A corporate family day is undoubtedly one of the best ways you can tell your staff and employees you care – and who doesn’t like a full day of fun, food, and laughter? But if you are in charge of planning one, there’s no doubt that you want it different from the rest – yet still retain enough of its nostalgia by incorporating a few tried and tested activities and food. For instance, to make the most of the day, you can serve a few of the crowd favorites and classics such as barbecue and beer and lots of candy floss and ice cream, but pair it with a fantastic activity such as field games that unleash everyone’s competitive spirit, be it an egg race or a tug of war. Of course, there are plenty more ideas and games for your corporate family day, so here’s your list from A to Z.

Have a field day!

There’s nothing like getting everyone’s adrenaline flowing and fostering rapport and camaraderie like a field day. With it, you can have an event that incorporates everything into one spectacular event – from the food to the games and activities to the entertainment. It encompasses everything! To plan it, choose a suitable location such as an outdoor park with plenty of open space, and make sure there are also covered tents and pavilions and access to electricity. Then you have to consider the kind of food and drinks to offer, and for an open area, fairground or carnival trucks are perfect, as they can serve snacks and meals all in one (think snacks like popcorn and meals like burgers and hot dogs, which a funfair hire company would be well-equipped to do!).

The physical activities and games can include everything from an egg race to sports such as kickball, volleyball, badminton, basketball, and water guns and balloons. But, of course, don’t forget the classic tug of war, which is excellent for both kids and adults, and to be fair, organise it by age – such as the under ten group, 18 – 40, and 40 and up, for example.

A night at the cinema

You can have this right after your field day to get everyone to wind down and relax, or you can hold it as a separate event. Either way, make sure to choose a film that everyone will love and is age-appropriate, such as any of the Minions movies (or anything from Pixar, really) and make the evening extra fun with snacks and drinks, and of course, popcorn!

Dine and dance the night away

Another thing you can do to show your appreciation for your employees is to dine and dance them – in style. You can have it so you can still have a corporate family day with the kids – but once the sun goes down, the night is exclusively for the adults. An evening dinner and a dance may be just what everyone needs to cap off an exciting day, and everyone can relax with a lovely catered meal complete with a short dancing lesson to get everyone out on the dance floor.

There are other excellent activities and ideas to host that perfect corporate family day – from an office tour to hiking and board games  – but most of all, remember to have fun!