3 Best Monetization Methods for Bloggers

Many site owners, content creators and bloggers spend a lot of time on blog monetization methods. Although, only a few master the art of generating traffic to their website in order to make you prosperous.  Before thinking about site monetization, there are three things you should know or have;

  • The target audience
  • How to create the best content?
  • An ultimate call to action

Below are some of the ways you can make money with content on your site/blog.

1. Lead generation and online webinars

Lead generation is something you should always be working on, no matter when or how you are planning to start the monetization process.

Here are some effective ways to get started;

  1. You need to have a mailing list.
  2. Have an offer to give out in exchange of a user submitting an email and joining your list for example a free PDF or a special access.
  3. Have an auto responder and solid call to action.

These simple three steps do wonders for those looking for best results, but also adding webinars in it. Webinars are easy to set up and can blow your conversions and ROI over the roof. It is incredible what companies like ClickMeeting are doing with their integrations for Facebook and YouTube live streaming.

This is certain for anyone looking to market and sell coaching or live training sessions.

2. Affiliate marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple: Refer traffic to your site and earn commission for sales/leads generated. However, by just promoting affiliate marketing offers on your site is deficient. You also need to choose the right offers and have content that makes the user want to take action.

An absolute example is on review and coupon sites. Most of these sites provide end users with testimonials, offers and where to buy the product or service they are looking for, with limited distractions and only one call to action.

3. Google AdSense and Native Advertising

Google AdSense is dead simple to use because, all you have to do as the site owner is joining their program and placing a line of code on their site. Site owners should blend AdSense ads into their content and site so that they don’t look like ads. Don’t place banner ads on sidebar or top of the page, instead, have ads within the content.

Google AdSense and contextual advertising likely isn’t a good fit when pushing a high CPA offer or your product as it pushes users away from your site.

Going from Blog to Business to Brand

Making money with a blog and becoming an authority isn’t easy. However, if you are willing to put in the time, work and effort, this is possible.