Social media has become quite an indispensable tool when it comes to the selling or business world. You need social media to market your business, reach and maintain your audience, communicate and engage with real-time and potential clients, and stand out among your competitors. One of the most rewarding social media platforms, for that matter, is Instagram. Many businesses heavily rely on Instagram to keep their businesses alive. Instagram is characterized by its versatility, extensive user network, ease of use, accessibility, and its buy and sell features.

It is strategically designed to be an entertainment platform that also facilitates the lives of its users. Users can easily shop at their favorite stores and make in-app purchases all in one place. And businesses can sell their products and market their business on one platform. This way, businesses will benefit because users will be encouraged to place orders on the spot instead of doing it later. Read this article to find out the reasons why you might want to start selling on Instagram.

Reason for selling on Instagram 

Powerful Visuals

Instagram is a visual-based platform. Unlike other social media platforms where there is usually an equal balance between visual and text content. Instagram mainly focuses on visuals. If the image or video content is not attractive enough, the chances are that the caption will go unnoticed too. The reason why this makes Instagram a very powerful platform is that 90% of the information in our brains is transmitted through visuals. In that case, if you are not displaying your products in a visually attractive manner. You are probably losing potential clients. Your content is as effective as you make it out to be. While you think that your product looks pleasing as is, you can’t imagine what an eye-catching video. Images of happy clients using the products, or content that shows why your product is superior or why people choose your brand, can do for your business.

Tech-Savvy and Young Demographic

If your target audience falls roughly between the ages of 16 and 30, then you should definitely be using Instagram to sell your products. These tech-savvy individuals are the dominant demographic on this particular social media platform. In fact, you may even be surprised to learn that Facebook is now popular for being the platform for older generations. Typically anyone who is aged 16 to 30 spends the majority of their time exploring Instagram. They don’t only use it to shop or browse through interesting options, but they prefer it to other alternatives.

If you are not selling your Etsy products on Instagram, then you are losing to competitors who offer that service. However, keep in mind that when you sell on Instagram, you need to find ways. In order to make your posts and products look attractive enough to your target audience and this particular demographic. To find out whether it is worth the effort, you need to think about the types of products you sell. And who they are meant for. You can also segment your customers based on age range. This, along with further research, will help you figure out the social media platform that the majority of your audience prefers using. If it’s Instagram, then it is about time that you step up your game on that platform.

Reach Issues

Facebook is one of the most heavily used social media platforms. It currently has around 1.1 billion users (and still counting). While you may think that this makes it the right platform to promote your business on, Facebook can’t help you much in that area. This is because it is known for having reach issues. This means that even if people like or follow your page, they may not even come across your posts. This is because the platform follows an on-site ranking algorithm. Luckily, Instagram continuously updates its algorithm to make the majority of the content posted by different accounts visible to those who follow them. By using tools and metrics to find out the best way in which you can post. And determining the type of content that your target audience finds most appealing, you can boost your reachability.

selling on Instagram

Many businesses, especially ones that target tech-savvy young adults and teenagers, rely on Instagram. Especially to promote their brand and sell their products. Instagram is widely favored by users and businesses for several reasons. Being a visual-based app makes it highly interesting and captivating. The fact that it is easy to use and offers a variety of business-related tools. Such as selling options, insights, and metrics, makes it the optimal social media platform for both buyers and sellers.