Over the years, the initial intention of social media as a place where people can share things they care about and make genuine connections has crumbled. In its place, we’re seeing more social networks promoting misinformation, enforcing lack of user control, supporting invasive surveillance and displaying irrelevant ads. Universimm, the newest social media networking platform on the block, is revolutionizing social media with solutions to all these problems.

“Being on social media becomes a waste of time when you’re wading through lots of misinformation, disinformation, and content from people you don’t follow,” says Universimm founder Ryan Hamilton. “I got tired of wasting time on social media, so I built one for you.”

What is Universimm?

Facebook for example uses location targeting to send ads, so if this feature is turned off on their iPhone settings, it is harder for them to track your movements, whereas Universimm is the world’s first social network that allows users to post directly to countries, avoiding the need to predict users’ movements. Thanks to this unique business model, Universimm delivers relevant content that caters to each user’s specific interests. Universimm offers a platform that will be highly desirable to business owners and advertisers, making it the first social media network of its kind.

Let’s explore all the ways in which Universimm’s unique features revolutionize the way we connect and share content online:

Eliminating misinformation and disinformation

One of the most significant drawbacks of traditional social networks is the egregious spread of misinformation and disinformation. Given that we generate a vast amount of content on social media every day, it becomes challenging to separate factual information from falsehoods. This flood of misleading content can lead to confusion, distrust or worse.

With the creation of echo chambers online, the spread of misinformation and disinformation can have even more devastating and long-lasting effects. If we look back on history, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that misinformation and disinformation have been responsible for a significant proportion of conflict.

Universimm eliminates misinformation and disinformation with an intelligent filtering system that meticulously sifts through user content. By ensuring that the information people are sharing is relevant and reliable, Universimm promotes the truth. With this truth, Universimm is building a more informed online community.

Increasing user control

Most social media users report feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because they don’t have control over the content they interact with. On traditional social networks, users find themselves at the mercy of an algorithm that dictates what content they see and buries up to 70% of user-generated posts. As a consequence, many users miss out on meaningful connections and interactions.

At Universimm, you design the algorithm. Since the algorithm is built to prioritize user interests, you can see more content that is meaningful to you.

Eliminating the need for surveillance

Given that traditional social networks rely on surveillance to serve ads, data privacy has become a growing concern in the digital age.

Universimm takes a bold stance on user privacy with a unique business model that does not rely on invasive tracking. By incorporating a never-seen-before feature that allows users to post directly to countries, Universimm makes it easier for advertisers to serve ads to relevant audiences – without the need for an extensive surveillance program. As a result, users can enjoy a safe and secure online environment where their personal information remains protected. 

Promoting relevant advertisements

Irrelevant and repetitive advertisements are annoying – even for the most patient social media users. After all, who wants to be bombarded by content they don’t care about all day? No one. Most people ignore and even block these ads, resulting in a lose-lose situation for everyone involved. On one hand, advertisers waste resources on ads that don’t hit the mark. On the other hand, their target audience gets more and more frustrated, eventually forming a negative association with the brands they interact with online.

Universimm’s intelligent filtering and matching system benefits both users and advertisers. It essentially curates content based on user interests and enables specific content placement to countries. By doing this, Universimm ensures that both user-generated content and advertisements are relevant and well-targeted.

Creating niche-specific communities

Conventional social networks often lack the infrastructure to build and sustain niche-specific communities. As such, users find it challenging to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passions and interests.

Universimm offers users three unique channels designed to foster meaningful connections: interests, topics, and countries. This enables users to create and join niche-specific communities tailored to their passions and preferences. By focusing on bringing people with similar interests together, Universimm builds stronger connections and a more robust sense of belonging.

Traditional social media has reshaped human interaction and empowered us to connect with people across the globe, but it also comes with its share of drawbacks. With the prevalence of misinformation, surveillance, irrelevant advertisements, and lack of content control, users are growing increasingly tired of conventional platforms. Universimm is a breath of fresh air in a world that is automatically wary of every social media network that pops up.

By introducing a social network built on an intuitive algorithm that curates content based on user interests, Ryan is transforming the social media landscape. With the combination of this meticulous content curation, direct posting to countries and user-focused advertising, Universimm has completely turned the social media world on its head. As Universimm sets new standards online, this platform is reshaping the way we engage and share content online, making social networking a more meaningful experience for everyone.

Universimm is now available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.