Frequently Asked Questions 

From startups to established businesses, we have designed packages that will suit your needs at an affordable price. We focus on creating awareness for brands, building their credibility, and increasing their reach.


Why should I use Pressfarm's media database in addition to getting a custom media list?

Pressfarm’s database helps make it easy for startups to capture media attention and generate coverage in media outlets and popular blogs. Any of our packages allows you access to the database for an entire year. With this database, you can search for journalists in different industries and unlock contact information using credits. Moreover, our on-demand media lists contain contact information for the best people to help you tell your story.

Having newsworthy content is not quite enough anymore, especially if you can’t get it in front of the right eyes. With a custom media list, you will have a higher chance of getting press coverage and media attention from journalists and bloggers in your niche. 

After Pressfarm’s PR specialists and expert writers have created quality content for you, our Account Executive will also create custom media lists for you. These contacts are pulled from different sources and networks, including our comprehensive database of over 1 million contacts across different industries. Your personalized media lists should help boost your media outreach by connecting you with the best journalists in your niche. The number of media contacts you get will depend on the package you’ve chosen.

Is the database up-to-date?
Pressfarm works round the clock to ensure that journalists’ contacts are up-to-date. We are always welcoming new media professionals to our database. While we strive to only work with updated contact information, we sometimes miss one or two contacts that may need updating. If you think a contact is out-of-date, you can let us know by sending us feedback through our live chat or emailing .
Can the database be filtered by country, interests and job title?

Currently, clients can only filter contacts by job interests and publications. However, as our services continue to evolve, we are working on a country filter. At the moment, our contacts are primarily based in the US, Uk, Canada and Australia. Since we work with clients all over the world, the upcoming country filter will help people like you to find the perfect media match in your region and beyond. 

How are contacts filtered?

As previously mentioned, these contacts are filtered by niche/industry. Given that some sectors, like technology, are a broad niche, Pressfarm recommends that some startups consider a sub-niche that will generate better results. 

For example, let’s look at the gaming industry. While gaming is technically in the technology niche, a tech journalist who usually creates content about mobile phones or other devices will probably not be interested in the new game your company has built. In this case, we would advise you to search for journalists who are specifically focused on gaming. To this end, our Account Executive would also create a customized media list to fit your new game.

Can contact information be downloaded as a CSV file?

Our database has been built to be used on-the-go. Even so, downloading mass email addresses is not wise because it encourages mass emailing. This might seem convenient to you, but in the media world, mass emailing is regarded as spam.

Our PR experts have enough experience working with the media to know that personalized email pitches are always more effective than mass pitches. There is no world in which spamming will help you achieve effective media coverage. Trust us on that one.

For journalists & media professsionals: How do I request to be added to Pressfarm's database?

We are constantly looking for new journalists and media professionals to add to our platform. To be added to the database, send us a request through our contact page and include the following required information. 

1) Full Name 

2) Email Address 

3) Social media handles 

4) Short Bio 

5) The niche/industry you cover 

6) Industry keywords where our clients can search for you 

We will review your profile, and if all required information is provided, you will be added to the database within a few days.


Why should I hire Pressfarm as my PR agency?

Most agencies charge high fees for little results – we aim to be different. 

Pressfarm wastes no time creating a PR strategy, creating newsworthy content, and building a media relations plan. 

We are not held back by corporate bureaucracy or over-complicated processes. 

We have networks, experience, and an understanding of the media industry – all of which are required to help you raise awareness for your company.

Which PR package should I choose?

Every client is unique and has different needs for their PR Outreach. Because of this, we have created 4 PR packages for startups and companies to choose from. 

1) Launch – $180 one-time charge 

Ideal for growing companies hoping to increase their press coverage, improve their reach and build long-term relationships with the media.

2) Campaign – $480 one-time charge 

Equip your business with tools for success from our PR Experts. Generate the publicity your brand deserves and reach audiences across the globe.

3) Enterprise – $980 one-time charge

Equip your business with the full power of Pressfarm. Gain complete control of your brand and tell a consistent story across the globe. Ideal for companies preparing for a big product launch or with multiple stories to pitch, who need a PR expert to help them reach leading press contacts.

