The website rank on Google or other search engines matters a lot for the online presence of brands. On-page and off-page SEO approaches are widely used to promote websites. One of the most powerful off-page SEO methods is implementing link building strategies. In particular, white hat backlinks come as a long-term investment into stable organic traffic of the website and its position on the Google search page.

What is link building?

To promote your website on the web, consider building links as one of the first steps to take. Using white hat backlinks is a safe and credible method though it may take more time than black hat link building strategies. Learning the link building basics will help you to start promoting your website right away.

When other websites are linking back to your business pages, this forms backlinks. The more authoritative those websites are, the better result you will notice. That way, Google will see that your website contains some useful information and other web sources have links to it. Consequently, the algorithms of the search engine will mark your website as highly relevant when users make appropriate searches.

Building links is not that easy because it requires plenty of time and effort. To start gaining links, have a look at the SEO link building tutorial for learning the best practices for promoting your website. Discover how to get quality white hat backlinks that will benefit your website ranking.

What is the difference between the black and white hat link building?

Once you have created and published your website, it might be very tempting to bring it to the top as fast as possible. However, Google or another search engine will need some time to index and analyze it. While Google does this, start implementing your link building strategies right away but make sure that they are reliable enough.

To get the website higher on the search results page in a short period of time, some webmasters refer to black hat link building strategies. This usually means that the backlink creation is automated with the help of certain tools. Black link building boosts the domain authority by showing Google that many other sources are linking to your website. However, search engine algorithms are now based on artificial intelligence that helps to identify such strategies. When Google detects such affairs, it will likely drop your website in the search or even ban it for a while.

On the contrary, creating white hat backlinks is highly recommended as this strategy goes in line with search engine rules. Though white hat link building takes pretty much effort, it is not associated with the risks of the black hat approach.

The most effective white hat link building approaches

While implementing white hat link building in your SEO strategy, be confident that this is a long-term investment. That will serve you for a considerable amount of time. The approaches listed below are aim at gaining white hat backlinks. Those strategies might be use separately or combined to bring the best results.

Links from blogs

You may create your own blog that will cover topics related to your business and consumer interests. Also, implementing internal linking within your website is a good point to start from. That way, search engines will better understand what is your website about and how the pages are interrelate there.

Guest posting

Another way of gaining links to your website is by getting them from other blogs. You might ask the blog owner to share the link to your website from one of the existing articles. However, the most widespread and effective method for getting white hat backlinks is by creating an article for that external blog.

While looking for the appropriate blogs and websites that correlate with your business ideas might be time-consuming, consider alternative white hat link building strategies. For instance, visit this page to learn more about specialized services that help to gain. White hat backlinks to your website.

Comments on authoritative blogs

The value of the comments on authoritative blogs or discussion platforms such as Reddit is sometimes underestimate. However, backlinks from such web sources matter for Google and other search engines when ranking websites. Creating comments that address the post topic and contain the link to your website is a powerful white hat link building approach.

Social media shares

Similar to the blog comments, links to your website from social media posts or comments have great value for search engines. Make sure that the content provided in your post contains valuable information that would be interesting for readers. So that they would gladly share it.

Local SEO

Consider creating partnerships and collaborations with other brands that operate in the same geographic area and adjacent to your business industry. Such companies will likely share the link to your website on their online sources. When they feel that your products or services complement the positive effects of their produce. In return, you might do the same for those brands by linking back to their websites.