As the number of options for blockchain public relations or marketing firms grows by the day, identifying the best blockchain and cryptocurrency PR agency for your project can be difficult. Of course, this is a good thing because it means you have more options to choose from. However, at the same time, it exposes you to the risk of selecting the incorrect cryptocurrency PR agency to handle your project.

An excellent blockchain public relations firm will launch your project into the crypto community, disrupting the status quo and attracting attention. While some cryptocurrency projects raise millions of dollars, many others fail. A lot of the time, the difference between a successful cryptocurrency campaign and one that falls flat boils down to the PR agency that you choose.

What does a PR agency do? 

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), public relations consists of strategic communication processes that aim to build mutually beneficial relationships between businesses or organizations and their target audiences.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors are still in their infancy. For this reason, finding a PR agency that understands the business of blockchain and cryptocurrency can be difficult for most organizations. This guide will assist you in locating a top blockchain & crypto PR agency to handle your public relations needs.

A public relations firm will manage your organization’s or company’s reputation in various ways. The primary goals of a public relations firm are reputation management and brand awareness. The agency can use owned, earned, and paid media outlets to handle brand messaging. A good agency should also be able to provide the following services: crisis management, media relations, social media, speech writing, press releases, event planning, outreach, market research, media training, and internal copywriting.

Why do you need a PR agency? 

Did you know that approximately 57% of businesses prioritize creating custom content for their clients? Quality branded content is an important channel for marketing and ranking the business. Blockchain public relations firms generate content on your behalf, and this content will eventually become an essential tool in custom content marketing.

Secondly, since this content is tailored to meet the expectations of the organization as well as its target audience the content is more optimized to be effective.

Last but not least, it is not necessary to create lots of content to establish your market position. Partnering with the right PR agency will ensure that you can keep up with the demands of the market while creating a wide variety of content.

Let’s now look at a few specific ways to find a crypto PR agency that satisfies your needs.

How to find the right blockchain public relations firm 

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most dependable methods of finding credible and trustworthy organizations to do business with. In fact, 92% of consumers will believe a recommendation from a friend. Asking around is an easy way to find the best blockchain PR agency for your project.

As a result, you should look for PR agencies that other cryptocurrency experts and developers have had a positive experience with. Try to recall if you’ve recently seen any cryptocurrency public relations campaigns in action and reach out to the project owners to find out how they developed the campaign. If they hired an agency, it’s important to find out what quality of services they got.

This is a great way to find a good agency with minimal hassle.

However, not everyone will share details about the cryptocurrency public relations firms that they’ve worked with publicly. If that’s the case, you can look for agencies on Google and LinkedIn. However, ensure that all of the companies you reach out to can demonstrate their effectiveness in the following areas: knowledge of the cryptocurrency community/space, detailed coverage reports, and alignment with your goals.

1) Define your goals 

You won’t find the right public relations agency if you don’t know what you want from your campaigns. It would help if you established clear objectives with your PR agency so that you can achieve the desired results without undue stress. Explain to your coworkers the main point you want to get across to your potential audience. Once that is established, your crypto agency will provide you with the assistance you require. Only after you’ve decided what kind of content you want to create and what you want to achieve from the agency will you be able to select the best option. Some agencies may be focused on a very specific niche. These are usually the most effective agencies because they have more experience in that specific area.

2) Make sure they have experience in the space 

Blockchain was established in 2008 and traditional public relations firms have had years to develop their expertise. Even so, blockchain public relations is still a relatively new field.

As a result, your blockchain PR agency must understand the blockchain industry and have connections in the cryptocurrency community. You don’t want a cryptocurrency public relations firm that uses the same sites and tactics as everyone else.

Blockchain PR is not the same as traditional PR, and the right agency will recognize this.

Furthermore, the best blockchain public relations firms should be able to generate backlinks for your website. They accomplish this by leveraging their connections within the cryptocurrency community. An agency can’t secure valuable backlink opportunities unless they have a thorough understanding of the space.

According to recent GuerrillaBuzz research, there is a direct correlation between the number of backlinks a website has and the total money raised for its IDO project.

Facts like these highlight the significance of understanding the crypto space. If your blockchain agency can’t deliver results like these, they’re not the right fit for you.

3) Examine the agency’s coverage reports

Blockchain public relations firms live on client success stories. After all, how will they ever demonstrate their capabilities if they can’t demonstrate their efficiency to a new client?

