If you want to build a supportive community of crypto clients, then you need to prioritize strategies that will help you earn confidence and trust. After all, it’s no secret that this industry runs on trust. This is especially true now, at a time when people are hesitant to spend and invest their money blindly. If you want a potential investor to convert and put their money into your project, then you need to give them a valid reason to trust your project.

Building trust is crucial right from the first few days of your project. After all, this is the only way you’ll attract early adopters who will – in turn – build hype to get more hesitant investors on board.

To put into perspective just how important it is to build trust from the beginning, imagine you were walking on a skywalk. If you’ve ever walked on one in real life, then you know how critical the first steps are. It takes a few moments before you finally trust that the glass can support your weight. After all, if you fall from that height without a parachute, that would most certainly be the end of you.

You have to take a few tentative steps on a skywalk before you can trust that it’s safe. Similarly, crypto investors take time to gauge how safe your project is before they invest in it. If you can’t convince them that you’ve built a project that is reliable enough to invest in, then they’ll take their money elsewhere. Even worse, if you make a misstep that leaves people questioning your credibility, then you could lose what little support you’ve managed to earn.

Building trust is even more crucial in the crypto industry where trust is always an issue.

Remember, crypto clients typically invest their hard-earned money into different ventures with no insurance. So, if anything goes wrong, they will lose it all. To make things more complicated, in the crypto space, investors can rarely even tell where your business is physically located.  Add to that the fact that many projects are not doxxed and you can see why crypto clients need an additional guarantee that your business is trustworthy and worth a shot.

How to win crypto clients over

As you can now imagine, the ability to gain the trust and confidence of crypto clients can make or break your venture. In the following guide, we’ll discuss some steps that you can take to build this trust and confidence.

1. Create transparency

Transparency is key in the crypto industry. If you’re building a project in this sector, then we don’t have to tell you that the industry has dealt with its fair share of scams. For this reason, you shouldn’t be surprised when potential clients are highly cautious about where they’re putting their money. One of the ways of putting their minds at ease is by making transparency a big part of your project. For starters, make sure that prospects have an easy time retrieving information about your project. Make information about the founding team easily accessible on your website. Create a whitepaper to communicate the main highlights of the project.

Potential clients should be able to find information about the project on social media, in addition to your website. You must generally make sure that essential information about your venture is accessible to the public. This information includes your project roadmap, previous work from the founding team members, pricing charts, and policies.

2. Provide tangible evidence

Some of the clients will need proof that your venture exists and it’s actively operating. Additionally, they will need evidence that reveals your project has the potential to succeed. In order to provide this evidence, you might want to share reviews from previous clients. Keep in mind that this is only a start – crypto clients may need more than this as proof.

To develop robust evidence, you should consider sharing additional proof like product video demos, long-form articles, information about awards, and industry reports. Partnering with crypto influencers can also help boost the credibility of your project.

3. Deploy a KLT strategy

KLT or “know like trust” is an important path to follow when you’re looking to garner client confidence and trust. This is a marketing concept that any business can benefit from. The objective is to get your clients, customers, leads, prospects, or audience to go beyond knowing and liking you to trust you. More importantly, you want them to believe in your brand and its potential.

This KLT process can apply to content, networking, and social media. It’s also resourceful as a general business strategy. The general idea is to reveal enough information about your business to your clients. You can do this through a refined content marketing strategy. The more your audience learns about your business, the higher the chances that these people will trust it.

4. Develop customer support for your crypto clients

Customer support is essential for any blockchain business. Since you may not have a real location where clients can walk in to get answers, you should compensate for this by providing as much customer support as possible online. Building a responsive customer support team is one way you can ensure your clients get all the help they need. As you set up your team, consider the following factors:

  • Are they easy to reach?
  • Will they follow up on inquiries from your crypto clients?
  • Are they connecting with the clients positively?
  • Will they go the extra mile to provide personalized attention?
  • How quickly do they reply to inquiries or address issues?

Most importantly, your team members should be engaging and friendly. There’s no use sounding stiff and corporate in an industry where you need to work harder for people to warm up to you. Crypto clients like to feel like they’re talking to a real human being, not a robot. Make sure your customer support team can listen, put themselves in the client’s shoes and address the needs that the client has expressed.

5. Show your team members off 

Trusting someone is much easier when you can hear their voice and see their face. In the virtual space, this is even more important. It helps build trust and confidence in your project among your audience.

You can capitalize on this step by including a bios section on your website. Provide some brief background information for each member of your team. Including LinkedIn links and pictures of your team members can help strengthen your credibility. You can even publish personal quotes from your team on the site or on your social media channels.

Furthermore, ensuring the availability of these team members is also an important aspect. The crypto audience may want a one-on-one chat with a specific person in your team. This helps them to connect with your project on a personal level. To create such opportunities for your audience, you should open chat channels on Telegram or any other relevant social media platform. Through these channels, your team members can respond to their feedback and questions.

Of course, if the security of your business will be at stake when you reveal your team, you can avoid this step. If you’re worried about legal issues or security issues, just be clear about that. This way, your clients can understand why you can’t reveal your team. Instead, you can implement other points in this list to build and strengthen customer trust.


Despite the insecurities associated with doing business in this industry, crypto developers keep coming up with new projects – and investors keep investing! If you care about building loyal crypto communities, keep in mind that the level of trust that you can gain will determine your success.

Without trust, prospective clients will not invest in your project. Instead, they’ll go looking for other opportunities that guarantee the safety of their investment. As it is, investments in the crypto sector are highly volatile. Thus, the last thing the investors want to worry about is whether their money is in good hands. It’s upon you to demonstrate that you are trustworthy.

How Pressfarm can help with this

Once you understand how fundamental trust is to the survival of your project, then you’ll do whatever you can to earn and retain it. While this sounds expensive, it doesn’t have to be. By partnering with PR experts, you can build a positive image for your project and earn trust among your target audience. For example, the PR professionals at Pressfarm can create a professional press release to give you credibility. They can also develop inspiring guest posts to give your crypto clients an idea of how your assets can help them. Finally, they can develop an eye-catching media kit to boost the professional image you’re working towards.

As a Pressfarm client, you also get custom media lists to help you connect with respected media contacts in the industry. Getting media coverage from one of these contacts is an effective way to build social proof and convince the public that your project is worth investing in

Disclaimer: Please Note, this post is entirely informational. It doesn’t provide any legal or investment advice. It’s just here to enlighten you on the importance of establishing trust and confidence in your clients.