I only need help with a single component/project. Can Pressfarm help?
Yes. Check out our PR consusltant service for advice on-demand via live chat on our website, email, and phone. Please email us at for more information.


Where do I start when crafting my press release?

To get started with your press release writing, you can chat with our team to outline your PR outreach needs, and we will guide you on the best practices. Our team will guide you on the best strategies and distribution services to use for high-quality results and reports at startup costs during this initial chat.

Do I need more than one press release?

In some cases, you might need more than one press release. Ideally, we will recommend that the releases be sent out on different dates and to different media professionals to create a more meaningful impact before sending a second and third one. Additionally, press releases should be based on newsworthy stories, and if you plan to create more than one press release, you should consider having a different news item for each.

How long should my press release be?

A standard press release should range between 300 and 400 words in length. It is essential to know that the size of your press release can directly affect how it is distributed. For instance, news releases that are shorter than 300 words might not be taken seriously by the search engines as news, while those longer than 800 words might also be marked as a blog and not listed in search engines as news.


Our PR professionals and expert writers help create newsworthy content ranging from email pitches, press releases, and email pitches to press kits. 

How do I begin the process?

Once you’ve chosen a PR package, Pressfarm needs to know all the important information about the brand so that our PR professionals and expert writers can create newsworthy content to connect with media professionals in your niche. 

Start by filling out a questionnaire to help Pressfarm’s expert writers understand what you are looking for. 

It’s also important to upload any attachments you believe are important.

What type of content does Pressfarm help create?

For the Starter & Launch PR packages, Pressfarm’s PR experts will only proofread and review your pre-written press release. Furthermore, they will develop:

● A professionally-designed press/media kit (up to 3 pages): This includes company background, brand brief, vision, mission, photos/videos, and more

● A personalized PR action plan (up to 2 pages) on strategies and PR industry trade secrets to maximize press coverage 

● A tailor-made PR media lists from an Account Executive for initial PR outreach (up to 1000 media contacts)

● A feature story about your brand which is then shared on Pressfarm’s email newsletter and social media channels (only with the Launch package)


For the Campaign PR package, Pressfarm’s PR experts will create: 

● A professional press release (up to 1000 words) 

● A professionally-designed press/media kit (up to & between 5-8 pages) 

● A personalized PR action plan (up to 3 pages) on strategies on PR industry secrets 

● A tailor-made PR media list from an Account Executive for PR outreach and relationship-building with journalists (up to 2000 media contacts)

● A feature story about a company shared on our email newsletter and social media channels. 

● Guest posts about the company published on Google News to increase brand credibility and online visibility (up to 500 words) 

Pressfarm can also guide startups and companies that are looking to create their own press release. Our PR experts and an account executive will provide advice on the best strategies and distribution services to use for high-quality results and reports. Best of all, you can get this advice at a startup-friendly cost.


How do you achieve media placement?

We go into the PR outreach process with the understanding that nothing in PR is guaranteed. However, we will do everything we can to position your business in a positive light and highlight the newsworthy aspects of your story. Rather than sending mass emails as some PR agencies do, our PR professionals craft personalized pitches to each media contact to ensure a higher success rate. 

What are startup directories?

Companies use startup directories to try and get initial promotion and achieve visibility online. These are the best places to post your product/startup/app and get feedback, early adopters, and press coverage. Submitting to a startup directory is essential for proving a business concept and gaining traction with early users.

Where does Pressfarm submit my startup/company?

There are hundreds of directories available for submitting startups. However, we’ve curated a list of high-quality directories. Additionally, we exclusively submit your company to directories that match the profile we generate for it, based on the questionnaire you fill after signup.

How long does the directory submission process take?

After submission, directories usually take between a day and a few weeks, usually a maximum of 14 business days, for review and acceptance.

In some cases, acceptance to a directory requires the creation of a login account. In this case, Pressfarm will send you the login details for each account we create. These accounts are created using a company’s email address.

Once your submission is accepted into a directory, you will receive an approval email.

Pressfarm is committed to finding the best communities for every company, including: 

  • Niche, startup directories (with an editorial review process).
  • Startup review and ranking sites.
  • Startup-focused blogs and communities.

Each site is curated for essential metrics, including:

  • Quality backlinks.
  • Established review process.
  • Startup relevance.
  • Freshness.