Email Pitches


Email Template 1: Share a more personal story

Subject: I’ve got a good story for your article on growth hacking startup stories

Hey Journalist,

I saw on Twitter that you are writing an article about the most recent growth hacking startup stories. [1]

I have a good story for you. I had spent sleepless nights for weeks on end working on this strategy so I can push my startup’s growth.

It was an extremely rewarding gamble. I managed to get 25,000 people to sign up for my product and we have not even launched yet. [2]

I’m happy to provide solid information about how to get this high number of signups pre-launch for startups.

If you are interested I can email you more details.


[1] Follow a journalist relevant to your startup on social media. Most journalists ask their followers questions about their next story.
[2] Shortly explain your story. Say the catchy part and leave the journalist to decide whether they will want more.

Email Template 2: Share about a new feature at your company

Subject: [Exclusive] Thrilling new feature at Instagram

Hey Press,

Your article on that Airbnb growth strategy is top-notch. Really enjoyed it. That their data really informed the decisions they made with the company at every step is a very important lesson for all companies looking to hack their growth. [1]

I have exciting news to share with you. Instagram is releasing a new feature that will allow users to send direct messages to other users in form of photos. [2]

An interesting angle to explore for our new feature would be to discuss how people might begin using this new feature, like, for instance, to share more private photos with each other? Or when they do not want to share a photo with all their followers? [3]


[1] Compliment the journalist on one of their stories that you have read and state what you liked/learned from the article.
[2] In very few words, tell them about your company’s new feature.
[3] Give the journalist an interesting angle to explore. If you do this, they could see why your story could be an interesting article.

Email Template 3: Share about a recent milestone you’ve hit as a company

Subject: [Milestone exclusive] We have hit 5M users and counting

Hey Journalist,

We appreciate your efforts in helping us stay ahead of the news. It appears the freelance market is getting even more crowded now with Guru, Freelancer, People Per Hour, and Upwork, right? People are now going to work online much more than ever. [1]

I have an update that I’m exclusively sharing with you because I think you might be interested, seeing your interest in startup reporting. My company [insert company name] just hit 5 million users and more than $50 million in upgrades revenue. It seems that despite offering a free version of our product, fans are more interested in upgrading to get the premium to-do list features available on our service. [2]

Do you think this is a good fit for your audience? Let me know.


[1] Compliment the journalist and provide a meaningful comment to one of their recent stories.
[2] State the recent milestone your company hit and explain briefly why this is significant for your industry and its users.

Email Template 4: Share about your new ground-breaking product

Subject: [Launch Exclusive] Print products from smartphone with handheld 3D printer

Hey Journalist,

You are definitely the most trusted journalist when it comes to making people understand technology news. I really liked your piece on why Kodak failed so terribly after the invention of the smartphone in the Steve Jobs era. In this time and age, it’s ill-advised to think you are always ahead of the game. You have to keep innovating.

I have another interesting breakthrough for you to consider. My company has recently developed a handheld 3D printer that prints products from a smartphone or tablet. We have also designed a platform that allows designers to design their 3D concepts and models on their phones and print them with a single tap. [1]

Previously, people have only been able to 3D-print on large printers directly from their computers. However, our inexpensive handheld 3D printer means people can carry it in their pockets to the office or to their favourite chill spot and print 3D models on the go. [2]

A fascinating thing we are exploring is if you can send 3D models from various 3D modelling software like Rhino to print on our device. [3]

Would you be interested in this story? I’m happy to demonstrate how it works and provide more information to make your writing process as smooth as possible.


[1] Explain in layman terms what your product does.
[2] State the impacts/ advantages of your product in the current market and also compare it to the existing products in that industry.
[3] Give the journalist a brief idea on what you’re exploring as a company henceforth.

Email Template 5: Share about a recent milestone you’ve hit as a company

Subject: Captivating data/patterns/trends on the free business models and adblock users

Hey Journalist,

I have been following your series of articles on business models.

Your most recent article about the free business models totally resonated with me. With the increasing number of free-to-join platforms, and the increasing evidence of companies like Facebook, Twitter and Airbnb that are allowing people to freely join, it’s becoming more important to get as many people as possible into the platform then think about how to monetize them.

Here is a new trend our engineers have been investigating about the free business model. This pertains to earnings of the free business models that depend on advertising to sustain themselves: [1]


  • With the advent of adblock, previously free-to-join platforms are now charging a yearly fee for people who block ads.
  • Most adblock users opt to leave the website when asked to pay for a yearly subscription.
  • Advertisers are losing millions of dollars a year due to adblock.
  • This poses two interesting questions: [2]

  • Will the free business model die as adblock continues to gunner more popularity leading to businesses opting for monthly or yearly subscription models?
  • Are adblock users honest when blocking adverts yet they want to view content that costs a business so much money and time to publish?
I have attached an overview of this report for you to look at. Let me know if this is a good fit for your audience.


[1] In summary, tell the journalist about your data and quickly lead them to the most interesting observations.
[2] Pose some interesting questions that the journalist can explore with the data you just gave them.

