If you want to run a powerful marketing campaign for your NFT collection, then employing Discord marketing campaigns isn’t just one of your options. On the contrary, it’s the best platform for a central campaign strategy. Unfortunately, the major setback of using this platform is that you need knowledge and skill to do it right.

Luckily, sourcing external help from firms like Pressfarm can save a lot. If you’re searching for productive Discord marketing strategies, you’re in the right place. Before we get to that, a paid discord server is one way to do so. Let’s learn about Discord marketing and what it entails.

What’s Discord marketing?

Before you dive into Discord marketing, it’s important to learn about it first. By learning a few details about this social media platform, you can appreciate its role in blockchain marketing. Most importantly, you’ll understand its central role as a social media marketing technique.

That said, Discord Marketing is a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) through which audiences can interact. Thanks to this platform, users can rely on various modes of communication including video, voice, and text messaging.

The primary intention of this platform was to raise the level of direct interactions between gamers, especially within communities. As such, if you’re a gamer, you can interact with like-minded gamers swiftly.

The platform can serve other communities besides gamers. In fact, the platform is now popular among crypto enthusiasts who want to be part of an online community of like-minded people. As a result, crypto promotion is now possible through Discord campaign strategies.

Independent communities on this platform are referred to as “servers.” Each server has unique media, regulations, themes, and members. A server accommodates three channels of communication, namely – video, text, and voice. Thanks to these features, Discord stands out as the best social media platform for blockchain marketing.

How do servers work on Discord?

There is no significant difference between Discord servers and virtual chat rooms. If anything, these two work the same way. On the positive side, Discord servers support video, voice, and text channels. Furthermore, this server model allows you to invite specific people into the group. Likewise, you can keep it open for any interested party to join.

When it comes to server personalization, you can use either text channels or voice channels. This will allow you to categorize the conversations in your groups. For instance, you can name the server after your crypto or NFT project. Within each group, you can also create different channels for discussing various stages of your project.

This freedom is what makes Discord an excellent choice for blockchain marketing. Thanks to its unlimited categorization, you can host different types of audiences who are interested in your projects.

7 effective Discord marketing strategies

If you’re marketing your crypto offering on this platform, then you’ll need to leverage Discord marketing strategies that have proven successful. Here are 7 Discord marketing strategies that have worked for NFT projects before yours:

1) Build a brand server

As mentioned earlier, the groups on Discord are referred to as servers. Since you’re dealing with the NFT project, you’ll need a group for your projects. In this case, you must develop an NFT community that will support your project. Creating this group on your own can be very stressful. If you lack the skills and reliable resources to leverage, it can be an impossible venture.

Hiring experts can be helpful at this stage. If you’d prefer to do this on your own, there are various guides on how to build a server on Discord available online.

Once your server is ready, you’re free to create custom channels that members can use for interactions. It doesn’t really matter whether you prefer video, text messaging, or voice. Before you choose one medium, ensure your communities will be fine with it.

2) Understand what your target audience wants

Identifying and understanding what your prospective audiences want is an important step in discord marketing. With this knowledge, you can come up with content that resonates with your community.

Keep in mind that this platform has users of all backgrounds – the users are a combination of different ages, genders, and races. These people all use the platform for interactions and in influencing various goals. Thus, if you need the best result from Discord campaigns, you should identify your goals and then identify your target audience. Take note of both the demographic and psychographic characteristics of your target audience so that you can tailor your communications toward them and connect with them effectively.

3) Community collaborations

Even with a well-established server, you still need to partner with other communities. In this case, you should consider discord community collaborations. This strategy will expose your brand to more relevant users for your project.

Additionally, collaborating is one way to inflate the number of users on your server. To engage various communities with your target audience, you should share your project links. If you’ve got upcoming events, don’t forget to share them with as many communities as possible.

4) Share relevant content

The type of content you share determines the amount of influence you’ll have on your community. For instance, sharing resourceful content about your project will showcase the value of your project. As a result, the members of the server will understand what they’ll be gaining by investing in your project. In order to do this effectively, you should design content that clearly outlines what your project offers. The content within each category must fit the topic.

5) Offer discounts and special giveaways

Discounts and giveaways are compelling ways to generate hype for your project, especially when you’re issuing tokens. When you launch campaigns based on discounts or giveaways on Discord servers, you’ll get all the attention you need. This strategy will attract prospective audiences and build a bigger community around your product. Ultimately, doing this will help your project to stand out from the crowd.

6) Gather resourceful intel about your community

A Discord channel gives you an opportunity to gather resourceful intel about your community. After sharing the content about your project and launching the offering, you should evaluate your crowd. Make sure you determine their level of engagement. With this information, you can measure the impact of your campaign. From there, you can discover ways to improve your Discord marketing techniques.

