The need for sustainable fashion has been on the rise since fast fashion became a significant contributor to pollution. Consumers are slowly but surely making the conscious decision to seek sustainable and ethical brands that are more considerate to humanity and the environment. This results in the need for fashion brands to create products in a way that reduces negative environmental impacts as much as possible.

benefits of sustainable fashion

While consumers are slowly moving towards more sustainable fashion, many either do not know or disregard the impact that fast fashion and “throwaway culture” have on the environment. This could be due to the lack of transparency some companies may have over their manufacturing processes or just a misunderstanding or lack of knowledge by the consumer.

Sustainable fashion can save natural resources, reduce carbon footprints, support fairer and safer working and protect the planet from further destruction. A study from 2015 showed that 97% of materials that go into manufacturing efforts were new resources, with only 3% recycled. This includes the oil and other resources it takes to produce synthetic fibers, fertilizers to grow cotton, and many chemicals needed to dye and finish products. The annual resource input in 2015 was 98 million tons. For this reason, many eco-friendly fashion brands are now using recycled fibers as a more sustainable option because it reduces pressure on new resources and fights the growing problem of waste management.

Global Fashion Industry

Additionally, the global fashion industry emits a considerable amount of greenhouse gas every year, contributing to global warming massively. The reason is that most clothes being manufactured are petroleum-based and made from fossil fuels that require a lot more energy in the production phase than natural or recycled fibers. Using materials from natural or recycled fabrics that need little to no chemical treatment, little water, less energy, and no fertilizers or pesticides to grow, sustainable brands can create fashionable products and are suitable for the planet.

Lumière Paris

Companies like Lumière Paris are on a mission to be the voice of transformation through innovation in the fashion industry. Since the beginning, the brand has challenged, pushed boundaries, and led the revolution in the new era of consumer behavior. They hope that the choices they make through their manufacturing and marketing processes will impact the foundation of their future positively. Lumière Paris uses environmentally friendly materials and does not take natural resources for granted. Because they are dedicated to building a sustainable world for future generations. Along with that, they have combined the use of alternative innovative technology materials with a cutting-edge business model. In this way they are championing both luxury fashion and ethical standards.

Lumière Paris is on a mission to protect the earth. This is not only showcased through their products and materials used. But also through giving back to organizations with a commitment to ending pollution. Creating sustainable communities with these actions The brand hopes to help people to understand the impact of fast fashion. Why a shift to eco-friendly products is necessary. Through economic research, it seems that consumers haven’t embraced sustainable fashion due to its price. However, the basic principle of supply and demand explains why sustainable products are so expensive.

Materials & Methods

The materials and methods used to create sustainable products are expensive. But the demand for this sustainable fashion isn’t high enough to offset the cost to manufacturers. If companies were to produce more sustainable products, the supply would increase, leading to a lower demand and lower prices. Thanks to their ability to create environmentally-friendly products at a lower cost. Lumière Paris is in a unique position to offer premium sustainable products within a reasonable price range.

Along with that, their iron-clad commitment to protecting the environment has extended to every aspect of their business strategy. They only work with factories that share their commitment to transparency with consumers and building trust in the industry. Using ECONYL®, a uniquely technical fiber that turns plastic ocean waste into a fashion-led solution. They have found a sustainable solution which reduces the global warming impact of nylon by up to 90%.

Not only is their fabric environmentally-friendly, but it is also ultra-thin, soft against the skin, and breathable. Its muscle-compressing properties also work to decrease lactic acid production in the body. Which aids in the body’s recovery time after a hard workout or time in the sun. Formulated with UPF50+ UV protection, their garments are also highly resistant to color-fading chlorine and sunscreen lotions. They have certified STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex, which means every element has tested for safety to human health. They certified Global Recycled Standard.

The benefits of sustainable fashion are endless for both brands and consumers. By transforming how they use energy and other resources. Businesses can reduce energy bills while also protecting the environment and producing eco-friendly products.