Communicating clearly and effectively is essential when running any business, whether this is communicating with suppliers or distributors or communicating with customers and clients. Of course, how you communicate will differ depending on who you are communicating with, but effective and clear communication is so important. Effective communication is where you can get across all the information you need both efficiently and effectively. Effective communication is not just verbal. It can also be non-verbal, so it is essential to be aware of what your body language says whenever you are communicating with others.

Effective Communication And Of Communication So Important

Team members and employees who can freely express their ideas and thoughts will bring more creative and innovative ideas to the table. When you give people the chance to communicate with you when they want to, you effectively open up the floor for their contributions. Employee and team member contributions can make a huge difference in a variety of situations. For example, if you are launching a new product or service, a team members’ contribution could help the launch to be more successful. If you create an environment where people feel free to express and communicate their thoughts and ideas as and where they can, you should see an improvement in productivity, effectiveness and efficiency throughout the whole business.

Building And Maintaining Relationships At All Levels

Whether you are running a customer or consumer-based business B2C or you are running a business to business company B2B you will be aware that good, clear and effective communication is essential. For example, if you are not providing good communication with customers, you will soon notice your business failing. Reasons behind this could be due to negative reviews concerning poor communication, or it could be miscommunication. Clear communication from the outset ensures that you can get your point across and that everyone is informed about the situation at hand.

If customers or businesses feel communication has broken down, then you will find these relationships will break. The developers behind Voco say the small and mid-size business needs to ensure they receive practical and clear communication from their customers at all times. To build and maintain relationships that are solid, long-lasting, and future proof, you need to communicate verbally and non verbally in a clear, concise and consistent manner. The same applies to everyone in your team. If communication is not consistent, then relationships will break down. Reliable and trustworthy communication with your customers is what, ultimately, builds your brand and customer loyalty.

TOP TIP: Building and maintaining relationships, both internally and externally, to your business, is so important. If you fail to maintain relationships, you will find that you will struggle to repair them. Lost and broken relationships resulted in lost business and lost trust. Which can often not be earnt or won again – not in any hurry at least!

Communication Contributes To A Companies’ Growth

You cannot grow a company if everyone is not on the same wavelength and track this includes employees. Team members and those external such as suppliers and customers. Communication at all levels is so important. Clarity and consistency are essential components of your company’s growth. A company that communicates well will grow and develop. Share your successes and praises with those in the company, and don’t forget how important recognition is within lines of communication.

Sharing communication on any level, whether it is good or bad, is important as it is feedback. Feedback will ensure that your company can progress, learn and grow. When you encourage open and honest communication from team members, you see where problems lie. When issues have been established, you can quickly rectify them and continue to push your company forwards.

man giving a presentation

Teamwork Makes The Dream Come True

Teamwork is really important in any company whether employees work as part of a team or work independently.  Being part of a team encourages communication, and quite often, good teamwork thrives on communication and feedback. When employees are all on the same page regarding communication. then work processes will flow better, the team will move forwards, and the vision will be more transparent and more achievable. Good communication via teamwork enables employees to strive together to achieve targets and aims. It also encourages positivity and inclusion within the workplace, which is necessary to achieve growth and success.


Being transparent and open about communications and just why you are communicating is important in any company. From micro setups to multinational companies, any communication that takes place internally or externally must be transparent. Effective communication is not about hiding or disguising what you want to say. And, it is about being clear and transparent at every chance you get.

Effective Employee and Customer Management

Without effective communication, how do you communicate with employees? How do you give them feedback, praise them when praise is due or let them know where there is room for improvement. If you cannot communicate with employees, then your company will never grow and develop it will just standstill. In the meantime, your competitors will be striding past you. It is essential that any new employee is aware of how important communication is at all times from the beginning.

So, What Makes A Good Communicator?

To make sure communication is effective, you and everyone within your company need to be good communicators. You need to be empathetic and respectful to your audience while maintaining confidence and a friendly nature/manner. As a good communicator, you need to be open-minded, and you need to be aware of your body language. You have to remember that good effective communication is both verbal and non-verbal. You have to learn to speak to people at all different levels and to do this. You need to appreciate what they have to say and why. You must show respect when you are communicating, especially if you are handling an awkward situation with an employee that requires you to be both sensitive and empathetic.