A unique approach based on yoga-inspired techniques helps speakers build a commanding onstage presence

Many people struggle to give professional presentations because they suffer from fear of public speaking or glossophobia. So, It is so common that 77% of public speakers report suffering symptoms of speaking anxiety. This phobia can manifest itself in a number of ways, ranging from slight nervousness to debilitating anxiety.

Common solutions to public speaking anxiety

In an effort to help less-confident speakers, expert presenters have developed solutions to public speaking anxiety. The most recommended cures include practicing speeches or presentations in advance and going to the venue in advance. And doing breathing exercises to help you speak naturally. And, of course, we’ve all heard of the amusing tip to picture the audience in their underwear.

While these practices can reduce presentation anxiety to some extent, none of them adopts a full-body approach that includes the mind, body, and spirit. As a Kripalu yoga instructor and public speaking coach, Margie Newman noticed this gap and developed a program that employs yoga-inspired techniques to help speakers gain confidence. With Yoga for Public Speaking (Y4PS), speakers learn breath, movement, and mindfulness practices to help them overcome their fear and master a commanding stage presence.

How Y4PS can help presenters transform their on-stage experience

“Speakers might have great slides, but they often struggle to find ways to deal with the fear and anxiety. And insecurity that can come to the stage with them,” says Margie. “I developed Yoga for Public Speaking to fill this gap and provide a full-body approach to public speaking.”

Yoga for Public Speaking Transforms Presenters into Confident SpeakersY4PS is designed to help both new and experienced speakers overcome their fears and deliver memorable presentations. Newer speakers can learn how to navigate and manage presentation anxiety symptoms. Experienced speakers can build their confidence and become even better. Whether you want to be more relatable and authentic onstage or you’re just curious about how yoga can help you become a better speaker. This program has a lot to offer. By leveraging yoga techniques, you can manage your nervous system, bring your best self to the stage, and deliver your best presentation ever – one that your audience will keep talking about for days to come.

How does it work?

By using simple yogic strategies – including breath, meditation, and movement. You can regulate your nervous system and gain control of your presentation. Although these yogic practices draw from ancient traditions, modern science offers evidence to support them. With this course, students will find tools that they can implement immediately to overcome the most common public speaking challenges.

Margie brings clarity, calm, and confidence to the public speaking process to help presenters from all walks of life deliver the best presentations of their careers, She’s skilled at helping both organizations and individual presenters to plan their content strategy, develop effective messages, and tell their stories for maximum impact. With her help, you too can look good on stage. “Yoga for Public Speaking is designed to help you connect with what’s happening in your mind, body and spirit, and bring your most authentic self to stage,” says Margie.

About Margie Newman

Margie Newman is a skilled Kripalu yoga instructor (RYT 500) and public speaking coach who has dedicated over 25 years to helping speakers deliver their best presentations. She has worked with public speakers from well-known companies such as Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Abbvie, Amazon, and many more. With her unique approach founded on yogic practices such as breathing, mindfulness, and meditation, Margie is transforming hesitant speakers into rockstars.

Would you like to transform your on-stage experience as a speaker and deliver more polished presentations? You can connect with Margie Newman on the Yoga for Public Speaking website. So, yoga for Public Speaking is available on Amazon Kindle and the accompanying online course is available at Kajabi. For more public speaking tips, follow Yoga for Public Speaking on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.