Press release distribution is now a standard part of content marketing, with over 80% of marketers pursuing this route. As a matter of fact, press release distribution is especially effective if you’re targeting visibility or brand recognition. A good distribution strategy will help your content get published in multiple outlets with prospective readers. Unfortunately, not using press releases can impact your business negatively. Without a good press release schedule, you will struggle to reach target clients in the marketplace.

The benefits of hiring a good press release distribution service

Still not sure whether you should use a press release writing and distribution service? Well, here are some benefits you’ll be missing out on if you don’t:

Gives you access to ideal customers

You need more than five impressions on a single client to gain brand recognition. If you fail to achieve this, you’ll lose out on opportunities for brand awareness. Consequently, you’ll not generate quality leads that you can convert into sales. Furthermore, over 50% of customers prefer sourcing their goods from familiar brands. If your brand is not top of mind, then people are less likely to come to you when they need the exact goods or services that you sell.

With the help of a press release distribution service, you can generate publicity and promote brand awareness. Keep in mind that every time a new reader comes across your press release, they will get informed about your brand. In time, your brand will develop enough awareness through repeated exposure. As a result, the prospects will recall your brand whenever they require services or products you’re offering.

With the help of brand recognition, it’s easier to generate sales and achieve your objective. Whenever clients need your goods or services, the press releases you’ve written and distributed will be a good reminder. Thanks to a good press release service, potential clients will have an easier time deciding whether to buy from you.

The press releases that you send out are the links you need to your ideal clients. When you craft content that focuses on consumer needs, it will attract their attention and interest. To appear in front of the right audience, make use of search engine optimization. With an optimized press release, ranking first on search engine results pages (SERPs) shouldn’t be difficult.

It’s also important to ensure that you include keywords or phrases that consumers might be using when searching for what you offer. You can also promote your business further by converting one-time buyers into loyal clients. The moment you achieve brand awareness, business growth is imminent.

Offers the potential to boost sales

Hiring an agency for press release distribution can help you reach target clients faster. A good agency will create compelling press releases with the potential to boost sales. A good example is a press release for a new product or service launch. Using this press release, you can highlight the major benefits and key features.

Furthermore, an effective press release allows you to express a value proposition that will make your business stand out in the market. An agency that has experience with press release distribution can help you deploy successful PR strategies. For example, you can develop press releases for an extended PR campaign or several press releases to help you reach different goals depending on your marketing objectives.

For example, your goal might be creating new partnerships or acquiring new businesses. Alternatively, you might want to unveil a recent discovery, milestone, or accomplishment. The press release that you write should highlight recent business growth to your consumers.

Thereafter, they’ll recognize the value you add to the industry, and you can generate more leads and sales. You’ll also be able to capture the attention of new investors in the market.

Uncovers opportunities

You can use the press distribution service to run an omnichannel marketing technique. Beyond publishing this press release on traditional media platforms, you can also publish it on social media. When your brand features on multiple platforms, it will reach more potential clients. As such, you will have a wider reach and more opportunities to tap into.

Builds credibility and brand authority

Consumers prefer to purchase products and services from credible sources, and credibility matters even more for a first-time customer. They’re looking for trustworthy brands they can rely on. With press release distribution, you can establish your business in the market as a credible source.

Your press releases must appear in popular media publications with your target clients. Having said that, you need to find publications your prospects trust and love. When your press release appears in these publications, the clients will trust your content. Thereafter, they’ll consider you a credible source and thought leader in your niche industry.

With a press release, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness, authority, and expertise. Once you’ve distributed this press release, prospective customers will get attracted to your brand and you can turn them into loyal customers. With time, people will start relying on both the pieces of information and the products you’re offering.

Generates backlinks

Make sure you ask the agency you’re working with to distribute your press release widely and make sure it appears on various sites. Each press release has a boilerplate. This paragraph highlights important information about your brand. You can also include a link to your company website and social media pages in the boilerplate. You will generate backlinks when these links are published on other sites.

Google uses backlinks as critical ranking factors. The more backlinks you generate, the higher your business gets ranked on SERPs. Higher rankings expose your business to prospective clients. Furthermore, a better ranking improves your level of credibility in the industry. It also helps with organic traffic.

Helps with crisis management 

Dealing with crises is a norm in the business world. Unfortunately, crises don’t discriminate. Neither do they have a preference for specific businesses or industries. Having said that, there is a probability that your business will experience a crisis in the course of its existence. However, what matters is how you respond to these crises.

When something goes wrong in your business, the speed at which you react determines the extent of the damage caused. With a press release, you can be proactive and mitigate the crisis as it unfolds. This kind of proactive response helps brands to manage their reputations

On the other hand, failure to respond puts your credibility at risk. Consumers and prospects will begin to question whether you’re transparent or whether you even care about what’s happening. Once things get to this point, they can easily lose trust in you.

Unearths new opportunities

If you’re aiming for a multichannel marketing approach with the potential to generate massive results, press release distribution can help. Getting featured on multiple platforms will boost your visibility online. The more people you reach, the bigger the rewards for your business.

How Pressfarm can help with your press release distribution

It’s never too late to give your business the boost it deserves. When you invest in press release distribution services, your business will be closer to achieving its objectives. By hiring an established agency like Pressfarm, you can increase the chances of your press release being published in respected media outlets.

Beyond distributing your press release widely, the experts at Pressfarm also have what it takes to craft an engaging press release that captures attention and puts your brand in the limelight. With a professional press release from Pressfarm, you can win more people over to your brand.

If you’d prefer to do your press release distribution in-house, Pressfarm’s Account Executive can generate a custom media list that will help you connect with the best media contacts in your niche. With a PR package from Pressfarm, you can create an effective press release distribution strategy.