Internal company communication is something that you need to think a lot about. Many people’s idea of improving company communication consists of sending out more emails and holding regular meetings. While these things can indeed be good ways of getting employees more in touch with what’s going on there are more effective things that you can do, most notably investing in SMS software.

If you are in charge of running a business and want it to work more smoothly, this post will tell you what you need to do to optimise internal company communication:

SMS Software

SMS software is easily one of the most effective ways of optimising inner company communication. A lot of people make the mistake of overlooking it in favour of more antiquated or less effective methods. If you intend on investing in SMS software then you need to opt for Microsoft Teams SMS, as it is one of the industry’s leading offerings. There are others you can download and use but none are as effective as it. Beyond SMS software you might also want to invest in software that enables employees to video call each other, which will be explored in the next section.

Video Chat

Video chat software is another thing that is worth investing in, as mentioned in the previous section. Most companies today use video chat software because it enables them to get in touch with staff members, regardless of where they are based. Some people do not get signal when they are working from home or are away from the office, but video chat software only requires an internet connection to work. As such you can easily contact staff members provided they have internet (which you can ensure by giving them a portable Wi-Fi dongle).

Regular Meetings

Holding regular meetings should be one of your main priorities. When this post says holding regular meetings, what it means is gathering all of your company’s staff into a single room and updating them with everything that is going on internally. Keeping staff updated about what is going on in your company will help you to improve your bond and connection with them and keep them engaged in your company. When employees do not know what is going on they have a tendency to disengage and don’t have as much respect, admiration or even interest in your company.

4 Ways You Can Optimize Inner Company Communication

Accepting Complaints

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that internal complaints don’t matter. If you want your employees to have a greater emotional investment in your company then you can start by setting up more effective complaints processes and procedures. Improving your company’s complaints handling process will make employees feel more confident vocalising their problems. A lot of companies invest more time and effort into things like software and SMS programs, but having a better complaints process will be a lot better for employee satisfaction and your company’s overall performance (as staff will be more engaged).

Do you want your company to run more effectively? If the answer’s yes (which it should be) then you need to improve communication. You can use the guidance issued here to do that.