Zimrii utilizes Blockchain Techonology to develop a platform for independent and emerging music artists

New music artists are constantly emerging in what is an already highly saturated industry. At the same time, a number of companies and startups have been using Blockchain technology as part of their business model.

Zimrii has launched an innovative digital music platform that is designed to help artists to grow their careers through Blockchain Technology. This new platform empowers musicians to manage their careers on their own terms and expand their global brands.

With so many musicians in the market, it is difficult for artists to get attention. Moreover, they don’t earn substantial revenues from current streaming models.

The Zimrii team developed their platform to offer artists an alternative way of attracting fans to their music so they can develop and sustain their music careers. This innovative approach includes the option for artists to buy dedicated server, further expanding their opportunities and enhancing their control over their artistic journey.

Artists who decide to use the platform can easily and efficiently create a unique artist token and also determine how much money they want to raise from their fans. They can also create unique rewards for their fans and drive fan loyalty through their customized token. Moreover, the Zimrii artist exchange creates a great way to drive ongoing engagement and revenue streams for artists. The exchange provides the opportunity for fans to purchase tokens. This keeps them engaged via the attraction of artists’ rewards and increases the music artist token price on the exchange.

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