PFP NFTs, or Profile Picture NFTs, are a type of non-fungible token that has gained popularity in the cryptocurrency market. Alongside well-known NFT projects like BoredApes, CryptoPunks, and Etherrocks, PFP NFTs have become a significant part of the NFT landscape. These digital assets, which often feature unique and customizable profile pictures, have seen sales ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on their market share.

A PFP NFT is a Profile-Picture Non-Fungible-Token. It’s among the most popular NFTs at the moment. In this guide, we’ll talk about the most popular PFP NFTs available globally. Additionally, we’ll include some next-level NFT campaign strategies you can leverage to drive attention to your projects.

What’s ELI5 NFT?

A non-Fungible Token, also known as an NFT, represents the virtual ownership of an asset in the digital world. We all have a bit of experience dealing with collectibles – NFTs are no different. They’re just like your Pokemon Cards, Cola Cans, and Post Stamps collectibles, but in the virtual world.

Virtual lands, domain names, game items, and digital art are some of the most popular NFT collectibles. That’s not the end of the list, because there are other options. Unlike actual collectibles, NFTs rely on blockchain tech to maintain their credibility and scarcity. Having said that, you can verify the legitimacy of an NFT by examining the smart contract before purchasing it.

Utilizing smart contracts, all NFT transactions are transparent and secure, providing peace of mind for creators, investors, and traders. The scarcity of NFTs can be easily determined, offering valuable information for those interested in investing or trading. And, with access to records made available through smart contracts, determining the origin and creator of an NFT is simple. Choose a reliable and trustworthy platform for your NFT needs with professional NFT minting website development services.

How did PFP NFTs emerge?

It’s impossible to define what a PFP NFT is while excluding CryptoPunks from the equation. Famously termed as Punks, this is one of the popular NFT projects. It owes its publicity to actual auction houses and celebrities. Just a few years ago, anyone could invest in Punk tokens because they were worth a few dollars. Now, the cheapest Punk is worth about 350k USD.

CryptoPunks was unveiled by LarvaLabs. The primary components are a group of pixilated characters that are alike with trait variations like sunglasses, and hats. The popularity of Punks was demonstrated in the crypto community where members would use them as profile pictures. That was just the start of the PFP frenzy. Nowadays, you will find many NFTs minted and used as Profile Pictures or virtual avatars.

Why should you buy a PFP NFT?

We’re gradually migrating to a more digital world. Possessing a CryptoPunk avatar is an opportunity to flex your wealth in the digital environment (Metaverse). You can say it’s the virtual equivalent of an actual Ferrari or Lamborghini. It’s a virtual means of announcing your presence and, most importantly, your wealth in the digital space.

In reality, not everyone has the means to afford exotic cars, and not everyone wants to own one. A PFP NFT is a more affordable and less extravagant way of reflecting your personality in the virtual space. Moreover, it’s a chance to mingle with people you share values with. Just like a physical asset, the value of your NFT also inflates. In this case, it’s the growth of the community around it that influences the value.

Popular PFP NFTs

One of the first projects that gained a lot from the PFP NFT frenzy was BAYC. Also known as Bored Apes Yacht Club, BAYC was founded in the first quarter of 2021. It comprises a vast collection of apes images in high resolution. Later, it would find its way into private auctions like Sotheby’s, and Christie’s as CryptoPunks.

Other popular PFP NFTs include:

1) Mutant Apes (MAYC)

As mentioned earlier, BAYC is one of the most popular PFP NFTs. More recently, BAYC has given rise to MAYC. Mutant Apes is a combination of Bored Apes Yacht Club and a serum airdrop. Consequently, over 10,000 mutant apes were minted, with each costing 3 Ethereum. Within half an hour of unveiling Mutant Apes last year in September, all 10k copies sold out.

While they’re less than a year old, Mutant Apes seems to be doing great when it comes to NFTs ranks. They trail Opensea ranking at 5th amongst the best PFPs. Currently, their trading volume is about 182k Ethereum.

Some of the scarce MAYC serums are worth millions of USD. Just recently, one of the scarce serums got a 1750 ETH bid. However, the owner rejected the offer. For several months, the Mutant Apes value ranged between 5 to 7 Ethereum. From November, there was inflation in the value. Today, each Mutant Ape is worth about 15 ETH.

At this point, nothing seems to be slowing down the Mutant Apes. As a result, more MAYC and their derivatives are popping up online. Currently, Apes NFT is the hottest PFP, and everyone wants a piece of it. Thankfully NFT buyers need not despair – rumor has it that there’s a new Ape token.

2) Alpacadabraz

Since the Crypto Punks shot to over the top rank in PFP NFTs, the popularity of Pixel Art skyrocketed. As a result, you will find tons of PFP NFTs all over the web. Unfortunately, a significant amount of these NFTs are cheap scams designed to rip off gullible traders. It’s also important to point out that they have poor performance in the market.

However, Alpacadabraz offers NFT holders the opportunity to own a true treasure. They utilize a similar pixel format but with a hint of originality. As such, they stand out in the NFT marketplace. Furthermore, you can invest in Alpaca animation if you want to gain profits. Since they’re scarce, they fetch a good price if fortune favors you. In fact, there are times when the value goes up to 8ETH per alpaca.

