Being able to have a strong brand is indispensable to growing your business. This is true, no matter what industry you are in. Creating a better brand is one of the most effective ways of helping you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

It is through effective branding that you can form positive relationships with your target market and turn them into loyal customers. There are many ways to promote your brand, and one of these is through physical items such as:

Business cards

Business cards should observe the consistency in terms of color, design, logo, and other elements that signify your brand. If you are selling drinking bottles, see to it that your custom label water should reflect the same logo and other elements that you have on your business website, flyers, and other materials you use when marketing your brand. If your company or product won an award or earned a certification, include this information on your business card. Most of all, never leave the other side of the card blank. Use this space to present other relevant information, product pictures, or interesting facts about your brand.


Postcards are a versatile marketing tool. These can be used for marketing different types of businesses. You can use it if you are a lawyer, doctor, architect, or real estate agent. You can also use postcards for marketing your restaurant, bakeshop, or boutique. The use of postcards as a marketing tool has been proven effective in generating increased traffic to your website. It has also been found effective for increasing foot traffic to brick and mortar stores. They are sometimes viewed as oversized business cards. The best thing about postcards is that they can serve both as a discount coupon and a business card. These postcards may also serve as flyers and product brochures. They are big enough to allow the printing of more information about promotions and other important details about your brand.


Brochures are an ideal marketing tool if you want to elicit more interaction from your target audience. Those are large enough for you to be able to print what you want to showcase to your customers about your product. It works like a printed version of your business website. That gives you the chance to highlight certain products or services that your company offers. It also has enough space for your contact details.

Another bonus that you will get for printing brochures is the chance for you to print a shortened version of your company’s story. If you are looking to attend an event or trade show, you can use these brochures when pitching a sale. You can also include these in your package mail outs. Digital or physical startup press kits highlighting the best components of your brand help as well.

Product Packaging

Your product packaging speaks volumes about your brand. It serves as the first point of contact that you can have with your customers. Your customers are more likely to buy your products if their packaging is well-designed. These may not be the main reason for purchasing, but they can add significant value to your brand. Poor product packaging won’t make your product look attractive. Unfortunately, when it comes to selling tangible products, “judging by the book” is an inevitable part of the buying process. So, make sure yours stands out.

Note that these marketing materials do not have to be too pricey. You just have to hire a professional who can design these items at an effective cost and something that guarantees a lasting impression to your target audience. Pressfarm can help you design a media kit for your business which you can use both online and in print format. This is important for people that want to understand what your company does with a quick overview. Pressfarm’s packages are quite affordable too.