Assessing audience engagement is vital when it comes to implementing practical strategies. By figuring out the kind of content that excites your target audience, you’ll be able to design products and content according to the style that your audiences prefer. Using Discord, you can identify where your target audiences are located. Additionally, you’ll be able to tell where most of your crowds are coming from.

By collecting these pieces of data, you stand to gain the following insights:

  • Crowd geography
  • Rate of crowd retention
  • The general level of engagement with members and the media

7) Punctually attend to all inquiries

During your campaigns, some of the group members are bound to have questions. Most of these questions will be about your project. When that time comes, a prompt response is essential. Ensure you provide comprehensive or expert answers to all the inquiries your community members may have. If possible, you can personalize your responses through private messages to specific members who asked the question.

Benefits of Discord marketing strategies

Discord campaigns are now the popular trend when it comes to product marketing. This is because a Discord marketing strategy comes with vast perks for both the creators and individuals launching their products or projects. With this technique, they can target more crypto and NFT enthusiasts. Beyond crypto-related campaigns, you can use Discord to develop brand loyalty for any brand. Having said that, let’s highlight the benefits of using discord marketing strategies.

  • Community management

This platform supports the building of communities through invitation links. That means the community admin can dictate who can join the group. Furthermore, they can also manage the sharing of messages in the group. As a result, they can eliminate unnecessary distractions like trolls and spam.

Discord has made it very easy for the server admin to manage spam messages. Moreover, they can revoke access to members who are breaking the group’s regulations. As a result, one can end up with a reliable forum that’s supportive of their project. Over the last few years, nearly 1 million accounts on the platform have been eliminated by Discord due to spam.

  • No algorithm

Tired of having to master algorithms just to promote your products or projects? Well, Discord offers you a platform that’s algorithm-free. Thanks to this feature, none of your messages or content will fail to reach your target clients. The chronological mode of arrangement makes it easy for target users to access your content. As such, the Discord platform has an edge over alternative social media platforms.

Additionally, since the probability of your content reaching the target audience is higher, building a community gets easier. What’s more, you’ll also be able to network with various servers or communities and boost awareness of your project.

  • Powerful branding

Marketing is most effective when it uses powerful storytelling. With your crypto or NFT project, you’ve got an impressive story that will reel your audience in. With the help of Discord, you’ve got a chance to tell your story to the public or to a private audience.

Discord also allows you to share project details using several channels including, images, visuals, and text. Whichever channel you decide to work with, it will reflect positively on your brand. As mentioned earlier, the quality of your content is essential.

If you want to spread the news about your project and create buzz, frequent storytelling is essential. The more fascinating your project story is, the more willing your audience will be to share it. A charming brand story is quite engaging and interactive. It adds the kind of personality that helps build a brand reputation.

  • It offers great customer service

We know one general fact about all customers – they do not like waiting in queues for long. Therefore, if they have inquiries about your project, they want answers as soon as possible. Moreover, most of them wish for an effective channel of communication – a channel through which they can ask questions and get answers right away.

Thanks to Discord, you can fulfill your clients’ wishes by providing them with an effective channel of communication. This platform provides a solid base to host your project’s community. On Discord, people can easily reach out and seek answers to their inquiries. Even better, you can create a dedicated channel for customer service only.

When it comes to Discord, the group administrators are the face of the brand. Therefore, it’s important to stay alert when responding to client inquiries. Every time they pop up, ensure you provide a solution right away. Over time, this will boost your reputation and improve the project’s credibility in the community. In order to offer the best customer service, ensure whoever you put in the customer service section knows your project well. After all, most questions will be targeting your project.

Discord Nitro vs. Discord Classic

There are two major versions of the Discord platform you can leverage for blockchain marketing. They include:

  • Discord Nitro
  • Discord Classic

On Discord Classic, you’ll be using a free platform. The major features include:

  • Low-quality video (30 FPS)
  • One server boost for each server you have
  • Limited capabilities for uploading and sharing files
  • Access to AI for constant surveillance of your members
  • Access to video chat, voice chat, private servers as well as public servers

On the other hand, Discord Nitro is a premium version that requires paid plans to access it. The features include:

  • High-quality video (60 FPS)
  • Unlimited file sharing and uploads
  • Access to Discord bots or AI
  • Access to video chat, voice channels, private, and public servers
  • Two server boosts for each server

Over to you

Discord marketing is a highly effective social media marketing technique. If you can develop servers with relevant members, you will get the best possible results. The best part about Discord is that it’s perfect for both crypto and NFT marketing. As such, Discord is an essential part of blockchain marketing. In other words, it must be the center of your marketing campaigns.

When used the right way, the above Discord marketing strategies will help your project reach its target.

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