Email Pitch Templates

When you first start your company, you want to grow your company. You want to get results as quickly as you possibly can. However, like everything that you need to work at, it takes time. You may not have the revenue to create exposure for your business, but once you learn how to pitch, things will work out in an effective way.

In this guide, we will go into detail about:

  • What is an email pitch? 
  • Components of writing an email pitch 
  • Tips to get your startup noticed 
  • Email pitch templates 

What is an email pitch? 

You’ve got to start somewhere right? Even though they are widely discouraged in the marketing industry, they are email messages that are sent out without any previous relationship or conversation with media outlets. It can be harder than most communication because, as mentioned before, you don’t have a relationship yet and you lack non-verbal feedback, so you can’t modify your approach.

But, they do and can work. Lots of people and startups have been launched through cold emails. Not a lot of research has been done about the effective of cold emailing but, from what has been shown is that an effective cold email does these things:

  • Tailor the message to the recipient
  • Validate itself
  • Focuses on the needs and wants of its audience
  • Stays short, easy, and actionable
  • Is appreciative

Select a template.

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