Incubator programs and startup accelerators assist early-stage businesses to grow and scale their operations. Since they both boost startup success, it is no surprise that these terms often get mixed up, despite being completely different.

Startup accelerators seek to “accelerate” the development of an established business, while incubators seek to “incubate” disruptive ideas and develop a business model further. In other words, startup accelerators are based on scaling a venture, while incubators are designed for the early stages of innovation and validation.

The structure of the individual programs is one of the most significant distinctions between startup accelerators and incubators. Startup accelerators typically have a set timeline during which entrepreneurs interact with mentors for several weeks or months. In this period, the entrepreneurs learn what it takes to develop their company further and avoid future failure. In order to sign up for a startup accelerator, you must first fill out an application or have an initial call with the team running the accelerator. While some startups may receive small seed investment, this does not happen with all accelerators. However, what is standard across all accelerators is that they provide access to an extensive network of experienced mentors. This network usually composed of startup executives, external investors, industry experts, and venture capitalists. This mentor network is usually the most valuable aspect of the startup accelerator program.

When a startup accelerator program ends, a “demonstration day” often held where the startups will offer an overview of their growth. Typically, both investors and members of the media attend this event. The ultimate goal of a startup accelerator program is to help a startup accomplish an entire year’s worth of goals in just a matter of months.

How can a startup accelerator help?

Unlike startup accelerator programs, incubators are not run on a set schedule. Startup incubators may be self-contained, affiliated with or funded by venture capital companies, angel investors or angel investment networks, government agencies, or major corporations.

While startup accelerators can generally be accessed remotely, startups that use startup incubator programs often need to relocate to a specific geographic location to work more closely with other companies within the incubator. The startup incubator aids in accomplishing the company goals and the validation of business plans and markets. In addition, the startup incubator will assist the company in networking within the startup ecosystem.

Startup incubators usually have a shared workspace in a co-working environment and a link to the local community. Co-working spaces are a staple of the startup incubator scene, and they generally charge a monthly or daily fee. While some startup accelerators have a co-working room, majority provide companies with their own private office space, allowing them to deal with the issue on their own or online.

Entrepreneurs should look for the best fit when determining if a startup accelerator program or incubator is the right fit for their business. Most startups will benefit significantly from entering an incubator, but only a tiny percentage of them are ready or qualified for an accelerator. Incubators are generally better for startups that are still in the early stage of development (the idea stage), do not need investment capital, and are familiar with a local startup community member. While it will take longer for a startup to reach commercialization, they can be great for community input. Both startup accelerators and incubators can boost startup growth. Even so, the two options should not confuse business founders.

A marketing accelerator for startups

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What is included in a package?

Once you purchase one of their packages, you will receive a questionnaire and invitation to book a complimentary strategy call. During this one-hour call, TheSchuck.Agency team brainstorms possible press angles, helps you develop unique value proposition, identifies your competitors, as well as the timeliness of your announcement. With the information provided, their professional designers design a professional media kit. Moreover, one of their PR experts writes a professional press release. Once this content approved, they will distribute it through their premium media network to increase release visibility in relevant search results across major search engines. From there, the PR experts will then personally pitch your startup to at least 100+ journalists, bloggers, and media influencers on your behalf to ensure guaranteed press coverage for your story.

Marketing Accelerator for Startups

Launching a successful startup is something that every entrepreneur hopes for. The team at TheSchuck.Agency understands that lack of media attention and support from the general public can stand in the way of startup success. TheSchuck.Agency knows that PR is about far more than alerting the media about a new startup or its products and services. You need to create compelling content and exciting story angles if you want to capture attention and stand out from the crowd.

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