There are a plethora of hacks that companies and small businesses around the world are implementing in their workplace as we adjust to working during this strange, unknown time. What we know, however, is that workspaces all over the world are receiving some T.L.C.  And now it may be time for yours! Here are some useful hacks to help you assess what might need a boost.

Improve lighting at your workplace

If you’re looking to give your workplace an overhaul, you must think very carefully about lighting. When moving into an office, the effect of lighting is often underplayed. However, improving the lighting can go such a long way in improving not only the atmosphere in the space but also productivity and mood.

There is too little focus on lighting in the working environment. While designers do consider the impact of lighting on productivity, we all need to do this more. Shared spaces, like the Yolk project, are creating a new standard today. As companies realize the need for more varied light, it will take work to get the right combination of light in the office. The focus now is on harnessing natural light as much as possible! In addition, it’s useful to consider some brighter and more ambient lighting, thus creating depth and interest through the spaces.

Communal eating areas in the workplace

Some companies are now implementing a “no eating at desks” policy – encouraging recycling, and less litter or rubbish at workstations. Most of all this encourages socializing between colleagues and people sharing the co-working space. Is there anything more attractive than people who get excited about hanging out and eating lunch together after a morning of hard work?

Quirky touches

Adding a playful touch to areas in the workplace goes a long way to making each employee feel like you’ve made an effort to create an amazing vibe! Consider any pieces of art, décor, or design that you may feel encapsulate the spirit of the company or the atmosphere you’d like to create for employees.

Offices are trying to do away with stale, uninviting, and corporate art. Instead, think about unique furniture pieces or even local art – anything that brightens up the vibe at the office and attracts people to space is a win! Have you ever considered a feature wall in your office?

We know that we’re not children, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to enjoy ourselves! Having a more playful area for workers can encourage relaxation – and heaps of fun. Not only will this liven up the atmosphere in the office but it will also help to colleagues to connect and get to know each other. Creating memories, or simply laughing together creates valuable bonds among your employees, making them feel like a team.

Great airflow

Indoor pollution is becoming problematic globally, with the COVID-19 pandemic making this even more of a problem! Office workers who spend a lot of their time indoors are now suffering from a phenomenon called ‘sick building syndrome. This manifests as a collection of physical symptoms which is also contributing to decreased health and productivity.

A couple of ways to transform a workplace that is facing this issue is to immediately create as much airflow as possible. Opening large windows can help, and consulting with the building manager to find out about ventilation is definitely key! If your employees are seeming unmotivated or fatigued, give everyone a breath of fresh air by addressing airflow.

Interesting scents

This may be a strange one, but there is evidence suggesting that pleasing scents enhance productivity, performance and even the overall experience at work. Using essential oils in diffusers, incense, or air fresheners is a great way to get rid of any unpleasant office smells! Consider using lavender, jasmine, or lemon, as these scents have proven to be useful and can transform the working environment.

workspace quiet spaces

Create Quiet workspaces

Maybe you have children who were uncontrollably screaming at home just before left for the office in the morning. Or maybe you had a client who was throwing unreasonable demands at you the whole morning. What do you think would be a good way to de-stress? Creating a quiet place for workers to calm down and relax for a few minutes in the middle of a busy day or even decompress before a big meeting can do wonders for productivity. What’s more, this can turn your office space into a place that employees look forward to coming to every day.

As we spend one-third of our lifetimes at work, there has to be a safe, comfortable place where employees can go to find some solace. This should also be a place where they can get some much-needed private time to think, brainstorm in peace, or talk on the phone in private. The psychological benefit of being able to carve out that uninterrupted time is so underestimated. Creating these spaces will help workers know that you value their personal space as well as their wellbeing.