Email Template 6: Share a story on how your company touches on pressing societal issues

Subject: How our product plans to increase maize production by 25% worldwide

Hey Journalist,

For the past few months my interest in your articles has grown greatly – thanks to your cutting analyses on tech and agriculture. I loved your recent article on how robots will change the production and transportation of raw materials for farmers.

I wanted to introduce you to a new system we are working on that will increase maize production 25% per farmer if well implemented. Apart from increasing food production especially to curb hunger in third world countries, it will lead to increased earnings for farmers worldwide.[1]

It’s a type of fertilizer that adds more resistance to pests for the maize crop leading to reduced death of the maize plant. Apply it to the seeds during initial planting, and later after 3 months, that’s it. For the average farmer it will cost 30% less than available fertilizers in the world currently and will increase yield by a quarter of initial production amounts.[2]

One fascinating angle you could explore is how companies making fertilizers could utilize available technologies to make stronger fertilizers that can reduce usage of pesticides and add more resistance to disease for plants. [3]

If interested, I am available to send to you the whole report and even assign one of my team members to carry you through our most recent experiment in two different climatic regions.


[1] Give a strong introduction of what your product does and how it affects this societal issue that exists.
[2] Explain briefly how your product solves the societal problem.
[3] Again, give the journalist an interesting angle to explore so that they can see the potential of your story.

Email Template 7: Sharing a story about an embeddable product

Subject: Embed your tables using this amazing product

Hey Journalist/Blogger,

Your conversion numbers are always a joy to read, it’s interesting how you get them.

Seeing that you share a lot of data in tables, I thought that I should let you know of this product I’ve created that allows you to make your tables online and on the go, then just embed them onto your article. Here is one I’ve made for the article you shared about revenue and its relation to website traffic (link) [1]

You can now easily create your own tables in a matter of minutes using our super easy drag and drop tools. Our tools also allow you to design your table and give it an amazing feel. Think of a spreadsheet program on steroids. Check it out here: (link) [2]

Let me know what you think about it.


[1] Introduce your product briefly then show the journalist what your product can do to improve their presentation of data using an example from their article.
[2] Show them where they can access the product by giving them an access link.

Email Template 8: Share with a local publication about your launch in the locality

Subject: [Just launched in town] Get fruit juice from anywhere delivered to you

Hey Journalist,

Your last article on the growing presence of cane juice outlets in this town was spot on. [1]

I thought you might be interested in our newest venture yet. We have now launched our juice delivery app here and even have cane juice vendors already signed up. Now, you have every type of fruit juice on your fingertips, just order from the vendor and our juice heroes will deliver it at the agreed delivery point. [2]

Download our app on the iOS store [link] or Google Play Store [link] and try it. [3]

Let me know if this is something your audience will be interested in. We could throw in an interesting coupon for their first orders to make things even fruitier.


[1] Compliment the journalist on a recent article they wrote related to your company.
[2] Explain what you just launched in the locality and even relate it to the product the journalist wrote about in their article.
[3] Give the journalist an interesting angle to explore. If you do this, they could see why your story could be an interesting article.

Email Template 9: sharing a valuable resource with a journalist with the goal of building a long relationship

Subject: This could be interesting for you [Valuable research about smartphone effects on teens]

Hey Journalist/Blogger,

Your insightful article on how technology is affecting marriages was quite a thriller. Maybe there needs to be a serious guide on how to prevent technology from ruining marriages? Oh, wait! There are already many of those online, I guess people just don’t listen huh?: [1]

Something else you might want to chew on is a report we released 2 weeks ago. In the report, we investigate how smartphones are changing the way teens look at life. It’s a whole paradigm shift to what was happening about a decade ago which we have also documented. For example, we noticed that instead of taking notes by writing, teens are now recording videos of lectures and using them to study later on. Whether its laziness or just embracing advancements of technology, we can’t be so sure. Our survey poses a lot of interesting highlights, questions and conclusions. [2]

Get the whole report here: [link]

I think you could find it useful for future reference. Your readership may also be interested in the findings.

Let me know.


[1] Compliment a previous article the journalist has written and on a light note suggest how to improve a finding within their report.
[2] Introduce your resource and provide one interesting finding within the report to raise the curiosity of the journalist even further.

Email Template 10: Start to build a relationship with a journalist

Subject: Found something to build further on your article about autonomous cars

Hey Journalist,

I saw one of your articles on autonomous cars and I think you nailed some very valid points. With the advent of electric cars and artificial intelligence, cars are becoming more intelligent by the day. [1]

I read an article on The Guardian about the emerging trends in the car market. I thought you will find it very useful, (link). It gives you a lot of interesting angles to explore. [2]

I think you will find some nice points to build upon your previous article and even write a follow-up article to it, no? [3]

Let me know what you think about the piece and keep up the good work.


[1] Complement the journalist on an interesting story in your niche that they wrote.
[2] Present the journalist with an interesting story in a trusted publication to build your trust with them.
[3] Suggest something they could do with the trusted resource you just sent them and pose it as a question so that they can get back to you with feedback. This allows you to build a relationship with the journalist with the eventuality of presenting your own story in future.

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