It’s infuriating when you realize that your hair got damaged because of a hairdresser. You enter the salon in hopes that you will look better once you get out. Unfortunately, hairdressers might commit mistakes, and your hair could get damaged. If it happens during your visit to the salon, here’s what you need to do.

Stay calm 

Getting angry and screaming at the hairdresser isn’t going to change anything. Your hair already got damaged. Try to stay calm and don’t get carried away by your emotions.

Take pictures

Make sure you have photos of the damaged parts as soon as it happens. Then, you can use them later as evidence should you decide to ask for hair damage claims. It’s easier to settle or prove your case in court when you have pictures as evidence.

Don’t injure the other party

You might think that it’s fair game to also injure the hairdresser because of what happened to you. Remember that you can get sued for aggravated assault. The hairdresser can prove that what happened was an accident, but you can’t say the same. Even if you feel enraged, get yourself together.

Don’t accept apologies

The hairdresser will probably say sorry for what happened. Even if you feel tempted to accept it, you can’t. It could be a sign that you accepted your fate and you’re ready to move on. The manager might also come in and offer you a few things like compensation for what happened. It could be a free treatment on your next visit or discounted hair products. You can’t accept anything since the court might consider it as a settlement. You can get a lot more if you sue for the damage. Another risk is that the courts will think you trust the salon enough to still avail of the free services offered.

Contact a lawyer

You need someone to help you with this battle. It’s not easy to win the fight even if you believe you have evidence to support your case. The salon might also have a legal team to counter your narrative and make you drop the lawsuit. Find experts who will help you navigate this legal battle. Look for lawyers who have worked on similar cases before. Others will even ask you not to pay the fees unless you win your case or receive settlement money.

Seek medical treatment

If you damage not only your hair but also your scalp, seek medical treatment. You should see your doctor before the case worsens. You will also receive prescriptions, depending on the extent of the damage. You can also use the doctor’s official diagnosis as proof if you decide to sue.

Hopefully, you will get what you deserve. You don’t deserve to be in that difficult situation. Getting fair compensation is the least that you can get out of what happened. Next time, be careful about choosing the hairdresser to trust with your hair.