The full-service advertising agency expands to serve a wider client base with even more specialized services

LSM marketing agency has acquired Adlava – a move that will help the company further improve the marketing and SEO services that it is popular for. Both LSM and Adlava have delivered memorable campaigns for their clients over the years, and this acquisition will help LSM to serve these clients even better.

While LSM serves clients in Nashville, TN, and Denver, CO, Adlava has a loyal and steady client base in Las Vegas. By expanding operations into LV, LSM is giving more business owners access to the transformative advertising services for which the agency is known.

LSM over the years

When LSM first launched, it specialized in providing much-needed SEO services to clients in Nashville, TN. LSM founder and CEO Trevor Emerson bootstrapped the company and ran the operations out of a kitchen for a while. However, LSM’s operations expanded dramatically when the market responded positively to the availability of quality digital marketing services online.

Fast forward to 2023 – LSM is now a comprehensive advertising agency that specializes not only in providing SEO services, but also building scalable websites, and designing lead-generating advertising campaigns. LSM currently serves businesses of all sizes, including multi-location franchisors.

Why clients trust LSM

Since its launch, the LSM team has demonstrated transparency and delivered enterprise-grade analytics. These qualities have consistently helped LSM carve out a special place in the marketplace and build long-lasting customer relationships.

“With LSM, I have found a dynamic organization led by the visionary CEO, Trevor Emerson, who shares my passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences and prioritizing employee satisfaction,” says Nick Kaptain, previous owner of Adlava.

The future of LSM

LSM’s acquisition of Adlava promises a future of supercharged campaigns for the company’s clients. Over the years, LSM had already perfected website development, advertising campaigns, and SEO. Acquiring a company that boasts many of the same strengths gives LSM an opportunity to solidify its reputation as an industry leader. Additionally, since Adlava has made a name for itself with its exemplary software services, this acquisition has given LSM a foothold in a new market.

“Combining Adlava’s expertise in SEO marketing, web development and software services with LSM’s suite of specialized services truly expands the possibilities for us as a company,” says Trevor. “This means we can offer our clients a wider range of solutions to their marketing challenges.”

The new LSM – A one-stop shop for marketing

The LSM team has always been committed to delivering exceptional results that help clients mark a prominent place for themselves in the industry. This is exactly why the company has consistently stood out in a crowded marketplace and also why it has received glowing reviews from previous clients.

Beyond that, LSM has also been dedicated to continuous improvement in order to not only meet industry standards but also stand out as a trailblazer. With its newly expanded suite of marketing and business services, LSM is poised to build campaigns that leave a lasting mark in each client’s niche.

Given that both LSM and Adlava have glowing track records, entrepreneurs who are looking for marketing solutions can confidently put their trust in the new and improved LSM.

Why you should consider signing up for LSM’s services

Aside from proven expertise and experience working with clients in different industries, the LSM team has over 16 years of experience in delivering impactful marketing solutions. By leveraging the expertise of the equally skilled Adlava team, LSM has further expanded its abilities to tackle any marketing challenge that you could throw its way.