Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a straightforward concept in which the advertiser pays a specified amount for every user that clicks on the ad. However, a basic understanding of PPC is not enough to achieve success. Therefore, most businesses opt to work with a PPC consultancy agency to ensure the best possible results.

Before we talk about the benefits of working with a PPC agency, let us talk about the benefits of PPC itself. For starters, since you only pay when someone clicks on a link, it is cost-effective. Much more cost-effective, in fact, than traditional advertisements that charge you based on the duration of time for which the ad is up. You can also find several different PPC packages based on the kind of budget you’ve allocated for your advertising. In fact, most PPC platforms make it very easy to tailor your advertisements to all your needs – including your budget, your goals, your niche, and your target audience.

This brings us to the final benefit of PPC advertising. You can curate your target audience based on the kind of person you want to reach. However, in order to do this effectively, you need to take time to identify your ideal buyer persona. What’s more, you need to map out the typical buyer’s journey that people go through when they purchase your products or services. Understanding exactly what kind of person would buy your products makes it easy to not only target your PPC ads but also produce content that will speak directly to them. This is a crucial part of any advertising campaign. After all, when you’re setting up PPC ads, the content you boost or promote is as important as the kind of PPC campaign you develop.

In the remainder of this article, we will cover many more reasons for working with a PPC agency.

What is a PPC Consultancy Agency Exactly?

A PPC consultancy agency is responsible for helping businesses promote their products or services through pay-per-click advertising. In addition, agencies perform research and then build a strategy to generate the best possible return on investment.

In short, this ROI will consist of increased awareness and more leads and sales.

PPC agencies consist of several individuals who specialize in different areas and bring a lot of expertise and experience to the campaign. In addition, this is also why agencies can produce much better results than freelance consultants or in-house marketers.

7 Reasons to Work with a PPC Consultancy Agency

1. Developing a Strategy for PPC Campaigns

PPC consultant agencies do a lot of research before developing a cohesive plan for a campaign. They consider budget and decide the best social media platforms and search engines for these PPC ads. Agencies will also research targeting and keywords while refining the message that requires distribution.

In short, PPC agencies have years of experience with this type of marketing and the necessary skills to devise a strategic plan. This direction is invaluable, especially if a business is somewhat wary of getting started with PPC ads.

2. Knowing the PPC Ad Requirements on Each Platform

It’s important to know that every platform has different requirements, and PPC ads won’t always look the same. For instance, the cost of a PPC ad on one social media. In addition, the platform is rarely the same as placing the same ad on another. Also, social media ads include images, but search engines usually copy text only.

It’s easy to ignore this side of a PPC campaign, but planning is everything, and a PPC consultant knows all about the nuances and requirements on each platform.

3. Getting the Keyword Selection Right

Selecting the right keywords is one of the most critical factors of a PPC campaign, and PPC agencies know exactly how to research and identify these keywords. This process requires tools, experience, and a good understanding of keywords in general.

It’s also relatively easy to bid the wrong amount on the lousy search terms, and this is an area in which many businesses waste most of their budget. PPC consultants know to avoid these pitfalls and take steps to ensure the keyword selection is on point.

4. Implementing a Successful PPC Campaign 

Research and planning are necessary, but you must also know how to deploy a PPC campaign when the time comes. It’s also essential to track the progress of each ad and measure this performance against specific targets from the planning stages.

PPC agencies most often use A/B testing for the early stages. Also known as split testing, this process publishes two or more versions of the same ad with slight changes to each one to see which version performs better than the others.

5. Outsourcing to Experts Saves Time and Money

It takes time to plan, research, and implement a PPC campaign, and some new businesses decide to keep this job in-house “to save money.” However, most PPC agencies are far more capable and experienced than any in-house marketing team. Therefore, they can get better results and help with savings related to time and money.

The truth is, a PPC campaign also comes with a steep learning curve which makes the “DIY” option unrealistic for most businesses. Meanwhile, a PPC agency knows how to implement every aspect of the campaign, from targeting and keywords to writing ads and tracking performance.

When you consider that in-house marketers also need to be paid a salary etc.,  it makes sense to go with a PPC consultancy agency that can produce a better ROI!

6. Professional Ad Copy Writing & More

Copywriting is a vital skill of a PPC ad because ads are restricted to a small word count and must be incredibly persuasive. In addition, PPC ads should be informative, relevant, and creative enough to incite interest from the audience.

Most writers cannot even produce high-quality copy, which is another reason businesses employ PPC consultants’ expertise. It’s not easy for companies to stand out; the same is true regarding PPC ads.

Digital Authority Partners says a good copywriter has a particular insight into people and sympathy toward them. But a great copywriter knows how to integrate this insight and compassion into a compelling PPC ad that converts.

Also, some people ask about the difference between PPC ads and SEO and which is better. A good PPC agency includes both within a digital marketing plan.

7. Achieving the Best Possible Conversions/Results

PPC agencies ensure the traffic is generating conversions and the spending the overall budget in the right areas. For instance, getting the targeting wrong is easy, which is precisely why many businesses cannot attract or convert enough traffic.

Consultants also ensure these conversions come at the lowest possible costs and use high-quality landing pages, visuals, and enticing copy to maximize conversion rate. It’s often a case of trial and error near the beginning of a campaign, but the best PPC agencies know what they are doing and produce the results to prove it.

Final Thoughts

PPC is not as straightforward as it might seem and requires a lot of skills and experience to deploy successfully. But, at the very least, working with a PPC agency will save businesses time, and at best, the experts can significantly improve the bottom line. But maybe you’re still unsure about this process or where to start?

Speak with one of our team members to get your PPC ad campaign off to the right start!