Ah yes, the parking lot, everyone’s favorite piece of flat concrete where cars do nothing. Cars spend most of their lifetime parked, doing nothing if they are not polluting the world. Most of the big venues in the US are also accompanied by an even larger area for cars. More space is reserved for the car than the human in most cities around the world. Yet, we almost always struggle to find that one perfect spot, how does that happen?

No one really knows, people that find a parking spot do not complain about this problem. Luckily, you can become such a person that always finds a good parking spot. By thinking about this ahead and using your brain and internet resources, you can make a big change. Even in situations where you are stranded, you can develop a certain way of thinking. By knowing both of these techniques, you will find a good parking spot every time.

Planning ahead

In order to find a good parking spot, you need to be resourceful. This quest becomes even trickier in cities that are car-dependent, like on the Westcoast a city such as Oakland. It is not only about you finding a good spot, everyone is always thinking about it. You are not the only one that is thinking about these strategies, there are many others in the same position as you. This is where planning and handy apps come to help you in your search.

There are a lot of guides out there that have a detailed description of where a parking lot is and how much it costs. By looking up these guides, finding convenient parking in Oakland becomes much easier. With the help of certain apps, you can even pay in advance so you do not have to worry about that once you arrive. Every city is unique and having detailed guides from locals sure helps a lot when planning ahead.

Reserving the spot

Planning ahead becomes much more efficient when you reserve a spot that suits you the best. That way, you already know where you are going and what to expect. By doing so, you are saving much time and thus more fuel. Otherwise, you are wasting more fuel just by cruising around the parking lot. Whether you are a local to the city or just visiting, reserving a parking spot is very efficient.

Every situation is unique

Parking lots are different every single day. They represent a very variable space and an ecosystem that is always changing. Without a plan or a reservation, it is pretty hard to know what to expect from this expedition. It all depends on the current situation, and there are key parameters that you should think about. When you are trying to find a good parking spot, you need to think about what other people are thinking.

If the parking lot is close to residential buildings or office spaces, most people will go close to it. However, some people will purposefully go further away knowing people will go for the close spots. And, you should never forget about the position of the sun if the parking lot is an open space. People do not want to leave their cars in the sun and certainly walk in areas that are sunny. All of these are just some variables that you need to think about when you encounter a parking lot.

Scientific papers

There have been numerous statistical models trying to simulate a parking lot. Most of them failed because it is too complex and unpredictable. Should you go for the closer spot, the further away one, or the middle one? It fits perfectly on the Gauss curve of normal distribution. Yet, it does not help you when you are roaming around the parking lot. This is why you need to face the fact that the future is unpredictable and you need to learn how to cope with it.

How To Find A Good Parking Spot Every Time

It is kind of silly that we need to worry about finding the right piece of concrete. But unfortunately, for most people, especially in the US, this is a real problem. Not only is it a hassle but it is also a big money drainer in the long term. Until the higher-ups start implementing more efficient public transport, this will always be a problem. No matter how many parking lots you open or new roads, there will always be more problems.

This can only be solved with public transport which already works just fine in most European countries. It really is not that hard, but the problem is that people profit more from cars than public transport. This is why the US is made the way it is and why you stress about parking spaces. It is all because someone out there is making money from that situation while you are struggling.