If the blockchain agency you’re looking into doesn’t have easily accessible case studies, you should treat this as a red flag.

Check to see if there are any case studies of their success. These should include actual data from previous campaigns that they’ve run.

Case studies will also show the agency’s impact. A map of which publications they’ve been able to access and which outlets they have connections with will allow you to gauge their ability to run a successful campaign for you.

Also, keep an eye out for reviews. While the reviews on their website may give you a good idea, you should also look for reviews on external platforms that they don’t control. Looking at sites like TrustPilot and using Google Search tools can help. Enter the “agency name + review” and see what comes up. This is a great way to get results right where you want them.

Ensure that your blockchain PR agency has enough social proof to convince you that they will do a good job.

4) Compare your objectives with their capabilities

Although you may have found an excellent blockchain PR firm, one minor consideration that many people overlook is a personal mismatch. This could be in terms of how you want the campaign to be structured versus how they want the campaign to be structured. The right PR agency will prioritize your needs and adapt its approach to satisfy those needs. For this reason, you should steer clear of PR agencies that are focused on one way of doing things, with little regard for your objectives. While you should be open to guidance from experts who know what it takes for a successful blockchain PR campaign. They should also be able to explain how they can tailor their approach to meet your objectives.

Make sure to schedule a call with the PR agency you’re considering partnering with. This will allow you to talk about your goals, as well as outline your vision and budget. If the agency isn’t enthusiastic about your vision or shoots your dreams down without explanation, then this might not be the right fit for you. Whatever PR agency you settle on will also be your brand ambassador. You need to work with people who believe in your vision and who you can count on to create a positive image for your project. Also, make sure you get along with the people in charge of your public relations campaign. You are, after all, in it for the long haul.

5) Write down questions to ask 

After conducting your research, you can compile a list of crypto PR firms to contact. Before scheduling a meeting, make a list of the various questions you want to ask them. Be ready to discuss price, experience/expertise, previous clients, prior successes, and reviews/testimonials.

6) Attend your consultation call/meeting

Proceed to meetings with the various PR agencies with your questions ready. This list of questions will help you to gather all the information you require to assist you in deciding which crypto PR agency to work with. Pay close attention to the PR agency with which you have the most chemistry, as this will make your job much easier. After your meetings, compare the proposals and responses you receive on everything from price to strategy.

7) Set expectations 

After deciding on a blockchain and crypto PR agency to work with, make sure your goals and objectives are clear. Establish a clear and immediate line of communication and define your expectations. Discuss your plans with your PR agency and determine how you will measure success.

If you’re looking for a good crypto PR agency, you should consider working with the experts at Pressfarm.

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As a client, you also get access to custom media lists built by an account executive to help you connect with the best thought leaders and storytellers in your niche. Or perhaps you’d prefer to build your media lists on your own. In this case, you can use Pressfarm’s media database of over 1 million journalists, bloggers, and influencers for a year at no additional charge.

8) Consider the launch of your ICO/STO/IEO

If you’re about to launch an ICO, STO or IEO, it’s crucial to hire the services of a PR agency at least 3 weeks before you plan to launch. The common mistake that many crypto developers make is seeking the services of PR agencies when their ICO release date is only a few days away. In most cases, this forces a PR agency to create content in a rush, and this might not be the best quality of content that they could’ve offered you. In other cases, you might need to pay expensive fees for expediting services that usually take much longer to deliver. Giving the team at your PR agency sufficient time to produce results for you from the start will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Working out a good story angle for your project – one that will capture the attention of journalists – takes time. With only one week’s notice, you can’t expect a public relations firm to secure coverage of invaluable and impactful publications. The same logic applies to advertising campaigns and efforts to increase organic traffic. Even if the agency creates SEO-optimized content for you, search engines will take a long time to index it. Additionally, with less time to work on your project, the quality of work will suffer, and you will most likely be left with shoddy results. Finally, your public relations firm may charge you more. This is because the team must prioritize your campaign over the campaigns they’re running for other clients because of the shorter timeframe.


There are numerous PR agencies to choose from. The best way to select a blockchain PR agency is to compare several service proposals and determine which one best meets your project’s requirements. Always be mindful of the time and avoid rushing the process. This could end up costing you more and lowering the overall quality of the work.