As we live in an era with vast technological advancements, innovations of electronic devices are designed to be more manageable and efficient to use. These include the development of portable monitors. Initially, PC systems were too heavy and took up more space in our offices and houses, which also means that it’s difficult to access your files or play some video games while outdoors. It can be quite a challenge to move freely and relocate when you have huge PC systems. In this busy era that we lived in, time is crucial for your productivity. Technological developments quickly adjusted to our hustling lifestyle, bringing immense benefits to the lives of everyone.

In this writing, we are going to tackle relevant things you should know about portable monitors, from its featured benefits up to its advantages, which can potentially help you choose the perfect device for you.

Size and Weight of Portable Monitors

The convenient size and weight options of portable monitors are the widely known benefits compared to traditional computer systems. You can easily carry this device to your desired destination. Due to technological advancement, the portability increases because of the decrease in size and weight. The available sizes to choose from are seven up to 17 inches wide with lightweight features. You can even find a portable monitor with less than 1 lbs. It would give flexibility and freedom to be on the go. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, carrying this device won’t be a hindrance. Because of their compact screens, travelling with them is extremely easy. These devices can be easily placed in your backpack or shoulder bag.

Choosing the perfect size and weight depends on your usage, whether it’s for work or entertainment. Each size offers a wide range of functionalities and features such as capacity, colour, design, portability along with price differences. Online reviews of the best portable monitors for 2020 are available on, which can be a big help for a consumer to choose the perfect device based on usability. The features of each brand are carefully detailed, along with the pros and cons, which can greatly help the buyer to decide.


Our traditional computer systems were expensive that we could consider in the past a luxurious way to spend money. As we lived in a modern age with a lot of competitors, portable monitors are made available at varying prices in the market. These have become somewhat a necessity in this modern age. With more people working and studying remotely, the increasing trend of its usage is pretty obvious. Different technological companies ensure to target a wide range of customers for-profit competition. Luxurious options are made available, but there are also portable monitors at lower prices offering similar functionalities. You can check out price ranges from $150 to $450.

Power and Connectivity

Portable monitors offer flexible power and connectivity options. You may connect via HDMI, USB Type-C, but if you’re outdoor, you can simply utilize the built-in battery. The device should come with a battery of at least 5000mAH for efficiency, and this would allow you to use it away from the power outlet for a good amount of time. Upon purchasing, you can check the power source whether you can charge the monitor using a USB cable so you can charge it using your laptop. Aside from this, you can also use it as additional screen space for other systems, whether it’s a tablet, gaming console, or PC. Portable monitors come with different uses such as playing games, watching movies, or work-related stuff.

Software Compatibility

These devices were meant to be highly compatible with other systems and programs. They can work with different system specifications, which demonstrate flexibility and functionality for the user. Several brands are compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. However, other devices not designed to work that way because of their price differences. It’s beneficial from the start to consider the systems that you are currently using before choosing your portable monitor.

Other Extras

The touchscreen is an optional feature of a portable monitor. If you feel that you need it, there are devices with touchscreen capability. However, it can be more expensive and uses more power too. Another thing that you might want to look at is the high-quality audio. This would bring a huge impact on your zoom meetings, gaming, or watching experience. Check out those portable monitors with high-quality built-in speakers and also enable you to adjust the volume.

Also, you can add in your list the auto-rotating function that helps you to do other digital tasks.

Tips for Care and Security

Essentially we pick the device that is durable, especially the portable monitor, as it would normally spend time in different kinds of bags. However, its durability also depends on how you handle it with care and security. Make sure you travel with a hard case or with its bag to avoid any form of damages while travelling. It must be stored in a place where it can’t be damaged easily. Keep away food and beverages from your monitor to avoid spillage as it can badly affect internal device systems.

Make it a habit to also charge your monitor to the full battery then unplug it once it charged. Continuous charging can damage the system over time and affects its efficiency. You can maximize your portable monitor’s functionality by knowing the basics of its care and maintenance.

The rise of technological innovations is in favour of our daily lifestyle. It’s making our lives easier as it can be. The older technology was built much heavier and needed separate space for storage, which was a hindrance in achieving efficiency in every way. However, the advancements which developed quickly resolved these issues. Portable monitors promote mobility, and because of improved functionalities, we can be productive wherever we are. We can bring our work with us, attend video conferencing, study in a coffee shop, or simply enjoy your free time outdoors.