As a crypto marketing expert and entrepreneur Micky Irons knows, when you’re launching a blockchain project, there’s so much to consider – from how to promote your project effectively, to how to build a community of supporters and launch a successful IDO. The good news for crypto developers is that Micky has been there and done that. Eight times in the span of one year, in fact. Yes, you heard that right. In 2021 alone, Micky Irons led the successful launch of eight blockchain projects, raising over $25 million in seed and private capital.

Prior to entering the crypto market, Micky worked as a CE&I Commissioning Engineer for Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure. Here, he was responsible for the management of the coordination and technical control on site. His role was to ensure the achievement of required project delivery aligned with the customers’ objectives while maintaining standards of health and safety, quality, environmental impact, and cost control. Additionally, he was in charge of ensuring accurate implementation of all engineering controls and compliance with the contract drawings and specifications through working with the sub-contractors and suppliers. Along with that, he was responsible for producing risk assessments and method statements for safe execution of the works.

Micky’s outstanding success with DeSpace Protocol

Since then, Micky has seen several blockchain projects through the inception and IDO stage, developing them into full-fledged successful projects. For instance, at DeSpace Protocol, he led the project to a successful launch despite being the sole member of the marketing team. He has also co-founded SportsIcon, where he collaborates with renowned athletes like Floyd Mayweather. Romelu Lukaku and Mike Vick create cinematic NFTs for their fans. Beyond that, he’s worked on marketing campaigns for Gamers, Hololoot, and Metastrike.

Thanks to Micky’s assistance and experience as an entrepreneur, DeSpace has launched its platform for the next generation of DeFi and NFTs in order to address the industry’s existing difficult issues. The DeSpace DeFi and NFT aggregator will bring together the DeFi and NFT protocols onto a single website, allowing users to browse the web while mining Des coins. The improved yield farming approach will let users participate in a variety of liquidity farming and mining initiatives. Yield farming is the practice of staking bitcoins in order to earn more of them as passive income. It all comes down to bringing liquidity to a platform and profiting from it. This strategy is similar to keeping traditional cash in a savings account.

DeSpace Protocol has chosen to review the concept of NFTs by projecting the true value as intended when the concept was initially formed, in order to set itself apart from the competition. The DeSpace ecosystem will include a multifunctional NFT marketplace with particular functions and integration with other platforms. This will allow NFT holders and traders to buy, sell, stake, and swap NFTs.

In addition to their aggregator, DeSpace offers DeSwap, DeLand, and DeChain services. DeSwap is a multi-chain and cross-chain DEX that employs the AMM protocol to provide limit orders, staking, margins, and even futures trading for easy crypto-to-crypto trading. The DeLand protocol, on the other hand, is a lending platform that produces income by issuing stable currencies that are backed and secured by a portfolio of frozen assets.

The system operates on a layering basis similar to that of a solar system. Each new layer will complement the previous one by revealing the unknown and latent elements in the previous levels at the same time. In this way, the layers will complement each other. Each layer can be thought of as its own cosmos, operating independently of the others.

The DeSpace platform was inspired by the MakerDAO paradigm. This was one of the first DeFi protocols on the market. This paradigm is both time-tested and successful. Finally, DeChain enables customers to make full use of many blockchains on a single platform while also simplifying navigation and access to their DeFi and NFT suite of goods and solutions.

With this platform, celebrities can collaborate and bring their unique NFTs to their fans around the world. Movie stars, musicians, and other popular content creators are among those developing NFTs with DeSpace and promoting the platform to their audiences.

Revolutionizing sports fandoms at SportsIcon

On the other hand, with Micky’s assistance, SportsIcon is revolutionizing sports fandoms by connecting people with their sports heroes. Simply put, the concept behind SportsIcon is to transform momentous events in an athlete’s career into cinematic NFTs that their fans can own. In this way, these sports icons live on beyond their retirement, and fans can keep reliving their memories of watching their favorite athletes.

“On one hand, fans want to reconnect with their sports icons,” Micky says. “On the other hand, sports legends want to give something back to their fans. The only thing missing was the framework to help both sides meet their goals.”

In addition to creating cinematic NFTs to represent the stories and journeys of these sports icons, SportsIcon builds partnerships with clubs and athletes to help fans meet their heroes in real life. They’ve also built an exclusive sports game launchpad and developed metaverse partnerships to expand the digital reach of fans everywhere.

Micky is also currently a co-founder of the upcoming NFT project, Collector Crypt.

Collector Crypt will be a brand-new contribution to the realm of cryptocurrency. People will be able to deposit their collectibles in a vault and receive a digital asset known as an NFT (Physical Non-Fungible Token) in exchange. They will then trade their pNFT in their marketing location as well as other marketing locations without leaving their homes.

Collectible items include ordinary Pokemon cards, baseball cards, and uncommon stamps. The crew will also branch into wine, automobiles, and anything else that has been recognized as a collectible.

Micky has also been recognized for his contributions to charitable initiatives, most recently Radio City Cash for Kids and Radio City Mission Christmas. With Micky’s support, Cash for Kids continues to help UK-based children who are in need by providing grants and direct help to families affected by poverty, disease, and neglect. Mission Christmas has also recognized Micky’s support in helping them to pack and deliver Christmas gifts to children in need – children who would otherwise wake up to no gifts on Christmas.

By drawing on his vast experience in the NFT industry and his passion for philanthropy, Micky hopes to help charities to embrace the applications of NFT technology. In so doing, he aims to help non-profits and charities to enjoy the same benefits other industries that have adopted NFT technology are already witnessing.

Want to learn more about these projects? You can connect with Micky on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find out more about what he’s up to.