We live in a much more globalized world, and due to the rapidly increasing rise of work being carried out across borders and even online, the number of documents we need to deal with is online increasing. It’s not uncommon that many of these documents could originally be drafted in a different language. This is where the utilization of a reliable translation company comes in handy. There are many reasons why you may want to hire a translation agency and most of them are obvious. However, it is sometimes a hard task trying to identify a good translation agency. Translating a document from one language to another has to be done by a trusted source. Otherwise, the results might be inaccurate, and this could be disastrous in many cases. Here’s how you can find a reliable translation agency.

Expertise Field

A good translation service does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. They have experts in different fields that specialize in their area and are therefore able to provide you with accurate and reliable translations in any field, but mostly scientific, professional, or academic translations. It is better to have someone who understands what your document is about or what it means in order to be able to translate it correctly.

Product Quality

You can ensure that the agency you approach provides good quality translations by asking for samples from their previous projects. For better product quality, search for a company that hires translators that only translate to their mother tongue. According to het vertaalbureau, many providers still use foreign speakers for translations and not native speakers. However, if you don’t really understand the other language. You can look up reviews about the agencies to get a more comprehensive idea of the quality of their services. Many translation agencies offer quality checks and extra proofreading to ensure that the quality of your translation fits your target audience.


In order to pick the best translation agency, you need to make sure it has a confidentiality policy that ensures all information from the documents that are translated remains confidential. There should be an agreement (NDA) between you and your translators that puts them in a position of legal liability if they share any of the information you share with them without your consent. If the translation center refuses to engage in this agreement, then it is best to move on and look for another translator that will comply with the law.

There are certain criteria that may concern you, like whether the agency is certified or not or whether they have their work done within a certain timeframe. Make sure that you go over these specific details before hiring the agency in order to get the work done within the timeline that you have in mind. You should also discuss the fees, and ask them how exactly the calculation is broken down. You can compare different prices from different agencies for the same service and the same quality and decide on which is the best fit for you. For matters of protection of information, test the agency with a document that is not important before sharing any private or sensitive information.