When a company stumbles upon a difficult stage in their work, like launching a new project or entering the international level, they turn to external financing. What types of external financing are there and what do you need to know about them? Let’s consider it more detailed.

Crowdfunding is a great alternative to conventional financing. Getting additional funds for the development of your project is not so easy. Therefore, crowdfunding gives you more opportunities and allows you to effectively control your project, as well as develop it. In addition, you can test your business idea. For example, if people start actively investing in it, most likely your idea will be able to gain good momentum.

What is crowdfunding?

Let’s begin with the definition. Crowdfunding is a way to raise additional funds, in which a certain amount of finance is collected through small individual contributions from different people. All finances are gathered collectively and used for new promising projects. Usually people invest in projects that can have a positive impact on our lives in the future. Crowdfunding app development is especially popular right now because it makes it easier to access funding. Now people are using various applications, so such products will be as relevant as ever.

Today exist different models of crowdfunding. You can invest money in some projects without any rewards or refunds. Also you can get a service or a product from the company you invest in. It all depends on the specifics of the project in which people are placing money. It also may differ because of the specialities of the platform. Every of them has their own rules of funding.

How does crowdfunding work?

Crowdfunding platforms usually operate online, so people from all over the world can fund projects that are interesting for them. To receive funding, you will need to submit your project or idea to the platform. Then the platform or the community will analyze your project and select the most optimal crowdfunding model for it.

If the project is accepted, it will be published on the platform. Within a certain period, it will be placed on the platform so investors can make contributions. At the end of this period, the project is closed. Next, the platform automatically checks whether it has reached its funding targets.

Major crowdfunding platforms

There are many crowdfunding platforms. Before using this method of financing, make sure that the platform you have chosen is reliable and proven.


This crowdfunding platform helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other content creators bring their ideas to life. The company was founded over 14 years ago and during this time has managed to help hundreds of thousands of projects. The main feature is that the funding model works on an all-or-nothing basis. For example, if within a certain time, the project fails to raise the required amount, then the sponsors receive their money back. This is a rather interesting practice, which is not available on all crowdfunding platforms.


This is a great crowdfunding platform, which can be a prospective start for new products. Since its inception, it has helped bring nearly 1 million innovative ideas to life. Its main advantage is it has flexible funding, which allows new projects to receive a good share of the funding for their development.


If you enjoy creating digital content, then such a platform is the best for you. This is a great opportunity to get additional funding for your projects if you are a blogger, influencer, YouTuber, musician, or streamer. It has several hundred thousand active authors who find a loyal audience that provides them with a regular income through paid membership.

If you need additional funds to finance your project, then crowdfunding is a great opportunity to get them. Don’t miss this chance if you urgently need funds for your project.