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We connect you with the best media contacts in your industry

Our experts take care of building your media lists

Building a targeted media list takes up hours of time. Luckily, at Pressfarm, we build all your media lists.

A custom media list from Pressfarm helps you to connect with skilled storytellers who can help you tell this story. Whether you’re looking for journalists, bloggers or influencers, we can provide the contacts you need. 

When you sign up, we use your business profile to create custom media lists containing the best contacts in your niche. We just need to know who your target audience is, where they’re located and what kind of media outlets you’re interested in.

Once we know which media professionals you’re looking for, we pull contacts from over 1 million journalists, bloggers and influencers to create a custom media list for you.  

How do you ensure assured deliverability?

The constant updates to our media contacts ensure we stay current with the ever-changing media scene and bring you contacts that get you through to your target audience. High deliverability is the difference between a media list that works and one that does not.

Can I reach media professionals in different industries?

We pull our media contacts from a wide range of industries. Our media lists have help brands to connect with professionals from the tech, fashion, cryptocurrency, business, and entertainment industries, among others. 

You want to capture your target audience’s attention, so you need to partner with a trusted authority to promote your brand. We make this easier by offering you a wide variety of contacts.

How do you decide who to reach out to? By finding out where the people in your target audience spend most of their time. After all, you’re hoping these media professionals will help you reach your target audience.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to connect with a journalist, influencer or blogger. We can provide you with these media contacts across different industries and regions.

Once you’ve decided what kind of media contacts you want to reach out to, simply sit back and let us connect you with these people.

With your custom media lists, you can continue doing media outreach for your brand long after we finish working on your campaign at Pressfarm. What’s more, you now have a ready-to-go list of journalists who you can pitch whenever you have news to share. No more spending hours scouring the Internet to find the ideal media contacts before each launch.

By cutting out the time you would spend doing your own media research, we allow you to focus on improving your product or service. This way, you’ll have things in top-notch condition in time for your big launch. 

Want to reach out to a market beyond your borders? Our media lists aren’t restricted to your local region. Simply give us a profile of the kind of journalists and outlets you’d like to connect with, and we’ll make it happen. Easily reach out to journalists in the US, UK and beyond. Share your story with the world today!

How do you build my media lists?

In order to build a media list that works for you, we use information about your brand and your target audience as well as the kind of journalists you’re interested in reaching.

Once you’ve signed up, you can sit back while our Account Executive sifts through our comprehensive media network to find journalists who are a great match for your brand. We then provide a summarized list of targeted media professionals for your press coverage.

Customized outreach at your convenience

Personalize your email outreach
Our custom media lists provide you with email addresses, phone numbers and social media details to make reaching out easy and convenient.

You can then personalize your outreach process while reaching out in a way that is convenient for you.

We pick only the contacts you need
Our Account Executive sifts through our media contacts to find ideal media contacts for your brand.

By taking into consideration not only your criteria but also your brand story, we can match you with the best journalists to cover your brand. Since we’ve developed this network ourselves, we can recommend people who would be excited to hear from a brand like yours.



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Are the media contacts global?
At the moment, our contacts are primarily based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Even so, we’re widening the scope to include more regions. Since we work with clients all over the world, we can help people like you to find the perfect media match in your region and beyond. 

How often do you update the media contacts?
The Pressfarm team works round the clock to ensure that the media contacts are up-to-date. We are always welcoming new media professionals to our network While we strive to only work with updated contact information, we sometimes miss one or two contacts that may need updating. If you think a contact is out-of-date, you can let us know by sending us feedback through our live chat or emailing info (at)

Can I send personalized pitches to these contacts?

Absolutely. Our media lists are designed to make your life easier by giving you each contact’s name and email address. We even tell you where the media professional works so that you can read their previous stories and write a pitch you know they’ll enjoy reading.

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