Restaurants are making full-fledged use of social media giants like Facebook & Instagram. These are the platforms aptly utilized by other niches, so why not restaurants get here too?!

Social media marketing has traveled par posting high-quality photos. Thus, businesses are always hunting for unique strategies for social media promotions. We’re up to with some unique restaurant marketing ideas. So, feel lucky to land here. Before we hop on to a handful of marketing strategies for restaurant, let’s see some interesting stuff and make use of free resources like menu maker to grow your potential customer base. Also, grab these new & trending restaurant menu template ideas too!

Social Media Engagement Fact File For Restaurants

  • 71% of adults in the USA are active on Facebook
  • People are spending around 28 minutes on Instagram every day
  • 99% of Gen Z and millennials are more likely to use social media for choosing restaurants
  • Fast food brands are performing better on Instagram as compared to any other social channels
  • Nearly half of diners say they’re trying new restaurants inspired by social media posts
  • Client spend increased by 40% or more for brands engaging with followers on social media

7 New & Inspiring Marketing Strategies For Restaurant

1. Launch New Items More Frequently

Online Restaurant Marketing Strategies

Success never arrives overnight for the restaurant business. You’ll have to win guests with the delicacies and lure walk-ins by launching interesting menu items.

Marketing a new restaurant seems daunting. You can approach social media marketing like a clean slate. Also, customers might arrive curiously to try the news you have to offer. But, if you’ve owned the restaurant for years, what’s your marketing strategies for restaurant to attract new customers? We have the key!

Plan something special for weekends & boost promotions with ‘Weekend specials’ in full swing. Similarly, you can start free taster sessions for new launches. Customers will be more than happy to join such experiments.

2. Keep Customer Preferences In Mind

Prioritizing consumer preferences reduces your efforts because you know what to emphasize. For instance, you may target website visitors and track what they’re interested in. You can then create a digital menu separated for breakfast, brunch, lunch & dinner. The additional benefit you get here is you can focus on target audiences based on the menu they’re more interested in.

Did you just make an upgrade to the restaurant menu? Great! You already have a target audience for this. If you’re planning for social media ads or Google ads then you can run them based on their search preferences. In other words, show your breakfast menu to people searching for breakfast items, lunch menu to lunch surfers, and so on.

This ad can also be based on the timings they’re searching at. So, just be specific with when you want to appear in the search results. Make sure to impress your target audience with the customized digital menu you can create with free menu maker apps.

3. Be Relevant With Ads

The best thing about Facebook Ads is you can customize your audience. This also helps you to stop spending on ads for customers who have benefited from your restaurant.

For example, if you’re attracting a new audience then you should be relevant in displaying coupon ads to customers who haven’t redeemed them yet. It doesn’t make any sense to target the customers who have visited your restaurant twice or more. They might be less interested in cashing those discount coupons, don’t you agree?

4. Engage Followers With Reels & Stories

How to Use Reels for Restaurant Marketing

Whether it is Facebook or Instagram, you should make the most out of reels and stories. Instagram allows you to add story-specific stickers which increase your exposure/outreach. Take full advantage of such trending stickers by adding them to your stories.

We see reels as 20-sec or 30-sec short videos highlighting your plus points. Utilize these reels for inviting guests/walk-ins at your restaurant by featuring your best. In short, tempt your viewers with cuisine display, ambiance, BTS, or how you attend your guests.

5. Never Forget To Use CTA

How to Use CTAs for restaurant marketing

Tell your followers what they’re supposed to do after watching your reels, stories, or feed posts. You can simply add a call-to-action (CTA). For instance, they should get an idea of what they can order this weekend. Likewise, they can be informed that your new menu item is available for a free trial with limited pieces.

During festivities like Valentine’s Day, you can keep special restaurant menu templates for a personalized touch. Don’t forget to add power words like “Booking open now”, “Limited Bookings only”, etc.

6. Go Offbeat With Free Tools

Restaurants these days are accessing social media platforms by spending the least on promotional materials. With this said, make creative restaurant menus, place cards for the table, interactive activities for the table like scrabble, ludo, etc with less investment.

7. Host Contests

Host Contests for Restaurant Marketing

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Team up with local radio channels and giveaway free coupons for the lucky winners. Talking about social media, you can make posts on Facebook or Instagram sharing that the best comment will win free dinner. Besides this, you can tell your followers to win coupons by tagging their friends/friends of friends. Such contests give an unexpected boost and they’re win-win for both   restaurants and fans. Additionally, you’ll be encouraging engagement on social media.

Build Your Restaurant Community On Social Media

The social media landscape is ever-changing & you should take every chance to achieve your goals. Developing a social media presence & utilizing them well as marketing channels will build a strong community online. Also, you’ll be interacting with your target audience & maintain a vibrant social media network.