Many people, including you, have come across QR codes in different places. QR codes are common on online platforms as well as physical places, including restaurants and supermarkets. Do you know how these important codes are created? Whether you want to create one or you’re just curious to know how they are made, this article has everything you need to know.

The most important thing to remember is that when creating a QR code, you should pick a high-quality QR code generator to do a perfect job for you. To discover more about QR codes, keep reading.

What’s a QR Code Generator?

At first glance, you can guess what this tool does. A QR code generator is a virtual tool that allows users to generate different quick response codes by entering the information they want to store so that devices with QR code readers can access and interpret it.

After creating these codes, users can download them in various formats, including EPS, SVG, JPG, and PNG. They can also print these QR codes and place them in their areas of choice where people will access them easily.

Once you find a perfect QR code generator, the next concern is the content you can encode. A QR code generator allows you to encode different types of content, including video, images, and website links. Based on this information, you can generate image QR codes, website URL QR codes, Text QR codes, and video QR codes, to mention just a few.

Currently, there are over 20 categories of QR codes you can pick from. You can proceed to find a perfect QR code generator once you know the category you need.

QR Code Generator Types

Two main types of QR code generators are available online, which include basic and advanced. The choice of a generator type depends on the number and nature of the QR code you want to generate. Let’s discuss these two types of QR generators in detail.

Basic QR Code Generators

A basic QR code generator will allow you to generate a static QR code. Using this generator, the QR code you create features basic information such as text and website URL. A static QR code is non-trackable and permanent, meaning once you generate it, you can’t edit it anymore.

If you need any edits, generating a new one is the only option. Additionally, you can’t track any reading activity of a static quick response code. What this means is that a static quick response code has limited functionality.

Advanced QR Code Generators

If you want to create a unique QR code, you should use an advanced QR code generator. But why? An advanced QR code generator is loaded with great and useful features, including editing content, tracking scanning and reading activities, different designs to choose from, landing page functionality, password protection, and exporting QR code in vector formats.

With an advanced QR code generator, you can create dynamic QR codes and track scanning activities, like date, time, device, geography, and operating system. Additionally, you can create QR codes with different designs, including custom and basic ones, and as a marketer, you can increase your traffic by generating landing page QR codes.

Advanced QR code generators also create well-protected quick response codes thanks to their password protection feature.

How to Choose a QR Code Generator

Up to this point, you already know the information you need and the type of QR code generator that is a perfect match for you. The next important step is to find a top-notch QR code generator. If you do a simple Google search, you’ll find a huge list of generators available at your disposal.

So how do you know which one blends smoothly with your unique needs and requirements? A simple answer to this question is by comparing them. While comparing different QR code generators can allow you to find a perfect match, you will need enough time to do that, and the entire process is not only tough but also tedious.

The good news is that you don’t have to do that; you’ll find an already compiled list of the best QR code generators available online based on different features. Whether you want to generate a single QR code or a large volume, you’ll find a perfect match for you.

If you decide to research yourself, then you should consider factors like the number of features available, the time it takes to generate a large volume of codes, customer support, and cost.

Create Your First-Ever QR Code

You now know what QR code generators are, the different types available, and how to pick the perfect one for you. To get started, choose your favorite generator and go ahead to create your first quick response code.