Did you know that an online press release can work well as an advertisement for your brand? We see major brands making headlines in the media all the time. Maybe it’s a signature beverage with a new flavor. Or maybe the latest story is about the release of a new phone model.

What if your brand could access the same sort of free publicity? Wouldn’t that be great for the business? Thankfully, this kind of positive publicity is well within your reach. And it’s not as complicated as you might think to earn media coverage. Further, it’s not just for the big companies or multinationals either.

Public relations is a powerful tool for all businesses when you master how to use it. It’s how you deploy your public relations strategies ad tactics that determines their effectiveness. Having said that, we’ve compiled the guide below to help you with writing digital press releases:

What’s a press release?

Oftentimes, we associate press releases with major announcements like a major budget film or celebrity statements. On the contrary, press releases can be used for a wide variety of announcements. For instance, corporations have been using press releases to create brand awareness and generate publicity for product launches for years.

Press releases are very brief, factual announcements that get issued to a media distribution network on behalf of a business/company. If the media channels find the release contents newsworthy and intriguing, they will use your story to write an article of their own.

Major benefits of a press release

How is a press release good for your business? Well, here are the reasons that will encourage you to use press releases more often:

  • Boosts your brand’s profile

Compare launching your business in the media to launching it on social media. Which option is more influential? Well, there’s an authority that comes with a press release. It portrays your brand as credible, enabling the clients to take it seriously.

When your press release is published by the media, this is a form of social proof – a vote of confidence in your brand. Earning media coverage makes it much easier for your brand to earn public trust and win customers over.

  • Positions you as an industry authority

Beyond earning positive publicity, a press release portrays your brand as a trustworthy source. What’s more, it showcases you as an authority in your industry. It’s almost as effective as writing a white paper on a given topic. As with a white paper, if your press release goes viral, media outlets may start reaching out to you for expert opinions in that area. Imagine having journalists coming to you for a story instead of having to pitch your stories to them every time. This is exactly what happens when you write a quality press release that encourages journalists to think of you as a valuable source of information.

  • Offers a cost-effective solution

Writing and distributing press releases is generally cheaper than traditional advertising. What’s more, people are more likely to believe what you have to say in your press release. If you decide to outsource your press release writing, you’ll also find that most agencies offer affordable packages that include press release distribution. At Pressfarm, you can choose from three packages. When you take into account the potential to reach that their press release distribution offers, you’ll realize it’s a worthy investment.

Pressfarm’s PR professionals and expert writers can also help proofread and edit an existing press release for you, in addition to providing insight and advice into the PR industry. Moreover, by providing custom media lists and a database of 1 million+ journalists, Pressfarm can help you connect with the best journalists in your niche. By partnering with Pressfarm, you could launch a PR campaign that boosts your online visibility by helping your brand to feature in relevant search results.

  • Opens up great potential

Let’s be realistic – you can’t count on viral marketing all the time, because it’s never a guarantee. Oftentimes, succeeding with this approach comes down to sheer luck. On the other hand, a press release is more successful than most viral marketing tactics because it combines the element of virality with a calculated approach. If people like your content, they’ll share it continuously, thus creating hype.

  • Helps you reach potential audiences

One of the major benefits of leveraging the press release model is access to quality audiences. Furthermore, a good press release also reaches an unrivaled number of prospects. Keep in mind that getting featured among the small media outlets still grants you access to thousands of prospects. You don’t have to get your press release published in Forbes or Yahoo Finance for it to make waves. In fact, sometimes getting published in smaller, more niche outlets is a better way to reach a specialized audience.

Popular platforms like the BBC and New York Times have a wider reach. If your release appears on these channels, you’re reaching out to millions of readers. Just think about the costs you’ll incur to reach these audiences through PPC (pay per click). As a startup, you’ll often find that it’s more affordable and more effective to target the smaller outlets.

Start writing press releases that capture attention today

If you’re writing a press release for the first time, it may seem challenging. Luckily, there’re a few tricks you can leverage. They include:

1) Formatting

To create a press release, you need to learn about the standard format for a press release in your industry. After all, it’s the format that determines whether your press release will even be accepted by a media outlet or not. When writing the content, keep it factual. Omit sales phrases and opinions. Also, answer the most crucial questions – who, what, when, where, why, and how. Addressing these questions should give your release a proper structure and enough appealing content to impress the audience.

Furthermore, you’ll need to include a title, subtitle, and quote in your press release. Always keep the press release content highly insightful, engaging, and succinct. If you need professional help with cutting down excessive content, you should reach out to a copy editing specialist like those at Pressfarm.

2) Timing

The timing of your announcement plays a huge role in whether or not your press release will succeed. That being said, you should choose a topic that can make your release stand out. It also goes without saying that you should avoid sending a press release out when news outlets are in the process of covering a viral story. That is, unless your press release adds to the story they’re talking about or is viral in itself.

If you send your press release out in the middle of a media storm, this press release may get lost in the noise and never make it to the editorial team. When sending your release emails, consider doing this during morning hours. The best days of the week to do this are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Press release distribution

The most effective way to reach audiences with your press release is by using respected PR distribution channels. The channel must have links to major news outlets, which is what you’ll get at Pressfarm. Hiring the PR specialists at Pressfarm increases your chances of capturing the attention of news channels and reaching your audiences.


Is a press release a powerful SEO tool?

If you want to boost your domain authority, a press release can help you achieve this with ease. When your business site links get published in various news channels with a top DR, your site gets a boost. The backlinks will improve your credibility score on Google and help boost your SEO efforts.

Should you hire an agency?

Thanks to the modern PR in the digital space, you don’t need to rely solely on PR agencies to distribute your press release. With the help of a distribution network, you can get your press release published on major news platforms. However, paying an agency will often give you access to press release writing, review and distribution for an affordable fee and in one place.

Are you ready to start using online press releases for your business?

Good press is important if you want your company to thrive. However, don’t just sit back and wait for the media to reach you. Get proactive by using online press releases to promote your brand in the wider digital market.