In the modern age, filled with hashtags, tweets, @’s, private messaging, statuses, and Instagram Reels, online privacy seems a bit like a wild concept now.

We are all so interconnected thanks to the online world. Despite the growth of the internet and social media networks, online privacy is still something that is of high concern.

We have all heard of fraud, online trolls, scams, phishing, theft, and data breaches, and this is what is important.

However, online privacy involves many things. Let’s talk about how you can protect your online privacy. After reading this guide, do not be afraid to look around for more information too, so you can safeguard your online privacy.

What Exactly Is Online Privacy?

Online privacy, also known as data privacy or information privacy is data security. It focuses on the proper and adequate handling of data. Data privacy can range from notice to consent and regulation obligations.

It is the ability to control what details you are revealing about yourself online, and who is able to access that information.

It is a very important part of sharing information, and it covers medical, online, and financial privacy.

Data privacy includes encryption, masking data, and authentication, all in an effort to make sure that the information about you is only available to people who are authorized to have access to this information.

An Introduction To Why It Is Important

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, we will bullet point the reasons that online privacy is important for you.

  • Online privacy ensures the safeguarding of your reputation.
  • It protects your ability to have freedom of speech and freedom of expression.
  • It safeguards against potential disrespect from others using the internet.
  • Online privacy helps in the safeguarding of social boundaries.
  • It also limits the potential power someone could have over you.
  • It keeps you, and also your family safe from any potential breaches in social media data.
  • Online privacy protects your business privacy from any cyber criminals.
  • It also safeguards your privacy and protects you from identity theft.

The Main Concerns Of Personal Privacy Online

Many people are concerned about their privacy online. In fact, a good 81% of American users report they feel they have zero control over their personal data being accessed by private parties.

This 81% soared to 84% when asked about the government access to their personal online data.

People are worried about the safety and security of their online privacy.

However, we cannot forget that our data privacy is one of our human rights. We can enforce the right to be forgotten by companies by asking them to give up or delete any and all information they have on us. This can include conversations and discussions with third parties.

We have also seen online privacy wars take place in the removal of images and names in vindictive online content such as ‘revenge pornography’ as well as past stories and viral videos.

This right is a real thing, although many of us do not enforce it or even realize it is enforceable. This is a right that we can fight for to restore our online privacy.

The Importance Of Online Privacy

Online privacy is important. This is true not only in the protection of our information and data from online criminals but also to keep our online experience an enjoyable one.

Granted, online bullying, trolls, and unpleasant behavior will always take place online. But online privacy allows us to be more streamlined in how we can control what and who has access to our information.

Remember to always update your settings on your social media. You should also be aware of any updates that could hinder the security you feel in your social media accounts.

Always ensure that any and all accounts have data encryption in place if they ask for any personal information or personal data.

Install antivirus software to ensure that both you and your business are protected from cybercriminals.

The limitation of information that someone may have about you can help to prevent the government, anonymous parties, and advertisers from having a hold over you. However, if they do gain access to this information then they are able to control you.

Reputation is important. Losing friends, family, and opportunities are totally possible when online privacy breaches result in a loss of reputation. Similarly, safeguarding social boundaries is important because internet activity can easily spill over into our real lives.

Let us not forget freedom of speech, of course, this is important. However, people will also use this to share misinformation. Internet privacy protects your ability to speak and express yourself freely.