Nowadays, webinars are essential tools that every business needs in its arsenal. It’s even more important if you are targeting a larger customer base. However, if you want to run successful virtual seminars, it takes exceptional software to achieve this. And that’s what we are here for today. To enlighten you on what makes an exceptional webinar software.

Remember, with the help of great webinar software, you can connect with target clients and even influence their decisions. Further, your target customers will get interact with your brand and learn about your product and services. Therefore, don’t let this opportunity slip by.

10 Key Features that Make Webinar Software the Best

1. Free trial

Before anything else, you should check whether the software comes with a free trial. This option will enable you to test the platform if it’s right for your business before committing to it. Let’s face it, all the information about it on various websites will be just praise.

But through testing, you can have first-hand experience if it’s worth purchasing. Not to mention, a transparent tool should offer a demo, free trial, or a free version. That shows they’ve got nothing to hide.

2. Integrations

Integrations are among the vital features the platform should have. Especially, if you are planning to include it among your business tools. The best webinar supports various types of tools. And the more tools it can integrate with, the better the user experience. For instance, you can integrate it with CRM for marketing purposes or with messaging solutions like Slack.

3. Security

Safety is a vital part of any online solution. And webinars are not exempted. With security, only the invited audience will have access to your virtual seminars. Therefore, ensure that safety is a priority when choosing one of these platforms. For better protection, check out the type of security the platform is offering. For example, does the software come with a single or double encryption sign-in feature?

4. Technical support

Anything can go wrong during a virtual meeting. And if that happens, you need to resolve the issue right away. The availability of technical support, in this case, will be handy. Their purpose is to ensure nothing goes wrong during your virtual meetings or seminars.

If a bug pops up, they will help you fix it immediately to prevent your meeting from stalling. However, ensure it’s not email or chatbot support. You need virtual support that’s available 24/7. That’s because you can never predict when you will encounter technical difficulties.

5. Quality

Regardless of how well your webinar session is prepared, poor-quality software will ruin it. For instance, you may encounter awkward situations like the audience not seeing the speaker’s face clearly. And that can ruin the level of influence your meeting can have on the audience.

You should pick a platform with the latest technology. It should provide reliable connections and quality images. Most importantly, it should guarantee quality images even when the conditions are worse.

6. Analytics

Well, you don’t have to get a platform that provides complex data. But even so, it should provide metrics that you can use to determine the success of your meetings. Using this data, you can determine what your audiences are looking for. As a result, you can provide them with a better experience and improve the performance of your business.

7. Custom solutions

There’s more you can get from webinars than the normal experience. For instance, the best options can provide you with custom solutions that fit your business needs. Since not all of them provide this feature, consider the advanced options. A platform that supports custom packages allows you to provide your audience with the experience they desire. A great example of that is LiveWebinar – a chameleon of webinar software!

8. Collaboration features

In the beginning, collaboration features were only accessible through add-ons. But that has since changed. Nowadays, it’s part of the essential features that webinars come with. But even so, not all of them offer this feature as part of a package. Therefore, you must ensure it’s available before considering a given solution. For instance, you can start by looking for basic features like chat.

It provides a seamless way to communicate with the audience during the meetings. Further, there are advanced options like breakout rooms. In this case, you can split the meetings into smaller groups. Not to mention, some offer surveys and pools that you can leverage to enhance engagement and generate feedback. Last but not least, you may need a whiteboard or screen sharing during the meeting.

9. Session recording

You are probably aware of the benefits of on-demand webinars. It’s an effective means of generating leads once your meeting is over. With this option, your target audience who missed the opportunity to attend the meeting will still access the recording.

Therefore, choose a webinar with sufficient storage to record and store all your virtual meetings or seminars. Also, it should support the customization of the recording. And most importantly, you should be able to generate sharing or downloading links that you can share.

10. Easy access

For ease of use, the platform should support various devices and browsers. For instance, some clients may need the application version of the software to attend your meeting. Some of them might be comfortable using web browsers. And some clients may want to participate through smartphones, smart TV, or tablets. Not to mention, others may want the convenience to attend virtual seminars from anywhere.

Final Take

Now that you know what makes exceptional webinar software, are you ready to pick one? Well, we understand that this can be an overwhelming process. If anything goes wrong during your meetings, the audience will judge you. For instance, any delay, technical issues, or poor visual quality will be on you.

So, before you pick one, you can check out this webinar software comparison. It will help you in evaluating the best options available and enable you to pick the right platform. But that’s not all, it takes more than exceptional webinar software to host a successful meeting. A webinar outline template for instance will increase the success rate of your webinars.