When the general public requires legal representation, they have many attorney options to choose from. Typing their needs into a search engine will see them presented with page upon page of viable options. And you undoubtedly want one of those options to be you. However, search engine results are not about chance. In the same way, some law firms come more highly recommended in your community than others. If you’re trying to attract more clients to your firm, here are a few effective marketing techniques you might want to try.

Prioritize Your Website

Whether you’re a new or seasoned attorney, having a well-designed, functional and informative website can be crucial for standing out from other law firms. The more information your site has, the more likely it might be to appear in search results when people are looking for particular advice.

Don’t be afraid to hire a web designer or developer to assist with the creation of a professional website. Remember to prioritize search engine optimization to potentially improve your chances of getting ahead of your competition in search results. While day-to-day tasks can often make website maintenance fall by the wayside, it can be crucial for your digital presence and possibly even your reputation.

Use Social Media

It’s easy to assume that it would be unprofessional for your firm to join social media. Even so, it’s as much a business hub as it is a social platform for friends and family. Create a business page on leading platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and engage with followers by providing a wealth of insightful and informative content.

Implement Video

Not everyone has the time or desire to read through lengthy paragraphs of text to find the information they need. However, many people would happily watch a video for a few minutes and have someone relay the necessary details. Make the best use of your time and your viewers’ time by creating videos to discuss topics of interest. You can then include these on your website and social media platforms.

Ask for Reviews

It can be nerve-wracking to ask your clients for honest reviews about their experience with you as their attorney. However, this can also be helpful for marketing purposes. The more five-star reviews any business has, the more clients might be influenced to hire you to represent them. You might even be able to use genuine reviews and testimonials in your marketing materials.

Spend Money

While word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, you sometimes have to spend money to get your name out there in your local community. Invest in ad campaigns on social media and search engines, and even consider newspaper ads if you’re targeting a select demographic.

If you’re trying to build a name for yourself as a new attorney, sponsoring community events, donating your time and resources to charity, and investing in branding might also help you make sure as many people as possible know about your law firm.

Marketing a law firm can be challenging, especially when you might not be the only attorney offering your services in your area. However, with clever digital strategies and a willingness to spend money, you might be well on your way to being the attorney people call upon when they require assistance.