using your email address.

Once your submission is accepted into a directory, you will receive an approval email.

We will also inform you once we have submitted your startup to the 50+ directories.

Pressfarm will find the best communities for you, including:

• Niche, startup directories (with an editorial review process).
• Startup review and ranking sites.
• Startup focused blogs and communities.
Each site is curated for important metrics, including

• Quality Backlinks.
• Established review process.
• Startup Relevance.
• Freshness.

Where do you submit my startup?

We submit your company to directories that fit its profile.

There are hundreds of directories available for submitting startups.

However, we curate high-quality directories and exclusively submit your company to directories that match the profile we generate for it, from the questionnaire we send you after signup.

PR Agency Services

Why should I use Pressfarm as my PR agency?

Most agencies charge high fees for little results. We’re different.

We hit the ground running and waste no time creating your PR strategy and building out a media relations plan.

We aren’t held back by corporate bureaucracy or over-complicated processes.

We have the relationships, the experience and understanding of the news industry to help you raise awareness of your company.
Which PR agency package should

Which PR agency package should I choose?

Every client is unique.

However, we can make a couple of recommendations:

• Small startups with a single story to pitch will probably find the Power Pack is the most cost-effective option.
• A larger company with a big product launch or multiple storylines to pitch – and which therefore needs significant press interest – will usually find the Premium Pack is the best fit.

How do you get media placements?

We pitch media contacts personally and individually, for a higher success rate.

Nothing in PR is guaranteed.

Timing, location and newsworthiness are all factors that could either help or hinder the media relations campaign.

However, we will do everything we can to position you to be as newsworthy as possible.

Rather than mass mail-merge blasts like some agencies rely on, we make personal and individual pitches to each media contact.

While it’s more time consuming, this ensures a higher success rate.

I need advice on a single item/project. Can you help?

Yes, check out our pioneer package or PR consultant service for advice on demand via email, phone or video chat.

Press Releases

Where do I start when crafting my press release?

To get started with your press release writing, you can chat with our team to identify your news item and guide you on the best practices. During this chat, our team will guide you on the best strategies and distribution service to use for high quality results and reports at startup costs.

Do I need more than one press release?

In some cases you might need more than one press release. Ideally, we will recommend the releases are sent out on different dates in order to measure impact before you send a second and third one. 

Additionally, press releases should be based on newsworthy stories. However, if you to send out two press releases, you should consider having a different news item for each.

How long should my press release be?

Press releases need to range between 300 and 800 words in length. It is important to know that the length of your press release can directly affect how it is distributed. For instance, news releases that are shorter than 300 words might not be taken seriously by the search engines as news while those longer than 800 words might also be mistaken to be a blog and not listed in search engines as news.

Does Pressfarm write my press release?

As per our pricing page, we write the press release in some packages and not in others. However, if you find it confusing please chat with a member of our team on our site for clarification.