Why should I use Pressfarm?

Do you struggle to create contacts and connections with journalists within your niche? Do you need help to get the right contacts that will lead to your company getting a lot of publicity? Do you need help and guidance to get the right PR for your startup? Have you ever wanted to write cold emails to journalists but don’t know how to write one that will get you the reply you want? If you answered yes to these 4 questions, Pressfarm is your best solution. Our platform gives you access to contacts from the best publications and journalists interested in writing about you. Whatever niche your startup is in, you name it, you are more likely to get contact information for the respective journalists on Pressfarm.

How does Pressfarm work?

Pressfarm has three packages. The startup package costs $18 per month and gives you access to 100 journalist contacts per month. The launch package costs $199 one-time payment and with it you get access to 200 contacts per month for one year. Our largest package is the campaign package costs $349 one-time payment and gives you access to 500 contacts per month for a full year. These packages also come with other offerings that you can see on our signup page.
Once you purchase a plan, you get credits equivalent to the number of contacts you have purchased. For instance, if you get the startup package for $18 every month you will have 100 credits renewing each month. If you are looking for journalists in the technology niche, for example, searching on our filter based platform will show you a number of journalists who are in that niche. You have to unlock the contact information for these journalists by using your credits. Once you have the contact information, all you have to do now is craft your email pitch.
We offer additional support, services and guidance at the higher tiers.

How do I write an email pitch?

We have created guides to help you master your email pitch and get your target journalist interested in your story from the onset.
Start with this post: How to Cold Email Journalists the Right Way (https://press.farm/how-to-cold-email-journalists-the-right-way/).
You might also want to read 13 Reasons Why Your Startup doesn’t get Press (https://press.farm/13-reasons-your-startup-doesnt-get-press/).
Another very important guide is 10 Do-It-Yourself PR Strategies for Startup Founders (https://press.farm/10-pr-strategies-startup-founders/).

How can I add more credit to my account?

To add more credit you need to purchase another subscription or upgrade your package. Simply, go to your ‘My account’ section and upgrade or repurchase a new subscription once your credit is used up. You can contact us directly if you have questions or need help.

How can I be added to your list of journalists and reporters?

Send a request to us through our Feedback page (https://press.farm/feedback/) and we shall check out your profile and let you know whether you will be added. We are always welcoming new journalists and reporters onto our platform, and we would be pleased to have you.

Will I be able to download the email addresses as a CSV?


No. We are building a platform that will work for you on the go. Downloading mass email addresses is not an option we are considering adding on our platform because it encourages mass emailing, which is also known as spamming. We are objective in the way we would like you to use Pressfarm, and that’s in an objective manner, following intensive research and contacting only those journalists you believe are important to your company, in your niche and whose readers your story can charm.


How many reporters do you have in the technology niche?

We have thousands of reporters, writers and journalists in the technology niche. However, the technology niche is very wide so you might want to be sure about your sub-niche, and find journalists interested in that. For instance, gaming is in the technology niche, but a tech journalist who is interested in mobile phones will probably not be interested in the amazing game you have built.

Can I filter contacts by country, interests and job title?

You can filter contacts by job interests and publications for now. We are working on bringing the country filter in the future as our service continues to evolve. For now, the reporters and journalists on our platform are mostly based in the US, but as we look towards adding contacts from other countries, we shall be adding the country filter.

Why has X and Y journalists contacts not been updated?


We work around the clock to make sure that the journalists’ contacts are up-to-date. However, sometimes we may miss one or two. In this case, we count on our users that when they have reason to believe a contact has not been updated, they will let us know by sending us feedback or emailing support@press.farm


Can I unlock all the profiles?

No. Our largest package allows you to unlock 500 journalist contacts every month. Please contact us at support@press.farm for custom packaging if you need a special plan.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. However, we only provide refunds when we are notified within 24 hours upon charge and later than that.

How long does the directory submission take?


The directory submission takes a maximum of 14 business days. After submission, some of the directories take on average from a day to a few weeks review and accept the submission. In some cases, directories may require to create login accounts. In this case we send you the login details for each of those accounts we create. The accounts are created using your email address, once directories accept your submission, you will get the approval email informing you as such. Additionally, we will inform you once we have submitted your startup to the 50+ directories.


Where do you submit my startup?


There are hundreds of directories available for submitting startups. However, we curate the directories that fit your startup in order to submit your company to only the quality directories. Our curation is based on your startup profile that is generated from the questionnaire we send you to get information about your startup.


Do you have any guarantees?


We cannot guarantee that your startup will be accepted into each and every directory we submit to because these directories also have their own regulations and limitations. To increase your chances of approval, spend quality time and effort answering the questionnaire we send to you after signup.


Still have questions. Reach out to us.


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