Video Selfie App, Dubsmash, is making rounds on the internet

Jonas Druppel, Roland Grenke and Daniel Taschik have created an app that is already a serious hit on Android’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. Dubsmash. With the “selfie” word becoming a hit itself over the last 6 years and being officially included in the Oxford English Dictionary, everything with the word selfie in it or behind the idea seems to be smashing the billboards to the top. Forget aboout your usual selfie though. Dubsmash takes your selfie game to a whole new level by allowing you to take a video selfie of yourself, when you’re sad, angry, indifferent, or when you just want to be funny.

This was not the first app the trio had launched on the app store as they tell TechCrunch. It was their third try at the mobile applications business and they had failed terribly in their first two. Roland Grenke, the Co-founder in the interview with Techcrunch says the feedback was good earlier on for Dubsmash: “Early in our prototyping phase in October, we already got very positive feedback that made us feel that we found something valuable to many people.”

Within a week of the app’s release to the app store, Dubsmash was topping the chats in Germany and in no time, it was occupying the number one spot in 29 countries. The three founders met in a hackathon event in Berlin in 2012 and founded their app development company in 2013. The launch of their first two apps in mid-2013 was not a success and they decided to proceed to their third venture.

Millions are now using the video selfie app internationally and the founders hope that in a few months it will be on millions of phones internationally. That is a no brainer really. The application was only launched in November 2014 and now has millions of downloads already.

Dubsmash has a lot of features already and more planned. Most of the features are borrowed lessons from the failure of Starlize and MVP. “We started Dubsmash very lean, and put in all the hard-learned lessons from our previous apps,” says Grenke.

Currently all videos uploaded to the app are stored on your phone or your cloud, and there is also a video sharing feature to other networks. Since most videos use sound clips from already existing music, TV shows and sound tracks, there is a risk of copyright infringement claims by external parties. However, this has not been a problem so far and if it were to arise, the startup will use the ‘take down notice’ model to handle it.

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