If you’re looking to promote your cryptocurrency project, collaborating with crypto influencers can be a valuable strategy. By partnering with influencers in the crypto space, you can increase visibility and brand awareness through targeted promotional campaigns. This can help drive more traffic to your project and create a stronger presence in the market.

However, to maximize this marketing approach, you need to consider working with well-established crypto influencers. That means that they should have a large community of crypto enthusiasts keeping up with what they have to say and engaging with their content. With such influencers, your cryptocurrency project can reach a larger audience faster.

Where can you find these crypto influencers? It’s pretty simple – you can look for them on social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Famous cryptocurrency influencers have YouTube channels that capture the attention of thousands of people and engage their target audiences on a daily basis.

Oftentimes, their marketing videos review various blockchain projects and also highlight trendy crypto news. By partnering with these professionals, you can share your crypto project with prospects widely on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Since influencers are seen as authentic, you can also captivate and engage your audience by partnering with the right influencer.

Who is a crypto influencer?

Crypto influencers are blockchain enthusiasts with a particular focus on cryptocurrency marketing campaigns. Some of them have so much influence that they can alter the value of projects or crypto coins by simply expressing their thoughts or speculations. Just like influencers in other markets, crypto influencers leverage several social platforms to generate interest for your product. Some work on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or all three combined. Depending on where your target audiences are, you can choose to work with influencers on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. However, if you want it all in one package, you can choose an influencer with channels on all these platforms.

The importance of crypto influencers in this day and age

Truth be told, the crypto industry is ever-changing, requiring more regulations, better blockchain concepts, and the latest market techniques. Additionally, scammers in this industry are available in substantial numbers. The average crypto enthusiast finds this industry complicated. This is where crypto influencers come in. For a start, they make everything easier to understand. Additionally, they do so in an authentic and engaging way that generates trust among the target audience. And it’s no secret that, as a crypto developer launching a new project, you need to earn trust if you hope to successfully capture investors and community members.

Top crypto influencers of 2023

The main goal when campaigning through social channels is to hike organic traffic, followers, and engagement on your projects. However, if you’re targeting faster growth, then you’ll need an influencer strategy.

Partnering with top crypto influencers is the key to growing all of these numbers. In this article, we’ll look at some of the most popular crypto influencers across different platforms. Moreover, we’ll look at some of the popular blockchain PR agencies you can work with:

  • Instagram

The following is a list of top crypto influencers on Instagram who you can engage in your campaigns:

1) CryptoExplorer:

This is among the top crypto influencer accounts taking over Instagram rapidly. They’re mostly focusing on inspirational content, memes, and trendy news.

2) CryptoWendyO:

If you’re looking for the most influential accounts when it comes to interviews in crypto, reach out to Wendy. She’s a great point of reference if you need ideas from cryptocurrency experts. On this account, you will find weekly publications on crypto with substantial engagement. Additionally, she has Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube channels where she posts multiple videos daily.

3) YoungDumbCrypto:

The YoungDumbCrypto nails it when it comes to engaging their crypto fans. They have extremely entertaining content that draws the attention of their followers. Speaking of followers, they have a prominent community of crypto fans who are eager to engage with any information that is thrown at them. Furthermore, YoungDumbCrypto is well established in the crypto industry, making them a reliable choice for a marketing campaign. If you want to showcase the behind-the-scenes of your projects, consider working with YoungDumbCrypto.

4) BitBoy_Crypto:

If you’re looking for a top crypto influencer with a massive following, BitBoy-Crypto will do. They have the largest following of loyal fans, also known as the Bit_Squad. Don’t hesitate to contact Bitboy if you want to generate instant product awareness.

5) CryptoBrekkie:

Famous for being “Blockchain and Morty” founders, they’re top-in-class creators of crypto content.

6) ShareCrypto:

This account offers you an opportunity to share news about your crypto project on Instagram. ShareCrypto’s main approach is posting the latest trends when it comes to the crypto market. What’s more, all their content is in a readable format that even a novice crypto fan can comprehend.

  • YouTube

YouTube is a platform where you can generate demand for your products. By engaging with YouTube influencers, you can connect your audience with your latest projects or crypto ideas. Influencers on this platform not only have the expertise but also the ideal following that comprises crypto enthusiasts. Having said that, here are top YouTube influencers in the crypto industry:

1) Crypto Lark:

This influencer combines various skills and knowledge to create mind-blowing crypto content for fans. Drawing from a background in political science, comical aspects, and critical thinking skills, he produces some of the best crypto content. The best part is that all his content is both informative and entertaining to the audience.

2) Ian Balina:

Ian is an expert when it comes to analysis. Through his comprehensive analytical skills, he can point out the best crypto startups that are taking over the market.

3) Doug Polk:

He’s one of the most successful influencers on this platform. He has recently unveiled a new crypto channel that solely focuses on blockchain tech. The great thing about partnering with Doug is his engaging discussion on crypto with experts.

4) Altcoin Daily:

On the Altcoin channel, you’ll find some informative crypto content. What makes them unique is the wealth of easy-to-understand content for both experts and beginners.

5) Ivan_on_Tech:

Ever heard of the famous You Tuber, Ivan Liljeqvist? Well, he’s the founder of “Ivan on Tech”, a popular YouTube channel. He uses his channel to supply fans with crypto content from a technological point of view. Beyond that, he carries out background research before presenting his content in a simple format. This makes him a favorite among the YouTube influencer crowd.

  • Twitter

Twitter serves a specific purpose for projects looking to grow their number of crypto followers. Besides that, it’s a great platform where you can engage your audience and enlighten them on your new project. If you’re targeting the fastest growth, here’s a list of top Twitter influencers for the Crypto industry:

1) @CryptoCobain:

This is the best account for whoever is looking for attention-grabbing memes and entertaining content. Furthermore, CryptoCobain is a self-sworn Crypto Twitter founder.