3) Doodles

Doodle stands out as the new kid on the block and the hottest NFT in the blockchain community, specifically in NFT forums. You can tell that it’s taking over the NFT marketplace considering the number of Doodle derivatives available now. Complete with a jolly look, this PFP exudes a cool vibe. It’s no wonder that many NFT collectors are falling for it.

One of the noteworthy Doodle characters includes the fixed 1273 ETH available for the community. The holders can decide on how to dispose of that liquidity through a vote. Whether they’ll choose to invest it in partnerships, parties, or campaigns, the community remains an integral part of this NFT.

In due course, successful projects through affiliations like Pukenza and Noodles were designed for holders of this NFT. Profits were directed to their accounts at the Doodle bank. Surprisingly, they’ve had an impressive sale recently and the mega jackpot is 296.69 ETH, (Golden Ape-Pranks).

Actionable marketing strategies for NFTs

While there’s a brighter future for whoever invests in NFT and PFP NFTs in particular, that doesn’t rule out the need for marketing. As one would expect, the target campaigns are not for novices. Skills, expertise, and experiences are some of the qualities that determine whether your strategies will be successful.

  • Bounty campaigns

Bounty campaigns are best when you’re about to roll out an ICO for your NFT project. With this strategy, you can incentivize prospects into backing your project before the actual date for ICO. On that note, bounty campaigns in the crypto industry are majorly promotional activities that target “bounty hunters”.

In this case, the reward for the bounty is tokens from your project. A bounty campaign starts with you designing a promotional task that earns bounty hunters NFT tokens when they complete it. There are several ways in which your NFT project can benefit through bounty campaigns:

  • First, it’s inexpensive and reduces spending on the budget set for marketing
  • Builds a powerful community to endorse your project
  • Generates product awareness
  • Community engagement

The crypto community is a collective term for all blockchain enthusiasts, investors, traders, collectors, and sellers of NFTs. It also includes those who love to contribute to NFT discussions, whether they’re trading in NFTs or not.

Flippers are members of the crypto community who buy NFTs at low prices and then resell them to gain profit. A shiller, on the other hand, is a crypto enthusiast who expresses mild interest in products they adore.

Building your NFT community from scratch is essential. It’s the foundation of a powerful community that will not only back your NFT project but also guarantee a token sale. Additionally, the same community will come in handy in creating an NFT frenzy that will bring more traffic to your project.

  • Influencer marketing

Influencers have significant control over the buying choices of their followers. Therefore, working with them is a wise decision and can bring you a step closer to achieving a mega sale. Influencers are resourceful in marketing NFTs. By sensitizing their followers to bid on your projects or products, they can generate significant sales for you.

Furthermore, the influence of an NFT influencer on product purchase doesn’t just apply to established projects or collections, but also to starter projects. Therefore if you’re launching a new product and you need to establish quick sales, you should engage them. Working with influencers comes with the following benefits:

Target Community: Influencers in crypto industries have access to massive communities, especially in the NFT space. As such, it’s easier to reach your target audience without having to assemble people from scratch. Furthermore, when you engage influencers to promote your project, it will trend and go viral online easily.

Trust: Influencers create a loyal community of followers by leveraging their trust and relentless support. Therefore, if you want to build community trust around your project, you should hire them. Also, by working with an influencer, you’re saving resources and time you would invest in building trust. In this way, influencer marketing can be very budget-friendly.

Influencer tactics are vital if you’re sponsoring an NFT marketing campaign. A good PR agency can help you to connect with the right influencers for your NFT collection. A typical PR agency with experience in the NFT space will have a list of influencers whom they can reach out to in order to gauge their interest in working with you.

  • Email marketing

As a developer, creator, or artist, email marketing is a strategy you can leverage to reach audiences and investors. In order for this strategy to work, your email content must be insightful. That’s the only way you will avoid getting spammed by users.

For instance, you can use MailChimp as an email marketing tool to effortlessly share automated mail. If anyone in your target audience shows interest, then you can shift to a curated approach. This involves sharing custom emails to satisfy their interest in your project.

Through email marketing, you will create a strong community that will have consistent access to your project updates. The benefits of presenting your brand through email marketing include a solid relationship with investors and community members.  A good email marketing campaign improves your credibility in the marketplace. It also turns you into an authority, especially if you’re sharing insightful content.

  • Community relations

The main target for brands is developing a vibrant community that will sponsor their projects. In order to stand out in the market, your brand will have to interact with investors and audiences. To this end, your company must learn ways to foster a healthy culture. With such a strategy, you can gain the audience’s trust and loyalty.

Over to you

NFTs are dominating many online conversations in the crypto community. Even so, carrying out an NFT campaign isn’t as easy as it may sound. You and your team will need to have skills and specific knowledge.

On the other hand, you can enjoy a flawless and effective campaign without lifting a finger if you choose. All you need to do is hire PR and marketing experts with experience working with NFT developers.

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