As more entrepreneurs face the fear of failing while launch companies around the world to solve challenges both big and small, the challenge of growth remains very glaring. Digital marketing strategies play an important role in the growth of a company from a new venture into a successful business.

Thanks to the internet, startups can now do marketing without necessarily spending huge amounts of money on traditional marketing.

TV and Newspaper ads, billboard placements among other traditional advertising methods would have milked startups dry today if they were the only marketing channels available. Without a huge marketing budget, it would  be very difficult for a lot of startups to stand out. The growth of the internet now means that startups can afford to dictate their marketing budgets and use digital marketing strategies to stand out from even the biggest companies around.

In fact, many entrepreneurs are now launching new products with a more positive outlook for the future. For companies that have launched and are still trying to figure out how to command their place in the market, it is important to do things differently from the competition.

Having worked with over 100 startups this past year, we at Pressfarm have seen the struggle that comes with marketing and growth of new services and products. The most interesting thing we’ve learnt is that startups can no longer work without analyzing their data, to understand exactly what the numbers mean.

Big data used to be a concept that would apply to companies like IBM and Microsoft. Today, whether small data or big data it doesn’t matter. Startups have to care about both regardless.

It is nearly impossible for companies to make any sound marketing and product decisions without looking at what the data is telling them to do. However, sometimes the data is not quite right. Jeff Bezos has said before how ignoring data analysis and just doing the right thing has helped Amazon become the giant it is. While that is true, looking at both sides (with data and without data) can be quite telling.

We believe focusing on the following digital marketing strategies will propel rising startups to become revenue positive, and continue to grow further;

1. Evergreen Content

Startups need to create that company blog now more than ever before. The main reason is that your blog provides you with a platform to explain what your startup stands for, drive your brand message, and get prospective customers informed about what they can achieve by using your product.

It’s true that it might take a while for any noteworthy blogger or media outlet to write about you and your company’s services. However, you can start it off by telling your own story. That is the function of your blog.

While media companies can afford to churn out breaking news stories for immediate traffic, startups cannot afford the same. So what to do?

For starters, you can produce evergreen long-form content. This means that a year from the date of publishing your blog post, it will still be relevant. Unlike short news stories which target traffic for a day or two, evergreen content will keep bringing visitors to your company’s blog day after day, month after month.

Such content is usually very in-depth and it doesn’t take a short time to create. Do not try to compete with media companies because breaking news stories will not be bringing traffic to your company a month from the publishing date. In order to keep up with these massive media outlets, you will have to play on their level on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is an expensive affair that no startup can afford to maintain.

The other thing about long-form evergreen content is that it markets itself and gets mentioned on a social media channels. In this way, your evergreen content will earn backlinks day after day, therefore boosting your search engine rankings. Ultimately, this will bring your company some much-needed daily traffic.

2. Giveaways and Contests

Organizing giveaways and contents will encourage people to engage with your brand. Moreover, this strategy helps you to grow your mailing list when you are still trying to get traffic to your site. Once the contest is done, you can use email marketing to market your services or products.

If utilized well, contests and giveaways can land you initial customers as the contests run, and some leads to follow up on after the contest is fully completed.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Developing an SEO strategy might seem like a chore, but it’s worthwhile. It’s true that it is possible to successfully use other marketing strategies which are more predictable. Even so, investing in SEO helps you get traffic very passively, and allows you to reduce your marketing budget once you start ranking for some focus keywords. You can channel advertising funds to other things knowing your traffic acquisition through search engines is working very well.

Using the long-form content and ranking for the target keywords allows you to passively get traffic to your blog which you can channel to your company’s sign up page. The most successful do a lot of search engine optimization. When used right, an SEO strategy will generate traffic to the company site effortlessly, allowing them to focus on other aspects of the business.

4. Social Media Marketing

Companies like Buzzfeed and Mashable have leveraged social media to become multi-million dollar media outlets. The same can be achieved by startups today.

A lot of startups are growing because they’ve developed an active social media presence. In order to use social media the right way, brands need to understand the strengths of each social media platform. Once brands know how each platform works, then they can leverage this information to build a powerful brand image. Furthermore, social media platforms present the perfect opportunity for brands to engage with their audiences.

Here is a piece of free advice: if you have a business you cannot avoid Facebook because it is the largest social media network and the second biggest online advertising company. Your customers spend a lot of time on Facebook. For this reason, it is best to adopt Facebook as an alternative marketing stream even if you will be spending a few dollars a day. Since the Facebook algorithm was tweaked to boost brands that pay for visibility, it can be worthwhile to pay for their advertising services.

Having said this, the ideal social media outreach strategy is a combination of content marketing, native advertisements and influencer marketing.

5. Video

Video has grown to become a proper marketing channel on its own. Thanks to the existence of social media as well as YouTube, all it it takes is a tap on the mobile phone and anyone can get whatever video they want to watch. On the social media networks, video can get lost after a couple of days when new updates show up. On the other hand, YouTube videos can be found anytime if they rank for specific terms.

On social media, sharing the videos and letting them go viral helps a lot in marketing. Startups with the creativity to create viral videos will shine in the coming years by using the video marketing strategy to get more customers.

6. Press Coverage

Getting media coverage no longer means you have to be on TV or Radio. Almost every news outlet in the world now has an online platform where they publish their news. Their journalists are always on the hunt for new stories, research, data, or groundbreaking companies.

By using various tools and partnering with PR agencies like Pressfarm, it has become easier to get in touch with journalists and get your startup featured in the media. Such press coverage is a great marketing strategy for putting information about your company in front of the right eyes.

7. Google Avdertising

Google Search receives over 5.6 billion searches per day. Think of that number for a minute. Google also controls over 90% of the search engine market share worldwide. YouTube, which is owned by Google is also the second largest search engine. YouTube is bigger than Bing, Yahoo, and Ask combined. The first three results for most search queries are Google ads. 40% of the search clicks go to these first 3 results. These stats are fun to read, but brilliant entrepreneurs turn them into gold by investing in Google Ads marketing for their companies.

The Google Ads platform has helped a lot of companies sell their products. From Saas to eCommerce, every company that is worth its value in gold is using Google Ads to sell at some point. This is why every startup that wants to start getting immediate sales and important marketing data needs to adopt Google advertising as soon as it launches.

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