2) @Girlgone_Crypto:

It’s quite fascinating how the founder of the Girlgone account manages to tweet impressive content consistently. Partnering with her will be a strategic move toward amassing enough followers for your project.

3) @ErikVoorhes:

As one of the first investors in the Bitcoin industry before its growth in popularity, Erik is a reliable influencer. He understands every key detail of the crypto sphere, especially when it comes to marketing. For that reason, he has garnered experience from partnering with many crypto organizations. Most notably, he was once ShapeShift’s chief executive officer.

4) @ToneVays:

With almost 200,000 crypto followers, ToneVays is a pro in crypto trading. What’s more, he also has a famous YouTube channel in case you want to campaign on both platforms.

5) @Apompliano:

Like ErikVoorhes, Apompliano is also among the earliest discoverers of bitcoin in its early stages. Over the years, he has created a reputation for himself. You will find him giving speeches at various crypto conferences. He also attends popular shows such as CNBC.

Crypto PR agencies to work with

  • Pressfarm

Pressfarm is a leading company in providing crypto-PR services to companies as well as individuals. They’ve generated successful results for various types of blockchain projects in the last few years. Using their professional approach, they’ll design newsworthy on your behalf and pass it to relevant crypto media.

With quality content like e-mail pitches, press kits, press releases, and guest posts, you’ll generate the right support from your community. This PR agency will get all the essential information from you and use it to design an enticing story.

What’s more, they also have a reliable database with top influencers and crypto-media with millions of target audiences. If you want to build crypto-followers and engage the community effectively, contact Pressfarm.

  • CrowdCreate

CrowdCreate is an agency with a particular focus on crypto influencers and PR campaigns. With over half a decade in the crypto industry, they’ve got great expertise and experience. The brands they’ve served include Zilla, Open Platform, and Bezant. Given that they’ve been around for a while, they’ve got a reputation for providing the best crypto marketing services.

  • MarketAcross

MarketAcross ranks among the top PR agencies in serving crypto companies or projects. They have powerful relationships with crypto media, major publications, and journalists. Additionally, they’ve got links with influential bloggers if you’re targeting traffic through content marketing. Some of their top clients include Simplex, NEO, and BitTorrent.

  • Token Agency

This is a company in the Netherlands providing PR services to crypto businesses. They’ve amassed an astounding reputation from working with companies like Mainframe, Wings, Decent, and Bancor. While they specialize in consultation services, they’re effective at guiding brands towards a successful path. If you want to improve your sales and guarantee a successful product launch, call them.

  • Coinbound

Coinbound features in many lists that highlight the best crypto agencies to partner with. They offer essential campaign services such as sales, crypto marketing, and PR. Moreover, they’ve partnered with reputable crypto brands like Shapeshift, OKEx, CoinStats, and eToro.

  • Guerilla Buzz

With Guerilla Buzz, you can direct the audience’s attention toward your project. They work their magic through publications, social media, and forums. Thanks to their effective plan of action, companies like Bancor are reaping the rewards through brand recognition. They’ve got substantial traffic on various social sites including BitcoinTalk, Telegram forums, and Reddit.

  • TokenMinds

TokenMinds is one of the top PR agencies that offer exceptional services to crypto companies. Covering various sectors of blockchain tech, they’re familiar with all crypto campaigns strategy. Furthermore, they have several years of experience in this industry, which is an assurance that you’ll be working with pros.

On top of that, they have a close partnership with some of the top crypto-influencers and media. Additionally, TokenMinds provides crypto influencers marketing services through their partnership with authority websites and partners in this industry. Thanks to their thoughtfully developed approach, you can get exposure by working with them.

Why hire crypto influencers?

Nowadays crypto influencer marketing is the new trend with a significant impact on the community. Therefore, if you want the community to support your crypto-currency project, then you should consider this strategy. When you use this marketing technique, engaging your prospects is much easier. That’s because it has an incentive, making it a powerful technique for reaching the right target audience.

For this reason, you’ll find tons of projects leveraging crypto influencers when building awareness. Besides that, it also guarantees audience engagement. When you choose the right partner for this campaign, rest assured you will enjoy a great ROI (return on investment).

In the crypto market, influencers are reliable marketing partners who are eager to serve and back your project. By leveraging their experience and skill set, they’ll develop an effective means to market your project to their audience. Most importantly, they’ll make your project sound interesting and create excitement for the upcoming launch, ICO, IEO or NFT drop. That’s the key reason why crypto influencers are the missing link in transitioning your project to the next phase.

If you want to maximize this strategy, you should hire a PR agency instead of going it alone. A PR company such as Pressfarm has established relationships with these influencers. As such, they’ll connect you with the right influencer who will share your message with the target audience faster.

Final Take

The outcome of a strategic public relations campaign is greater awareness, higher traffic, and better engagement. To some extent, such campaigns build a reputation for your project in the blockchain community. But let’s face it; developing an effective crypto campaign without professional help is very tricky. On the other hand, partnering with a blockchain PR agency like Pressfarm guarantees a positive outcome.

The experts at Pressfarm can help you design a campaign that will create hype around your project. You’ll also reach more audiences, multiply your traffic and attain better engagement with your audience. Through their partnership with influencers and various media organizations (crypto media and typical media), they’ll promote your brand effectively.

What’s more, Pressfarm also maximizes in-house campaign techniques with quality content, including guest posts, press releases, press kits, and email pitches.  Lastly, they have an account executive who will design a personalized list with media that can help you connect with the right media professionals who have access to your target audience.

Partnering with the experts at Pressfarm can take your crypto global, in front of an audience that would be excited to hear from you.