When you launch a startup and are looking to gain traction, sometimes it can be very difficult moving your numbers from tens to hundreds to thousands. However, the process can be made easy by putting the right effort in the right places. Do-it-yourself PR strategies are aplenty and a lot of Pressfarm users have used this to scale their growth and get their stories featured. However, it appears that creating online courses can also be a very solid way to get your first list and build an email list to push your product forward. If you are wondering why this can help you accelerate growth in your business, there are a couple of reasons.

First off, once you create a course, you are demonstrating your expertise in that area. It increases your credibility and makes your possible future clientele trust you more knowing that you are a properly-knowledgeable person in that area.

Secondly, they give you the chance to develop more personalised relationships. Your students will be seeing a person rather than a business logo or a landing page. Faceless businesses are hard to vouch for. However, when you put your face out there, it makes your relationships very personal.

It is easier to build on towards a sale during your online course as compared to putting a call-to-action below a blog post on your site or somewhere on your homepage. You have created a personal connection, and proved your credibility. Getting the money out of your client’s pockets becomes easy as 123.

Finally, once your online course is setup, it is an evergreen minefield for new customers. There will always be new students registering and it shall never stop for as long your course stays fresh and updated.

Tools for Build an Online Course

If you are ready to set up a course as a lead magnet for your startup, all you need is the tools, resources, or software, a camera, an empty room, a voice recorder, and your target host platform like Udemy. Before you set out to build that online course, check out: The Complete Guide to Creating an Online Course.