Growing your blog and audience number, and getting as many followers as possible is not an easy task. Most people start a blog out of love – over time it turns into a business that must be led properly in order to ensure future success and profit.

Having funds is necessary when it comes to growth. In order to be able to dedicate yourself to the audience, family, friends, and yourself, you need to be financially free in some way. You will agree that everything is easier when you know that from your work on the blog, in addition to helping others, you also have income. Both of these factors will help you feel great about what you’re doing. Thus, here are some useful tips to help you monetize and grow your blog.

Small Details of Great Importance

Interesting headline

As it is the first thing people will read, your heading should capture their interest. Remember to put keywords towards the start of the title. The title should not exceed 70 characters in length.

The first paragraph

To grab the attention of the reader, make sure the crucial phrases are in the main paragraph. Encourage people to read on by highlighting the most interesting aspects of the topic you’re writing about.

The number of words

The text should be between 500 and 800 words long. That’s enough to communicate your ideas, yet it’s not too long, so no one will be distracted.


Use links to direct visitors to prior subjects or contact information. You may also include a list of earlier posts in the text – posts that you believe your readers would find interesting too.

Suitable Picture

Adding a picture or statistic to your article will attract more people and encourage them to share it.

Call To Action

Add a CTA in the text conclusion. This could be a link to a longer text or a query connected to the content that readers can answer by commenting.

Share on social media

Include share buttons on social media sites to encourage users to share more.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Much

Time is limited and the day lasts only 24 hours, so good organizations grow your blog strategy is key to further progress and success. If you do not have the resources to help you optimize or expand your team, hire an expert or read some useful tips and articles at TinyBlogger and get the overall idea of how to manage your blog. This way, success will come more easily as well.

Fatigue can also be described as a lack of energy, motivation, mood, will, and strength to do something. There are situations when it is realistic and normal to feel tired, especially when you have done something hard. It is important to be rested and healthy in order to use your energy even more efficiently for blogging.

A Useful Guide On How To Monetize And Grow Your Blog

Strategy Is Very Important When Monetizing Your Blog

Passive earnings are almost impossible without a good strategy because the earnings themselves will depend on your “manual pushing” of links on various platforms.

Earnings are proportional to the number of visits to your blog, which means that if we want an organic visit from Google, our posts should be on the first pages.

If a keyword/phrase is particularly popular, companies may advertise for it, which means that Google ads will be searched first, followed by organic links.

Today, Google has over 200 rules for ranking posts in search. So the key factor is to have a very clear plan when writing.

You Can Monetize Your Blog Via:

  • Affiliate links
  • Promotional texts
  • Google AdSense
  • Your product (digital/physical)
  • Banners

Each of these methods should be used carefully because they can also disrupt the UX or user experience on your blog. You don’t want to betray and spam your audience.

You can get paid for your work through the post itself as a PR text, i.e. a promoted text for which someone pays you to write and publish. This is one of the better ways, but be careful to dictate the terms because you don’t want to sell “everything” to your audience for profit. Also, avoid ready-made text because it can be marked as duplicate content, which means that they have already been published somewhere. This can result in Google sabotaging your blog.

If you use Google ads (the most usable and the main way of basic passive earnings), make sure that your ads do not pop up on every page. It’s also important to make sure that people can read your post clearly once they’ve seen your ads.

Another good way to monetize is using promo text or backlinks to grow your blog. More and more companies are using this tactic today to boost the SEO off-page optimization of their online stores and sites. Remember that your audience is the # 1 factor to consider before you sign off on any collaboration.

Now that you have all the information, you can start blogging and give your audience a peek into your world!