Let us talk about what is domain authority (DA)? You can call domain authority a detailed description of different website metrics and a key to understanding why one domain has a higher rank than others. Users prefer higher DA websites over the lower DA websites because the websites with higher DA represent valid information sources.

You can conclude that there is a direct relationship between high domain authority scores and higher rankings.

Why is domain authority important?

The following factors will let you know that why is it essential:

  • You must analyze your website and check its domain authority through an online da checker tool. It will enable you to know that where your website is standing in the marketplace. It’s well-done if it attains a higher DA score, but you could make efforts to improve it if your site has a lower DA score.
  • The search engine crawlers crawl on your web pages like humans and read your content thoroughly. They will give you a higher DA score if they find your website’s content search engine optimized.
  • The readers always attract to higher DA websites as these are the verification of reliable sources.

Must use online domain authority checker tools that tell you the score of your website’s strength. You can struggle to increase or maintain your DA when you know how lower or higher DA your website contains. Let’s discuss how you can work with online da checker engines.

How to check your domain authority?

The main struggle is to screen out the more straightforward online tools that let you work with ease. After deciding on a perfect bulk da checker, you need to follow the given steps to check your da score quickly.

  • Go to the main page of the available tool to ask you to enter the URL of your website.
  • You can also check the DA of your competitor’s websites, so enter the specific URL you want to check for a score.
  • Once you have entered the URL successfully, click on the “Check Authority” icon.
  • The online da analyzer tools will provide you with instant results.

You will get many online engines over the internet when you search for da checker tools. Let’s name some of the powerful tools here.

The Best DA checker Tools:

1) Domain authority checker by SmallSEOTools:

This unique da checker tool will assist you in keeping an eye on your competitor’s website domain authority score. You must check your website to improve the score for getting high ranks from Google. Its simple user-interface will let you check DA within a matter of seconds and provide you accurate findings. This SmallSeoTools website authority checker free can determine the da score of your site quickly.

2) Link Explorer:

It is the most popular tool by MOZ, which can let you check domain authority, inbound links, anchor text, linking domains, ranking keywords, and top pages. Its Spam Score feature can tell you the percentage of the linking site with its spam score. A high spam score will be an alarming situation, so it must be zero for attaining high ranks.

3) Website SEO Checker:

It is a free bulk da checker tool from the website SEO Checker. You can use the following powerful feature provided by it, including bulk Alexa rank checker, Html/XML sitemap generator, domain age checker, Google index checker, extract URL to a domain, page authority checker, backlink checker, social share counter, spam score checker, and keyword position checker. It can check domain authority for multiple sites or domains.

Let’s see what you can do to increase your domain authority.

How to influence your domain authority?

It’s always essential to influence or give attention to increasing your DA by focusing on some particular ideas. Let’s list up some of them here.


You must check the quality or standard of backlinks that other small websites have pointed on your webpage. Not all backlinks need to be excellent or high-quality. Some spammy or irrelevant links may harm your DA rank. So, you can try any backlink checker online tool to take a regular audit of your websites. You may remove or report these website links which are giving low links to your sites.

Good links:

Another side of a coin is achieving useful links from other websites. One of the best ways to have high-quality links is to provide fresh, updated, and readable content on your webpage. No doubt, content marketing is crucial to attracting search engines, readers, customers, or website owners.

Internal links:

You can also boost your domain authority by linking from one page to another inside your site. It will help boost Google’s PageRank because Google crawlers crawl in your website and attract by the internal links. The viewers will stay on your website for a more extended period if you interlink the relevant pages. You can enhance their interest in your content, and ultimately it will boost your domain authority.