The blockchain industry has massive potential for people looking to invest. There are several options for crypto investors. Moreover, crypto traders can carry out various services using immutable ledgers, secured databases, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and dApps. Furthermore, different blockchain networks exist each with a different technology.

These include Arbitrum, Solana, Polygon, Avalanche, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Unfortunately, there’s a lack of connection among these networks. As such, each operates independently. Luckily, Dojima Network connects these different networks and provides a central point where they can interact.

What’s Dojima Network?

Dojima Network serves as a cross-chain bridge or a mid-section between multiple layer-1 and layer-2 blockchains. As such, developers can create cross-chain applications on this platform.  Dojima Network also comes with a built-in cross-chain wallet. Thanks to this wallet, developers can easily integrate this service into their applications.

Dojima Network is a perfect solution to the disconnection that exists between different blockchain networks. The developers behind this platform have solved this common issue by providing a middle ground where developers can interact with various blockchain protocols and access all their liquidity.

Initially, developers were limited by the lack of a common ground that links various blockchain networks. As such, they were not able to tap into the full potential of this industry. However, that has since changed. With Dojima Network, developers can now appreciate liquidly across different blockchain networks. What’s more, they can interact with decentralized applications from various blockchains. The best part is that all this can be done on the same platform.

Key Features

  • Mid-ground layer

This platform creates a common ground where users from various ecosystems can meet. This is also a place where developers can create cross-chain dApps. Dojima Network actually supports the management of different blockchain networks in the same space.

  • One language

Working a developer is not easy, and it’s even more frustrating if you have to deal with different programming languages. That’s not the case with Dojima Network. This network simplifies the work of developers by leveraging one language for cross-chain app development.

  • Cross-chain assets

Gone are the days when you had to hop from one platform to another to access cross-chain assets. This network creates a common ground where different cross-chain assets can interact. What’s more, you can access each asset with the help of the cross-chain applications that you develop on this network.

  • Multi-chain connections

Beginning with the major blockchains, this network creates a common ground where all of them can connect and interact.

  • Fast and safe

Cyber security is vital when you’re conducting online transactions. Dojima Network has a secure system that guarantees the safety of cross-chain interactions. Furthermore, transactions are conducted immensely fast for a seamless experience.

  • Top-notch dev experience

When you join the platform as a developer, you’ll have access to a suite of tools. With the help of these tools, you can efficiently develop and deploy your Dapps.

Dojima Supports

With the above features, you can tell that this network is built with developer interests at heart. In addition, this platform accommodates other impressive features to improve the user experience. For instance, it supports:

  • Cross-chain wallet

Thanks to the cross-chain wallet, you can use a single seed phrase to arrange your layer-1 tokens. The best part is that you can manage them in the same place. Furthermore, this wallet has other functions besides storing your tokens. It can keep you updated on the latest token prices in the market. It also provides 24/7 statistics, transaction history, transfer tokens, and transaction gas rates.

This wallet is compatible with the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Solana chains
  • Polkadot
  • Ethereum
  • Cosmos,
  • Binance
  • Bitcoin
  • Arweave

Cross-chain wallet features

  • Dollar conversions
  • Gas rates
  • 24/7 statistics
  • One Wallet
  • Transfer History
  • Token price tracking

Future Plans

  • Cross-platform operating system application

You can download Dojima Network and install it on any OS. For example, it will be compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

  • Dojima faucet

This crypto faucet provides you with testnet tokens that you can use to test the performance of the Dapps you develop on this network.

  • Chrome extensions

The extensions will ease your work as a developer, specifically when you’re developing cross-chain Dapps. Extensions also make it easy to use the cross-chain wallet features.

  • Cross-chain block explorer

This network provides an ideal solution to the disconnection that exists between different blockchain networks. Ever wanted to run more than one blockchain ecosystem on the same platform? You can now do that with Dojima Network

  • Cross-chain platform

Dojima Network provides a mid-ground where different ecosystems can interact through a cross-chain application. It can also integrate with more than one Dapp from different blockchain ecosystems.

  • FaaS function

This feature allows you to enjoy blockchain/crypto functionality as a service. The chain functionality includes the following:

  • Transaction gas rates
  • Transaction submissions
  • Dollar price
  • Signing transaction
  • Creating account

FaaS features

  • One API
  • Gas rates
  • Account creation
  • Price History
  • Dollar Price
  • Transaction History


What problems was Dojima Network built to address?

Dojima Network creates a cross-chain bridge that links various blockchain networks. Even better, it creates a mutual ground where developers can create cross-chain Dapps. Thanks to this, users can enjoy asset interoperability. Without this link, users have to use different exchanges when running blockchain transactions in different networks. As a result, they suffer huge losses through gas fees. Besides reducing the gas fees, this platform also offers the following benefits:

  • Higher privacy and security during cross-chain transactions
  • Higher productivity among their current crypto assets
  • Free user interaction with assets
  • Better user experience
  • Higher transaction speed and lower gas fees.


Thanks to Dojima Network, developers can leverage the best assets from existing blockchains and build supercharged dApps that not only do more but perform more efficiently.

Are you interested in building your next dApp on Dojima Network? You can plug into this cross-chain infrastructure platform here. You can also connect with the Dojima team on Twitter and Discord for more updates on upcoming features on the platform.