There are several reasons why hiring a press release company can be beneficial for your brand. Firstly, these companies have experts who specialize in creating effective press releases that can help keep your brand in the spotlight. They have the knowledge and experience to craft compelling and newsworthy content that will grab the attention of journalists and media outlets.

Additionally, a press release company can also help improve the quality of your press releases. They can provide valuable insights and guidance on how to optimize your press releases for maximum impact and reach. Lastly, these companies can handle the entire process of press release writing, optimization, and distribution, saving you time and ensuring that your press releases are effectively reaching your target audience.

Taking this step unlocks endless benefits that your brand can leverage to remain competitive. For starters, you’ll access quality content, have better coverage in the media, and build credibility. With a good reputation, your business can develop and become a powerful brand.

Unfortunately, most businesses assume that press release writing is easy until they’ve made many mistakes. Most of these companies only turn to professionals to help them when they’ve failed to gain positive press coverage several times and they’re starting to wonder what they’re doing wrong. If this is your story, we don’t blame you. Given the prevalence of DIY press release writing guides and press release templates online, press release writing often seems easier than it actually is. However, in order to use these guides correctly, you need to understand the fundamentals of brand storytelling and press release writing.

Signs that it’s time to hire a press release company

If you’re dealing with any of the following problems, then it’s time to hire a press release company:

1) You have poor SEO

You may have realized the need to grow your business’s online presence. If your target clients are primarily online, then you need to establish your business in this space. Just as with offline shops, the digital space also has a few drawbacks. The major challenge in this space is the tough competition.

The good news is that with good search engine optimization (SEO), you can boost your online visibility and stand out from your competition online. SEO allows you to establish your business in the virtual market. It’s also the basis of any powerful digital marketing strategy. Therefore, if you want to tap into the digital market across the world, SEO is the solution.

SEO is the technique of making your business site more appealing to Google among other search engines. To accomplish this, you’ll need links and keywords that will help you establish a robust and lasting online presence for your company.

Hiring a press release agency can ensure that you increase your success rate with your SEO. PR specialists will boost your organic search on your business site, thus enhancing leads and conversions.

By designing and distributing a branded press release, a press release company can boost traffic to your news page. After reading this press release, the audience will want more content from you. The first place they will visit for more information is your website. In addition, boosting your SEO will reduce the bounce rate.

After you’ve had an effective press release written and published for your brand, you should take this opportunity to publish valuable content on your website. Doing so will keep your website visitors glued to your business site and give them reason to keep coming back for more information. In this way, you can keep building your online presence and SEO gradually.

2) You’re having a hard time boosting conversions and sales

Who wouldn’t want a higher conversion rate and sales in their company? This is the dream for any business but many businesses struggle to find ways to do this. If you’re going through this, it’s time to revamp your strategies. Hiring a press release company has proven to be one of the most effective ways of boosting conversions.

A good PR agency will improve your business situation by crafting content that appeals to customers in each stage of the buyer’s journey. This includes the consideration, awareness, advocacy, purchase, and retention stages. And the only way to boost your conversion and sales throughout this journey is by building brand visibility.

Nowadays, clients are more willing to invest their money into businesses that are approachable and transparent. A press release is enough to demonstrate the transparent aspect of your business. With a good press release strategy, you can keep your clients as well as other stakeholders in the loop. Keeping people informed is an effective way to gain their trust.

Once a customer starts trusting your business, they are more likely to check your products and services out (consideration stage). With the help of information from your release, they will gain confidence in your business. Thereafter, they are more likely to buy something from you.

3) Your clients are not aware of your latest developments

Regardless of what industry you operate in, it’s essential to keep updating your clients continuously. You can manage this through product announcements, purchases, and changes in the company. As stated above, the level of transparency in your business directly affects its sales. The same goes for customer satisfaction and marketing success.

If you want to demonstrate transparency to your clients, the best course is to hire a press release company immediately. This kind of service is helpful for companies across different industries. In fact, if you didn’t already know, sports agencies and sports teams also rely on press releases to share their announcements.

Any time they engage in community services, sign a new player or trade an old player, they use a press release. As they’ve found, it’s much easier to reach their audience when their news matters most with a professional, optimized press release. Beyond that, press releases get better media coverage than traditional promotional material in this industry. If sports teams are using press releases, then you can see how hiring a press release company would be relevant to any industry.

4) You’ve got a lot to handle

A press release is not something to take lightly. Without your press release, your target market won’t know about your next move and current developments. But let’s face it, as a business founder, you’ve got enough on your plate without adding press release writing to the pile. This is another reason why you might find it helpful to hire the services of a press release company. The PR specialists at such a company can work on your release as you focus on other operations in your company.

The best PR professionals, such as those at Pressfarm, will go beyond writing a professional press release and optimize it for maximum visibility online. Beyond doing that, they will identify the best places to publish your press release. Using a targeted media outreach strategy, they will then pitch the news of your book launch to these outlets and make sure your press release is published on platforms that will increase your visibility.

The expert writers and certified designers at Pressfarm can also write guest posts and design a media kit for your book launch. With this content, you can boost your media coverage even further before your book launch. Finally, the account executive at Pressfarm builds a custom media list to help you connect with respected journalists across different media outlets. By connecting with these media contacts, you can keep doing extended media outreach long after the team at Pressfarm has wrapped up yo

5) Writing is just not one of your strengths

We were all born with different talents and gifts. Building your own company will reveal many of your strengths as well as your weaknesses. For example, if you like attention to detail operations, then your business will reflect this.

If writing is among your weaknesses then hiring a press release company makes a lot of sense. Rather than struggle with a task that you know you won’t excel at, you would do better to hire professionals who have what it takes to get the job done well.


Do any of the above points sound familiar because you’ve been struggling with them? Well, recognizing even one sign is enough indication that your business needs help from a press release company. This kind of company will ensure that all your press releases meet industry standards and put your business front and center where it belongs.