YouTube is one of the best video-sharing platforms of all time. The social media platform has over 2 billion monthly active users who use it for their entertainment and knowledge gain. To attract these users to your video, you need a captivating thumbnail, an enticing title, and the help of a  YouTube growth service to turn them into active subscribers.

The title and thumbnail of your videos are crucial to getting users to see and click to watch your video. In this article, we will share with you the various ways the title and thumbnail of your video contribute to the allure viewers look out for. Let’s get started!

YouTube Thumbnails: What Are They and What Role Do They Play?

Thumbnails are small-sized static images used to give a preview of the video content. They work exactly like book covers; they let you in on a little context of what to expect without giving away too much. If you don’t know how effective thumbnails are on video views, keep reading.

Help Your Content Stand Out

YouTube has millions of video content in its library and over 100 million active channels. This could get pretty overwhelming for the viewers and bore them easily, especially if they’re just there to discover new content. With the right thumbnail, however, your video will easily stand out. Once your color scheme, font, and background image look interesting enough, they won’t hesitate to watch your video.

Keep Your Videos on Brand

Your thumbnail is easily one of the best ways to build your brand on YouTube. The elements of your thumbnail contribute to your brand development. Subscribers and new viewers can spot your videos right away when they see the thumbnail.

Using the same fonts, color scheme, and images that you use on your other social media platforms on YouTube is also a great way to attract old fans. Instead of them scrolling through endlessly, they will easily identify your videos at a glance.

How Do You Make a Catchy YouTube Thumbnail?

Now that you know how important it is to have a good thumbnail to attract viewers, it is time to know how you can create one. Here are some tips that’ll help you create a killer YouTube thumbnail.

1. Use People

Thumbnails that have people on them tend to perform better than the ones with just plain text and images of inanimate objects. Use people who have an expression that hints at what value the video will bring. You could make it a shot from one of the scenes to make it more authentic.

2. Get Creative with the Fonts

The font you use adds to the appeal of your thumbnail and gives context to your video in its own way. For your fonts, try out Impact, River Drive, Anto, Bangers, and Bebas Neue. They make your thumbnail more intriguing and boost views.

3. The Right Colors

When choosing colors, go for something bright. The bright colors easily grab the attention of your viewers. Try out red, blue, bright green, and other on-brand colors; they have the best success rate on YouTube.

YouTube Titles and How They Help You Attract Viewers

The titles you use are equally as important as the thumbnails. YouTube titles are 100-character headlines that tell viewers what your video entails and what to expect.

A properly structured title can help attract viewers, and here’s how.

Increases Visibility

The title you use plays into the algorithm and helps users who are looking for your type of content find it quickly. With the right keywords, YouTube will automatically suggest your videos to viewers when they click on the search bar and input certain words.

Gets Users Hooked

As said earlier, the title tells users what to expect. A carefully crafted title will pique the interest of viewers and have them watching to know how the video truly plays out. The title sparks the curiosity in viewers and lures them to watch the video for as long as they find it interesting.

Triggers Action

Some titles contain CTAs that trigger viewers to take action. These titles encourage users to view the video for reasons why they should or should not be taking certain actions.

How Do You Write Engaging YouTube Titles?

Writing YouTube titles could be quite a task. Here are some tips that make it easier.

1. Maintain the Character Count

YouTube has a character limit of 100. But to make your title precise and more attractive, keep it within 60-70 characters.

2. Use the Right Keywords

You can optimize your videos for SEO by using searchable titles that let the algorithm work in your favor. With the right keywords, your videos stand a chance to appear in the top search results.

3. Spark Curiosity

Use numbers, humor, questions, CTA, and parentheticals, and put words in all caps to pique the interest of users and help your title stand out.

To Conclude

Your YouTube titles and thumbnails can do wonders for your growth on the platform if you get them right. Do well to carefully craft them properly if you want to be a successful YouTuber.