Along with the social media marketing and website for traffic content marketing, websites play a role in bringing out your product to the consumers in an effective way. They are a means of generating meaningful PR.

The effective ways in which you can grow your SAAS business or any other one would define the success of your startup ahead.

Making your website known depends upon your SEO strategies. These strategies not only surface your website in the search giants such as Google; but also give the consumers a way of interacting with you. It also helps to find new customers for your business.

1.  Choose a niche

If your website is about a single niche of products, then it also makes it easy for you to draft them for the journalists while pitching for good PR.

To know what your website should be about, a little keyword research through tools such as Google Trends, Adwords, Google Insight and other third-party research tools can be helpful.

2. Place keywords right

Searching for keywords is one thing but placing them right is more important. The keywords are to be placed in the URL, domain name, early in the page, titles, categories and the content itself.

This could be one of the new trends in getting modern PR!

3. Link to pages

Linking and cross-linking the pages of a website through anchor text can be a great way of engaging the visitors and, in turn, increasing the inflow.

Linking your most important pages to your homepage can have the effect of pulling the least important pages up to the surface.

4. Make your permalinks pretty

There are some websites that use numbers to name their pages in the permalink. This is not advised.

Instead, to create something alluring, include keywords and other words that can:

  1. Best describe your page,
  2. Grab attention.

5. A slow website has a high bounce rate

Remove all the unnecessary jargon that is causing this. You should also get rid of large images, flash graphics and unimportant plugins.

6. Optimize your images

The image title, description, and attributes should also be optimized. If a title does not contain any keyword, edit it to rewrite it.

Setting the right image title can also be useful when those images become part of an email.

7. Link externally

Linking externally can increase your trust rate with the Google.

Trust rates are essential if you want to rank higher. The external websites can be liked as “Read Further”, link lists or resource pages.

8. Keep updating

Do you know why sites like Wikipedia rank so high on Google? Simply because their content is updated every now and then.

Updating the existing content time and again pushes it into a new page which Google loves.

9. Ensure your pages are crawled

Not by a spider, of course; but by a search engine. Some search engines directly add your website to their pool while others don’t.

If your website is in the latter then add the engines manually.

10. Link your website to another website

This can be either done by asking the owner. While this can be challenging, the best way to do it is writing guest posts on their websites.

This way you can get linked!

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