Are you ready to revamp your marketing strategy, streamline the process and bring things back to basics? Marketing can sometimes be hard. While it is wonderfully versatile and super effective, you can quickly get lost in the many options you have or drown in the reports you can download.

In this article, we will introduce you to the marketing power of personalized stickers. Personalized stickers are the best way for you to get high-quality designs without any design experience, in record time. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Then let’s jump right in.

What are personalized stickers?

Personalized stickers are very similar to custom stickers in the sense that you can choose your preferred sticker material and the perfect size. However, you do not have to submit your own design. Instead, you can browse libraries of templates to edit a pre-made design or start from scratch by using the thousands of elements on offer.

Many sticker printing companies like these guys here offer their own online tools you can use to create your stickers – for free. These tools are not only great fun, but they also save you valuable time you can invest elsewhere in your business.

Why should you invest in personalized stickers?

We base our purchase decisions on a gut feeling. While this is of course hard to track, there are certain ways you can signal trust and value to your customers. Stickers are one of them.

Those little adhesive-backed beauties are incredibly versatile and allow you to communicate with your customers on a different level. They also help you stand out from your competition and are super cost-effective. When you order them in bulk, each sticker only comes to a few pennies.

What can you do with personalized stickers?

Pretty much everything from product branding and bottle labels to packaging and merchandise. There are no limits to your imagination. On top of that, you can realize your ideas quickly and switch them up regularly.

One of our favorite ways to use personalized stickers is as a free add-on in every order or purchase. Did you know that stickers are not perceived as a marketing tool? Instead, we tend to consider them to be a gift.

This is an incredibly powerful move, as gift-giving evokes a specific psychological reaction: the so-called rule of reciprocity. When we receive a gift, we feel the subconscious need to find a similar present to return the favor. In a retail or e-commerce environment, this “favor” usually takes the shape of a repeat purchase or a well-meaning recommendation.

Suddenly your logo stickers become loaded with positive emotions, which increases the likelihood of your customers using them on their phones and laptops, generating exponential exposure for your business.

Brand marketing with personalized stickers

Are you ready to give personalized stickers a try? We cannot wait to see what you are going to create. Please feel free to share your designs, ideas, and questions with us in the comments below.